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We would be immensely grateful for your 30-second video review of our TEFL/TESOL course. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering you unique gifts:

📚 The book "Strategies for Teaching English to Children" — gain insights and methodologies to make learning more effective and engaging.

📑 A Grammar Brochure — your indispensable assistant in learning and teaching English grammar.

✅ A 12-Step Checklist "How to Increase an English Teacher's Income" — concrete steps and recommendations for boosting your professional income.

🌍 The "Traveling" Lesson Plan — ideas and materials for creating captivating lessons on the theme of travel.

💰 These gifts, valued at $30, possess invaluable worth and will be an excellent addition to your teaching arsenal.

You will receive these gifts for free. To do this, you need to create and publish a video review on your personal page of the social network you use most often (be it YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, or others).

Topic for the video:

🎓 If you are still studying, share your impressions of the course and the learning platform in a video review. Tell us, for example, why you decided to take the course and how you are progressing with your studies.

📜 If you have already completed our TEFL/TESOL course, present a printed PDF certificate. Share, for example, how you took the tests, how you passed the exam, interesting situations, or moments in your work as an English teacher.

🎥 If you have completed the course and ordered a paper copy of the TEFL/TESOL certificate or an apostille, show it in your video. Discuss, for example, any recommendations, how to go through the training, or how to work as an English teacher.

Creative: Throughout the entire video, a similar plaque needs to be inserted. See an example here and you can make one similar to your design. In your video, you can show pages of our site and the personal account of the training platform.

How to get the gifts?

After publishing the video testimonial on your social media page, please send the link to your video to our email address at info@tefl-tesol-certification.com. Use the subject line ‘Gifts for a Video Testimonial’ 📧.

After confirming, we will send you the gifts 🎁.

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