Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully. These terms & conditions apply to anyone starting an TEFL & TESOL Online Course. These terms and conditions are a contract between you (trainee) and International Certification Ltd.

All online courses are provided by International Certification Ltd, Office address 2nd Floor College
House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE (Registered company
Definition of Online Courses:
120-Hour Pro Online TEFL/TESOL Course
150-Hour Master Online TEFL/TESOL Course
250-Hour Expert Online TEFL/TESOL Course
All of the online courses on the website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/ are provided by
International Certification Ltd and are subject to the following conditions:
1. Course Requirements:
By starting the TEFL & TESOL Online course you (the Student) confirm that you meet the following
minimum requirements of the course.
All of the courses provided by International Certification Ltd are taught in English.
1.1 All customers – Students - of the following courses,
120-Hour Pro Online TEFL Course
150-Hour Master Online TEFL Course
250-Hour Expert Online TEFL Course
must have a competent level of English and possess a reasonable competence in English language
reading, writing, and speaking skills.
1.2 All candidates must have the ability to take advice from tutors and have the capability to make
improvements to their results if required.
1.3 All non-native English Language speaking candidates must have at least B1 level of CEFR.
By making a booking with International Certification it is assumed that the candidate satisfies the
above conditions and is deemed to have a competent level of English. The candidate, by making a
booking, takes full responsibility in determining whether the course is suitable for their level of
English. International Certification takes no responsibility if the candidate is unable to complete and
pass the course.
1.4 There is no need for an advanced degree, and there are no age restrictions. No previous experience
or qualifications are required.
1.5 Before purchasing any of the International Certification online courses, you may check your
current level of English, taking the placement test https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/test If the test
results are higher than 48%, your English comprehension is enough to complete the TEFL/TESOL
1.6 It should be noted that purchasing an Online TEFL & TESOL course does not mean that a
candidate will be guaranteed a pass. International Certification reserves the right to fail students if they
do not meet the minimum requirements of the course.
1.7 The student agrees to follow any of the policies and regulations set down by International
Certification Ltd.
1.8 If the Student needs to get the stamped and signed paper version of this Agreement, they can order
the delivery, paying the delivery fee. The delivery fee depends on the country of receipt0. The Student
may order the delivery of the stamped and signed a paper version of this Agreement only after full
payment of the course.
2. The Subject of the Agreement
2.1 International Certification Ltd undertakes to provide educational services on the learning portal to
the Student. International Certification Ltd guarantees that the courses are accredited by the British
educational TEFL / TESOL center ACCRIN. The Student undertakes to accept and pay for these
educational services.
2.2 Educational services for studying the TEFL / TESOL course are provided by the International
Certification Ltd as part of the course chosen by the Student, based on the information posted on the
website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/
2.3 The website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/ contains information about each defined course: the
total duration of the course, course description, course cost, as well as additional (bonus) services, such
as life-long support in finding a job, personal native speaker trainer and others.
2.4 To obtain a PDF certificate, the Student must pass tests and exams with at least 60% correct
answers. After passing all the tests and getting approval of the lesson plan assignment from the trainer,
the Student will find the pdf certificate in the ‘My certificates’ section in the account.
2.5 The Agreement becomes effective upon receipt of payment.
2.6 By reaching out through any contacts listed on the website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/
whether it be instant messengers, email, application, registration form, or paying for the service, the
Student confirms that they are familiar with Privacy Policy https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/privacypolicy and agree with the Terms and Conditions https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/terms-andconditions
2.7 This Public Offer Agreement and the Terms and Conditions https://tefl-tesolcertification.com/terms-and-conditions are publicly available on the website https://tefl-tesolcertification.com/ Ignorance or inattentive familiarization with their terms does not exempt from
compliance with all clauses for all visitors to the site.
3. How to make a booking:
3.1 Booking can be made online on our website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com . The payment for
the course means terms and conditions acceptance https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/terms-andconditions. You are also responsible for the accuracy of your personal details.
