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 Today I have successfully completed my intense but pleasant journey. It was very necessary for me, and its result, i.e. receiving TEFL & TESOL certificate, was also an award for this valuable two month work. But all this has become a reality only thanks to your company!

 I was pleased to communicate with you from the very beginning, i.e. procedures for my acquiring this course.

Hermann Brin was my first guide. Communication with him was short but businesslike and informative. I was pleased to receive comprehensive instructions from him as well as his willingness to immediately answer questions that could have potentially arisen.

 I once had to contact your team for a technical issue clarification. And I was pleasantly surprised by their quick and accurate response.

 My special thanks to my trainer Hannah Bar. Her guidance at the very beginning of my work on this course was very valuable. But I am especially grateful to her for her invisible presence by my side, which always supported me because I knew that she was always there to help me if necessary.

 I sincerely thank your entire team for the fruitful cooperation.

 I also intend to make a positive video review for your web-site but I am going to do this a little bit later, when I start working as a teacher (since now I will be closely searching for work). Thus it will be more significant and effective for your company promotion. Within a few coming days, I am also going to ask your company for help in this matter.

 Below you can kindly find some information about me as well.

 During the past 4 years I had worked as a Translation Coordinator for “Bible Lessons International” ministry ( and successfully managed the work of over 45 translators in different countries of the world simultaneously. Unfortunately, at the end of 2020, this area of the “BLI” ministry was ceased due to the lack of funding.

 Moreover, since 2008, I had also worked as English-Russian translator for BLI and translated more than 20 volumes of Dr. Utley's Bible Commentaries ( In addition, in some of his books I also made a literal translation of NASB-95 (the main quoted Bible text) into Russian, for exegetical purposes (on my initiative, but it turned out to be in demand), e.g. "Matthew", "John", "Acts", "Romans", etc.

I always ensured the quality of my translations by myself, i.e. my high level of literacy competence allowed me not to use a third party for editing/proofreading and for providing proper format/outline/ layout of them.

I mainly specialized in translation of theological (Christianity) scientific, methodological and educational literature but can deal with Marketing, Management, Quality Management System and General Subject texts as well.

By the way, my profile at - b456362a.  

An essential note concern: two and half years ago, my wife and I moved to Spain for permanent residence (our younger son Evgeny has been living here for 18 years with his family and he works in business aviation industry, I have "A1" proficiency in Spanish and continue to study it at the local state language school for foreigners.

Thank you again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing abundant God's blessings to all your team and your families,

