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Why choose us?

We are an excellent choice, because everyone likes to receive excellent service for a reasonable price.

International Accreditation

Accreditation certifies that the course and institution meet international standards and best practice in the field of pedagogy.
It is very important to have a recognized and accredited certificate that entitles you to a work visa.
This is the certificate you will receive by completing our TESOL TEFL courses.

Unlimited Job Assistance

The Employment Assistance service is provided as a gift to all students who complete our TEFL/TESOL course and receive a certificate.
An assistant works with you, helps you create a resume, a video business card and a video demo lesson. It also offers you jobs in countries of your interest with conditions that suit you, or advice on how to start a career as an online teacher.

We have the best Conditions!

Installment without interest from our company is available to every student.
The payment is made in two equal parts with an interval of 30 days.

Personal Native-Speaking Trainer

You are assigned a native speaker trainer
- a highly qualified teacher who can be asked questions during the learning process.

Impeccable Reputation

The peculiarity of our company is an impeccable reputation.
That is why we publish student testimonials, which always contain a link to the student's social media profile and the testimonial itself.

Our Course Instructors

They have been teaching for over 10 years, have a PGCE degree and UK higher education qualifications.

Reliability and Guarantees

We are a client-oriented company, officially operating since 2012. We conclude an offer contract with each client.
Convenient online payment methods are available to you with a receipt confirming the success of the transaction.
In other words, you pay according to the official contract.
You will have an official receipt detailing who and what you are paying for.

Apostille and Consular Legalization

Apostille and consular legalization may be needed when applying for a work visa. A certified copy of the certificate is legally valid and proves to the employer the authenticity of the document.
These services can be ordered at any time, as your certificate does not expire.

Discounts & Gifts

50% discount on any TEFL/TESOL course package
+ free gifts worth $209.

Best Price

We constantly monitor the pricing policy of competing companies in order to make you the best offer.
Today you can get your TEFL TESOL certification from $199.


$20 Cashback for Everyone

Get $20 cashback for your review of our company.
Cashback is a return of part of the money spent after payment.
Hurry up to buy a TESOL/TEFL course with an additional advantage.
Cashback for a video review, likes and subscriptions can be received after receiving a certificate so that there is something to write a review about.

Teaching Practice

If you wish, you can order as many hours of teaching practice as you need.
The practice is online. As a result, you will receive relevant instructions and advice from your trainer on how to improve your lesson, and comments on the success of your lesson.

Delivery of the Certificate

After passing all tests and exams, an electronic certificate along with a course transcript in PDF format will be automatically generated and will appear in your personal account in the My Certificates section.
On request, you can order the delivery of a paper version of the certificate (hard copy) to anywhere in the world.

Course Transcription with Every Certificate

The transcription contains a description of the program of the TEFL/TESOL course you have completed.

Reference Letter

You will be able to receive a reference letter that will describe your qualities, characteristics and capabilities in terms of your ability to fulfill the duties of an English teacher.

High Demand

After completing the course and receiving a TESOL / TEFL certificate, you become the owner of a unique opportunity to get a highly paid job.
Specialists with TEFL and TESOL certificates are in demand all over the world.

Value Exceeds Price

One of our main goals is to provide high quality courses at an affordable price.

Exclusive Offer

We can offer discounts and provide excellent service at a low cost thanks to a large number of customers.

Recognition and Trust

We are glad for every article and mention of us in the media and are grateful for every video review from English teachers.
For our part, we, like an open book, provide everyone with a video demonstration of the learning platform + demo access to four video lessons.

Personalized Digital Badge

Share your digital badges on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and more, as well as on your CV and your digital signature.
Employers can click on your personalized badge, to view detailed, verifiable information about your TEFL/TESOL course.

Book as a Gift

"100 Ideas for Teaching English" is an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration for English teachers.
An excellent assistant for beginners and experienced English teachers.
The book details engaging lesson plans and presentation methods.

It's always more profitable with us

We provide numerous bonuses, useful services, methodological information, and the latest updates for EFL and ESL teachers for free.


TEFL TESOL Courses for Everyone

This TESOL & TEFL course is suitable for anyone who speaks English at B1 (Intermediate) level and above.
There is no requirement for an advanced degree, and there is no age limit. Previous experience or qualifications are not required.

High-Quality Service

The most important factor in our business is the satisfaction of our customers. 
We are always on your side.


We are a registered organization

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, hereby certifies that INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION LTD is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales. Company Number 12190935.

Our TEFL TESOL certificate

Recognized by employers all over the world. It is accredited by the UK government. This is an international certification standard for English teachers and is licensed to teach English worldwide.

Сертификат TEFL/TESOL


The Employment Assistance service is provided as a gift to all students who complete our TEFL/TESOL course and become certified.
An assistant works with you, helps you to create a resume, a video business card and a video demo lesson. It also offers you vacancies in the countries of interest to you with conditions that satisfy you, or advises you on how to start a career as an online teacher.


Customer Reviews

The peculiarity of our company is an impeccable reputation. That's why we publish student testimonials, which always include a link to the student's social media profile and the testimonial itself. Read reviews. Look on the social networks of the reviewers. Connect with reviewers on social media.

Our Requisites

E-mail: [email protected]
Office address 2nd Floor College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London, United Kingdom, HA4 7AE


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