3.2 Student may make full payment at the time of booking or in two free-interest instalments with a
30-day period between the two equal payments.
3.3 Once the booking has been accepted and International Certification Ltd has received Student’s
payment for the course, the Student will receive the data – username and password - for course access
within 72 hours from the purchase time. Once Student’s account on the learning platform has been
generated, an agreement exists between the Student and International Certification Ltd, and all terms
and conditions of this Public Offer Agreement apply.
4. The Duties of the parties
4.1 International Certification Ltd undertakes:
4.1.1 Provide access for 6 (six) months to an accredited educational online platform in accordance with
the course chosen by the Student "120 hours of Pro" or "150 hours of Master". Provide access for 8
(eight) months to an accredited educational online platform according to the course "250 hours Expert"
chosen by the Student.
4.2 The Student undertakes:
4.2.1 Accept and pay for the service.
4.2.2 Adhere to the Learning Rules
4.2.3 The Course and the relevant login details are solely for the Student’s use. Another party cannot
use these details. Student should enter username and password each time before starting classes,
making sure he/she is logged in to avoid annoying situations where responses are not recorded due to
lack of authorization or expired sessions.
4.2.4 It is the Student's responsibility to keep track of the course access period. The deadline for
submitting the plan to the trainer for review is 14 days before the end of access to the course. The
trainer needs 5 business days to evaluate. And not always the students succeed in completing the task
on the first attempt, so the Student has to leave time with a margin for the second attempt. The Student
undertakes not to leave all tasks and assignments for the last hour of access. The course must be active
in order to receive a certificate.
4.2.5 If the Student does not have time to complete the course on time, he/she can use the service of
extending access to the course. The Student can pay for the extension at any time. See the price of
course extension service here https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/additional-services . Number of days
before the end of access to courses can be found in the account in the "My courses" section. If the
course has ended, and the Student did not manage to receive the certificate, it makes sense to extend
access to the course in the ‘Extend your main course’ menu section in the Student’s account on the
learning platform. Students can pay by card in any currency with the conversion of funds at the rate of
the Student’s bank.
4.2.6 The Students have the opportunity to make corrections only if they have access to the course.
4.2.7 The trainer's response and grade for the lesson plan can be seen in the learning platform. If the
Student's access to the course has ended, then it is necessary to renew it so that there is access to the
learning platform.
4.3 The employment assistance service is provided free of charge only for students who have received
a certificate from our company and implies only informational support.
4.3.1. International Certification Ltd is not a recruiting agency and only provides information services
on employment issues.
4.3.2. International Certification Ltd helps the Student to create a resume and video presentation,
provides useful information and advice on the job search process, and sends the Student options for
online and offline vacancies.
4.3.3. The Student contacts the employer directly.
4.3.4. International Certification Ltd does not participate in the signing of the employment contract.
International Certification Ltd is not responsible for the working conditions or any possible problems
between the Student as an employee and a potential employer.
4.3.5. International Certification Ltd does not provide services for obtaining visas and work permits.
5. Prices and Terms of acceptance of the services
5.1 Payment for services is made at the prices indicated on the website https://tefl-tesolcertification.com/prices on the day of confirmation of the agreement.
5.2 If the Student pays for the service during the promotional period, which is indicated on the website,
then the service is provided at a discount cost with all the bonuses that will be indicated in the
conditions of the promotion on the site https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/prices .
5.3 The payment amount is calculated in the currency of the Student's country at the official US dollar
exchange rate on the date of payment. Payment processors are International Certification UK
12190935, International Certification Commonwealth Canada 1000327789, and payment services
Stripe, PayPal, Wise, New Offers, WayforPay, Monecle, Unitpay
5.4 The Student undertakes to pay 100% for the services within seven days from the date of receipt of
the payment details or 50% if the Instalment payments options was chosen.