 Alexander Shadov

I enjoyed taking the TEFLE/TESOL course a lot as it seemed to me easy and informative. I completed it in 3 weeks. I got a lot of knowledge about teaching methodology and how to make your own lesson plans. There also were really helpful video materials in the course that gave me opportunity to see how work professional and well experienced teachers. Not only you can see how they teach but also how they solve behavioral-based problems or how they try to involve each student in the studying process. So when you watch it you can note some useful teaching hacks for yourself. After having completed this course I recomended it a few my friends who taught English as well. I believe that this course is needed to be taken not only because of the certificate but also for your professional development and increasing your confidence. It definitely improves quality of your work. Beyond everything above, during the whole course I could talked to my couch in case I have some questions. Moreover there was a chat with other students on the platform where everyone could discuss common questions or share their opinion and feelings. So without any doubt I can say that the game is worth the candle.
I liked the fact that I can organise my time and studies and go at my own pace. Very comfortable course with a lot of visual materials. The fact that you have exams to pass doesn't let you relax and keeps you motivated. I recommend it!
I have just finished the TEFL/TESOL course and I want to say that it is really worth it, I gained plenty of useful precious information and I have already started to apply it in my lesson! It wasn’t hard enough though It took me the whole month of active learning and making notes, thanks for such an amazing experience! 
Thank you very much for your work!
When choosing where to buy a course, I studied not only prices, but rather even the content and reviews. There are still a lot of scammers on the Internet, I don't want to fall for such tricks.
Thank you so much for the promptness - everything is fast and so comfortable, you are always in touch - this is very great!
The course itself is gorgeous: a lot of theory, but not boring, but a very practical, user-friendly interface. Easy feed, many test steps. In general, gorgeous!
I have already recommended you to several of my friends with great pleasure!
Thank you!
Good afternoon! I would like to leave a review about the course on the website
I really liked the presentation of the material, it was comfortable to read the information, I liked its practicality, since I immediately applied a lot in practice during the lessons, it was interesting for me to read about the history of the development of methods. It was also comfortable that there were videos from open lessons on the course materials, this helped to better assimilate the material
I decided to get a TEFL / TESOL certificate during self-isolation. After I left a request on the site, they contacted me, answered my questions, helped with payment, and then access to the online platform came. Everything is done very conveniently, everything is systematized. Technical support works amazingly. Thank you for being always in touch and for such a convenient product!
Hello everyone! My name is Dasha, I would like to tell you about the TEFL \ TESOL course. Everything was great! The material was presented clearly, a lot of additional material was provided, which I can use in the future in my lessons. I study at the Pedagogical University, so I am familiar with teaching methods, but I want to say one thing that seemingly such a boring topic as the history of methods turned out to be very interesting! I completed all the tasks with great enthusiasm! If I had any questions about the training, then I could always ask for help, and they answered me very quickly. Thank you very much for the opportunity to repeat what you have learned and learn something new!
Service feedback: I recommend the service to all English teachers who want to gain new knowledge and colossal experience, an international standard certificate with no expiration date and the opportunity to find the best work option for themselves, since this service also gives 100% employment guarantee. After completing TEFL TESOL courses, you will receive more than just a certificate that allows you to work anywhere in the world and teach English; a certificate accredited by the British ACCRIN center, which is recognized all over the world and does not require additional confirmation - you will receive a huge amount of information and new knowledge, the opportunity to listen to the opinion of experts, watch a video, read material from limited sources, record what you think is necessary for yourself , get acquainted with the experience of professional teachers from different countries, analyze, comment, be heard on the forums, it's cool, informative, necessary, useful! Do not hesitate - sign up for the online TEFL TESOL course, take the exam, and you will indeed receive both a certificate with no expiration date and a 100% job guarantee upon completion. Good luck! Alla Symonenko.
A couple of months have passed and I can say that buying the courses was the best decision. An assistant assigned to me helped me write my resume. Offers from employers began to arrive. Now I can go wherever I want and work wherever I want!
Friends, if you have long dreamed of getting a prestigious international certificate of the TEFL / TESOL level, I recommend that you feel free to contact the website You will be promptly registered for the course, given admission to the materials, and a trainer will be appointed. Throughout the entire period of study, I felt curatorial support, could contact with any questions and received real help.
Guys, you are the best! Now I work at a convenient time for me. I lead several groups in English. Who would have thought that this is possible. In our village, the highest salary is 15,000. I receive many times more. It's all thanks to you! I wish you prosperity!
Thank you very much for the services provided! The managers always answered my questions quickly and clearly and immediately provided me with everything I needed to complete the course. The course materials are understandable even for novice teachers and perfectly help to understand the intricacies of planning and conducting lessons. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills and increase their chances in the job market!
A friend has been calling me to go online for a long time. He says that you can earn decent money there and you can choose students. It was scary. Suddenly it doesn't work. What also stopped me was that I did not have a tefl / tesol certificate. Helped me get my certificate. Now I can work with students from all over the world. The client base quickly accumulated, word of mouth started working. My students began to tell their friends about me. Many thanks to my coach. These courses have completely changed my life.
It used to take 2 hours to get to school. I am a night owl and it is hard for me to get up early. Then still stand in traffic jams. My sister came up with the idea to go online: to take up tutoring. I needed to get a certificate that would confirm my qualifications. In many schools, certificates are expensive to obtain, and there was not much money to spare. At the lowest prices. I was provided with students for practice. The trainer helped make my lessons more interesting. Thank you very much, my dears. I advise you to all my colleagues.
Thank you for your work! The book of 100 Ideas for English Teachers
will be very useful to me in my future work.
Thanks to your managers for prompt answers. The assistant helped me to correctly describe my knowledge and qualifications in the resume. Thanks for your course. Everything is fine!
My friends said that I would throw money down the drain. Nobody helps to look for a job after graduation. This is wrong. Now a few more of my friends are being trained by Everything is real! The certificate is genuine. It is accepted in other countries as well. Guys, thank you!
I would like to acknowledge the competent work of the managers. I was immediately connected to the platform. The lessons could be held at a pace convenient for me. This was important to me, because at my old job I had a very heavy workload.
I will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances!
What I liked most about your courses was that you showed how to teach the lessons correctly. How to get students interested. How to make them enjoy learning English. My lessons have become much better. The disciples are already finding me. Now my friend is also going to you for a certificate! I wish you to grow and develop!
I was very worried about the lesson plan that had to be sent to the coach. The trainer sent me my lesson plan with corrections and recommendations for improvement. I was upset at first, but realized later that the recommendations are very valuable, like all the material in the course.
I recommend you to all my familiar tutors.
For a simple English teacher, the price of most courses that allow you to get the right to teach bites, to put it mildly. But how much knowledge you give in the courses more than justifies the cost of the course. You gave me more than knowledge. You gave me the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world!
During the course, it was possible to communicate on the forum with other teachers. We became very good friends.
We are still texting, subscribed to each other on Instagram. Thanks to your team. You found my dream job. Thanks to you, I have friends all over the world!
The most difficult thing for me was that after each module I had to take a test. Each time it seemed to me that I would not be able to cope and nothing would work out. But every test was defeated on the first try. Every day I thank the Universe for bringing me to your courses
At first, such courses seemed like a simple fiction. Like pay money and get a piece of paper. But we checked the certificate! It is genuine. I was hired as an English teacher in a private school. The parents of the students like my lessons. There are even those who came to me from another teacher. I advise everyone.
I already had a deplorable learning experience in some courses.
They didn't give me any knowledge. It also turned out that the certificate that I was given is a linden tree. A colleague advised you. We checked her certificate and it turned out to be real. The courses helped me a lot.
Now I don't have to go to my unloved job.
One of the sites had a very cool vacancy. But it hung for a long time. Most likely they could not find a specialist. If they told me that they would be me ... On the courses you can buy a service with a guarantee to pass the exams for "A" points. It was this service that helped me get a job for this vacancy. How many times have you already read my thanks. I am writing “Thank you” here too!
I was only able to take courses on weekends. All weekdays are fully loaded. I return home late. Each module took one and two days to study. And then, it turned out to study no more than 6 hours.
But the courses have been passed. I have the cherished certificate. Now everything will change.
Thank you again. You are best!