5.4.1 The conditions for paying in instalments apply for the courses "120-hour Pro course", "150-hour
Master course", "250-hour Expert course"
5.4.2 The amount of instalment payments for each course are indicated on https://tefl-tesolcertification.com/prices
5.4.3 Before making the final payment, the Student has access to all course materials and bonuses,
with the exception of the “Native speaker trainer support” service.
5.4.4 Prior to the final payment, the Student may take all tests and complete all assignments except
‘Lesson plan quiz,’ ‘Children Lesson plan quiz’ and ‘Task Designing a Business English session on
negotiation.’ ‘Lesson plan quiz’ is the obligatory assignment for the 120-, 150- and 250-hour courses,
‘Children Lesson plan quiz’ and ‘Task Designing a Business English session on negotiation’ are
required for the 250-hour course.
5.4.5 After making the final payment for the courses, the service “Native speaker trainer support” and
the tasks ‘Lesson plan quiz,’ ‘Children Lesson plan quiz’ and ‘Task Designing a Business English
session on negotiation’ will become available.
5.4.6 If the Student does not make the final payment for the course within 30 (thirty) calendar days
from the date of obtaining access to the course, then access to the course for the Student will be closed
without the possibility of a refund of the prepayment for the course.
5.4.7 For instalment payments, the general refund rules in section 6 apply.
5.5 After receiving payment, International Certification Ltd sends directly to the Student access to the
course within 72 hours.
5.6 Making the full payment or the first instalment payment is acceptance of the terms of this
5.7 After the Student makes a payment in favour of the International Certification, an automatic
irrevocable process of registering the Student's account in the British learning centre takes place. It is
not possible to pause or interrupt this process. Access to the course is sent within the time specified in
clause 5.5
6. Procedure for changing or cancelling a booking:
6.1 Cooling-off Period:
6.1.1. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulation 2000 you the consumer have the
legal right to cancel the contract between you and International Certification Ltd during the period of
14 days from the date of the issue of the confirmation invoice, which is when the contract starts. This
is known as the “cooling-off period”. If you decide to cancel the course within this cooling-off period
then you must inform us within 14 days of the confirmation invoice. Once we receive your written
cancellation, in form of an email we will refund your course fees within 30 days.
6.1.2. Once you have completed the cooling-off period of 14 days, you will be under the full
cancellation conditions of courses which are 100% non-refundable.
6.1.3. If you purchased the course with a discount or received any of the gifts, such as
Employment assistance,
Personal native speaker trainer consultations,
A book,
Cashback for likes, subscription and feedback,
you will not be able to get a full refund, even if it is within the 14-day period.
6.1.4. If you want to have an option to get a refund within a 14-day period, please contact us via
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the request to get an invoice without discounts and gifts.
6.1.5. However, if you need to change the start date of a course for any other reason, our Director of
Studies will consider this, and you will be able to change the start date for a fee if agreed by our
Director of Studies.
6.2 You must inform us of your intent to cancel by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the
form of an email.
6.3 Once International Certification Ltd has received your written cancellation letter, they will refund
you within 30 days of receiving your letter and deduct any credit card surcharge, if applicable.
6.4 Once a Student has cancelled the booking, Student’s login details will be cancelled immediately.
6.5 Student has the opportunity to purchase specialized courses. For example, by purchasing a course
for 120 hours, the Student may purchase specialized courses ‘Teaching Business English,’ ‘Teaching
English to Young Learners’ and ‘Teaching English Online,’ which are included in the program of the
250-hour course. If the Student has purchased a 150-hour course, they will be able to purchase the
specialized courses ‘Teaching Business English’ and ‘Teaching English to Young Learners.’ In such
cases, the Student after completing the courses will have several certificates. The transcription and the
certificate for the main course and a certificate for each completed specialized course. For students
who have already paid for a 120- or 150 - hour course, there is a 25% discount on specialized courses.
You can check the current specialized courses prices here https://tefl-tesolcertification.com/additional-services .
6.6 Student does not have the opportunity to change course to another, in the direction of reducing
hours. When purchasing a 250-hour course, the Student cannot change it to 150- or 120- hour courses.