“If it wasn’t for the high scores in the exams, we wouldn’t have taken you.” That's what my boss told me. Now I have a great salary, I can travel, and we also have a great team. And all this is only your merit. Now to everyone who asks how I managed to get such a job, I give a link to your site.

Everything is easy and simple. I paid, after a while I received it and I do not regret it. Navigation is convenient, everything is clear, I study thoroughly and thank you for the promptness.

The course is good. A lot of linguistic nuances and details are specified and worked out in detail. There is a complete immersion in the material. And at the same time, in a relatively short period of time, a huge array of truly useful information was obtained. Some innovative teaching methods are also being developed. And as a serious bonus - at the end they issue a certificate that allows you to teach English outside the country! Thank you for being!

The system is efficient, clear and understandable. What you need now in terms of saving time and resources.

I am very grateful for the attentive attitude and help of Hermann Brin: he always answers all questions very quickly and helps when there are any ambiguities )) It's very pleasant and accommodating )

Herman Brin is a very efficient employee. Not once did my questions go unanswered. And almost didn't have to wait. On the contrary)) Just logged in. Don't know what this product is yet, but very excited! Hope your expectations are met!

Good service, good quality and fast work. support, comfortable modern cabinet design, excellent style of presentation of material for study! Five!

After registering for the course, literally within an hour I received an agreement from the company and a method of payment for tuition, and the next day I received a call from a company representative with an offer to answer my questions regarding the course. They always kept in touch with me, and I received answers to all my new questions pretty quickly. Thanks again!

Honestly, when choosing a course, I doubted for a very long time, I studied all the available courses on the Internet. I ended up choosing this company. paid on Sunday, the employee immediately contacted and offered a consultation if there were any questions. on Monday, access to the modules was already open. Thanks for such a fast service, can't wait to get my certificate!

After filling out the application on the site, I was immediately contacted by a specialist. He told in detail about the courses, about the opportunities, various bonuses, answered the questions of interest. The next day after payment, I received the username and password for the course. Also on the site itself, everything is described in detail, so I asked questions only of a clarifying nature regarding the chosen course. I recommend this company!

You rarely see such quality service. Thank you very much!

They explain everything a thousand times so that there are no questions left. So far, I like everything! I got to the course very quickly. The manager is constantly in touch. I will start training.

I just started the course, but I already feel that my English will go uphill, I don’t regret anything.

Everything is very fast and convenient!

Thank you very much for your help and for the quality of the services provided.

Quick feedback! Everything is clearly explained.

Excellent feedback, the manager is always in touch.

Quickly respond to emerging questions. Excellent feedback.

Everything is very well captured! Thank you very much, the service is on top and responsiveness is just instant!

Thank you for the promptness, after payment I instantly got access to the course materials. I don't regret my choice.

There were no problems, everything was clear and very fast!

Help with all questions and detailed information about the course.

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