Just like when buying a course for 150 hours, there is no possibility to change it to a 120- hour course.
6.7 In case of termination of the Agreement, clause 16.1. Paid funds are not returned to the Student.
7. Time Period for the completion of courses
7.1 Online TEFL Course
120-Hour Pro Online TEFL Course 180 days
150-Hour Master Online TEFL Course 180 days
250-Hour Expert Online TEFL Course 240 days
This begins when a student enrolls in the course.
7.2 Extension:
Online TEFL Course:
If you fail to complete the course in 6 months for a 120-hour and 150-hour course or 8 months for a
250-hour course, then you may extend the course by paying a change fee as follows. You may do this
as many times as you feel necessary. International Certification LTD is not responsible if the Student
does not or did not have the opportunity to study for any reason.
You can check the extension service prices here https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/additional-services
Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to discuss any extensions.
8. How to pass the course?
8.1 Please note that passing the course only applies to the Online TEFL & TESOL Course.
8.2 By purchasing a course does not automatically guarantee that you will pass the course. If you fail
to meet the requirements of passing a course then International Certification reserves the right to fail
8.3 You will be given 3 attempts with the automatically check tests for each Test. In order to pass
these tests, you must achieve a pass rate of 60%. There are also Tasks with questions, where you
should share your thoughts and opinions.
8.4 Once you have completed all the Tasks and Tests you need to create a lesson plan, which your
trainer will evaluate during 5 working days. At the end of the course, you need to pass the Final Test.
You will have 2 attempts for the Final Test.
8.5 Once you have been awarded a failure, then you will not be entitled to a refund and will not be
accepted onto any further TEFL courses without first having communicated with the Director of
8.6 Our tutors reserve the right to fail a student if a student is not meeting the standards of the course in
terms of learning, English language ability, or plagiarism.
9. Plagiarism:
9.1 If any student is found to have copied another student’s work, then they will be issued with one
formal warning. In subsequent cases, the student will be deemed to have taken part in plagiarism and
be failed. In the event of plagiarism, no refund will be given to the student.
10. Certificates:
10.1 Every student who passes the 120-hour, 150-hour, 250-hour will receive a PDF copy of the TEFL
& TESOL Certificate automatically of passing the TEFL Course.
10.2 If you would like to receive a hard copy of your certificate, then there is a charge. If you would
like a hard copy of the 120 Hour or 150 Hour or 250 Hour the charge is indicated here https://tefltesol-certification.com/additional-services . International Certification will do everything possible to
make sure that you receive your certificate within 60 days after ordering the delivery.
However, International Certification Ltd. does not take any responsibility for any postal service
problems, which might delay your certificate, and does not take responsibility for a lost certificate due
to in-country postal problems. International Certification Ltd. can provide proof that the Certificate
was sent to your confirmed postal address. This covers all geographic locations.
10.3 International Certification will supply you with a new certificate in the event of loss or damage
for a fee.
11. System Maintenance and Upgrades
At certain times International Certification Ltd.’s systems and software programs will be updated. In
the event of an update, International Certification Ltd. will endeavor to do this work as quickly as
possible. However, if the systems are not working for a period longer than 96 hours then will allow our
candidates to extend their course for no more than 96 hours.
12. Limitation of Liability
International Certification does not accept any liability for any loss or additional expense caused by
delay or disruption to travel services, weather conditions, civil disturbance, industrial action, strikes,
wars, floods, sickness, or force majeure. Such losses or additional expenses are your responsibility.
Force majeure represents unusual or unforeseeable circumstances, which include: war, terrorist
activities, riots, natural disasters, or nuclear disasters such as fire, flood, or adverse weather conditions.
13. Disputes, complaints, and changes
Disputes, complaints, and changes can be made in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please be aware that International Certification Ltd does its best to respond to contact emails as
quickly as possible. That includes emails and any of the forms on the website www.tefl-tesolcertification.com. International Certification Ltd has very high customer service expectations and will
endeavor to reply to your contact email within 24 – 48 hours after receiving your email. International
Certification Ltd would also like to make the Student aware that sometimes spam filters do not allow
some emails into the Student’s system. Please, check your junk/spam folders and the settings on your
Email Client. International Certification does not take responsibility for you not receiving emails due
to filters/junk or spam folders on your Email Client.
International Certification Ltd often experiences very high call volumes. If International Certification
managers cannot answer your telephone call, International Certification Ltd asks you to contact it by
email. International Certification Ltd will endeavor to get back to you by email within 24-48 hours
after receiving your email.
14. The International Certification Commitment:
14.1 International Certification commits to helping you get the most from your Online TEFL/TESOL
Course. Our tutors are here to help you by giving you constructive feedback and advice.
14.2 Any queries will be dealt with within 120 hours of receipt.
14.3 International Certification operates an equal opportunities policy.
15. Device Requirements:
The website https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/ can be viewed on mobile, tablet, and pc formats. If you
are having any problems viewing the website, then please, contact International Certification at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
16. Term of the Agreement, procedure, and grounds for amendments or termination of the
16.1 This Agreement enters into force after the Student fully fulfills section 4.2.1 of this Agreement
and terminates 6 (six) months after for Students who purchased the “120 Hours Pro” or “150 Hours
Master” course, and expires after 8 (eight) months for Students who have purchased the “250 Hours
Expert” course.
16.2 The terms of the Agreement may be changed with the consent of the Parties by concluding an
Additional Agreement to the Agreement or by extending the access to the course by the Student.
16.3 If it is impossible to provide educational services through the fault of the International
Certification Ltd, the Student is refunded 100% of the funds if educational services were not provided.
16.4. If for technical reasons there is no access to the course and training materials for more than 120
hours due to the fault of International Certification LTD, then International Certification LTD is
obliged to extend the Student’s access to the course for the same period as it was absent due to
technical reasons.
16.5 International Certification Ltd has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally if the Student
does not fulfill or violates clause 5.4 of this Agreement. Termination of the contract on the specified
basis does not release the Student from liability for non-fulfillment or violation of obligations under
the Agreement.
16.6 The Student has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally due to the impossibility of
completing the course for any reason
16.7 In case of early termination of the Agreement by the Student, the paid funds will not be returned
to the Student.
17. Privacy Policy
17.1 Under the definition of the Data Protection Act International Certification is defined as a Data
Controller. This means that International Certification Ltd. uses and stores the personal information
you (Student) give to us, at the time of booking, to process your order. If the Student cannot allow
International Certification Ltd. to use his or her personal information then International Certification
Ltd. will not be able to process the booking. By agreeing to these Privacy Policy and Personal Data
conditions https://tefl-tesol-certification.com/privacy-policy you allow International Certification to
store, use and collect data in regard to you.
17.2 International Certification LTD and the teachers, trainers, tutors, employment assistants or
managers involved in the provision of services undertake not to disclose to third parties confidential
information and information about the Students, which may become known during the fulfillment of
the terms of this Agreement.
17.3 The Students provides consent/permission to the processing of Personal Data (any information
that concerns the Student, including, but not excluding information regarding the last name, first name,
middle name, date of birth, citizenship, postal address, education, profession, contact phone numbers ,
email addresses, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) by International Certification LTD
with teachers, employment assistants or other employees involved in the provision of educational or
other services, the purpose of which is to provide a complete and high-quality service to the Student.
Examples of information use
Last name, First and Middle Names of a Student - so that the Student's data is correctly displayed in
the certificate at the end of the course.
Date of birth of the Student - for the provision of the service "Job assistance"
Postal address - for delivery of the hard copy of the certificate
Information about education, work experience - to help in compiling a resume
17.4 International Certification LTD and the teachers, trainers, tutors, employment assistants or
managers involved in the provision of services undertake to ensure an adequate level of their
protection and prevention of disclosure in accordance with the requirements of current UK law.

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