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When it comes to TEFL courses, reigns supreme. With so many options available, this course really is a cut above the rest. From start to finish, the support and guidance provided by the program is second to none. A high quality program, fully online, well worth the investment. As a happy graduate, I can say that choosing this course was the best decision I ever made as it allowed me to fulfil my dream of living and teaching abroad.

Enrolling in the TESOL/TEFL certification program is very easy and navigating the platform is a breeze. The well-designed lessons contain clear and concise learning moments accompanied by relevant quizzes. In addition to exceptional content, a responsive support team ensures that all questions and issues are resolved quickly. With frequent sales, is an affordable option for anyone looking to develop their teaching skills.

I appreciated the flexibility of being able to structure my schedule and study at my own pace. This competent course provided many visual aids which made the process enjoyable. The inclusion of grades added a sense of responsibility which prevented complacency and increased motivation. I would highly recommend this course.

Hi, I would like to share my experience of taking a TEFL/TESOL course. The course exceeded my expectations with a detailed presentation of the material and additional resources that I can use in my future teaching. As a student at the College of Education, I am already familiar with the methods of teaching, but the history of these methods, which at first seemed boring, turned out to be surprisingly fascinating. I approached each assignment with great enthusiasm and found the staff to be very helpful and quick to answer any of my questions. Thank you for the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and learn something new!

I successfully completed the TEFL/TESOL certification course and it was a wonderful experience. The course was effectively curated with a well presented format that made it easy for me to follow. The flexibility offered throughout the course is commendable. In addition, the abundance of learning modules and resources has been of great support to my learning process. The feedback provided by the markers was very effective and valuable.


 Today I have successfully completed my intense but pleasant journey. It was very necessary for me, and its result, i.e. receiving TEFL & TESOL certificate, was also an award for this valuable two month work. But all this has become a reality only thanks to your company!

 I was pleased to communicate with you from the very beginning, i.e. procedures for my acquiring this course.

Hermann Brin was my first guide. Communication with him was short but businesslike and informative. I was pleased to receive comprehensive instructions from him as well as his willingness to immediately answer questions that could have potentially arisen.

 I once had to contact your team for a technical issue clarification. And I was pleasantly surprised by their quick and accurate response.

 My special thanks to my trainer Hannah Bar. Her guidance at the very beginning of my work on this course was very valuable. But I am especially grateful to her for her invisible presence by my side, which always supported me because I knew that she was always there to help me if necessary.

 I sincerely thank your entire team for the fruitful cooperation.

 I also intend to make a positive video review for your web-site but I am going to do this a little bit later, when I start working as a teacher (since now I will be closely searching for work). Thus it will be more significant and effective for your company promotion. Within a few coming days, I am also going to ask your company for help in this matter.

 Below you can kindly find some information about me as well.

 During the past 4 years I had worked as a Translation Coordinator for “Bible Lessons International” ministry ( and successfully managed the work of over 45 translators in different countries of the world simultaneously. Unfortunately, at the end of 2020, this area of the “BLI” ministry was ceased due to the lack of funding.

 Moreover, since 2008, I had also worked as English-Russian translator for BLI and translated more than 20 volumes of Dr. Utley's Bible Commentaries ( In addition, in some of his books I also made a literal translation of NASB-95 (the main quoted Bible text) into Russian, for exegetical purposes (on my initiative, but it turned out to be in demand), e.g. "Matthew", "John", "Acts", "Romans", etc.

I always ensured the quality of my translations by myself, i.e. my high level of literacy competence allowed me not to use a third party for editing/proofreading and for providing proper format/outline/ layout of them.

I mainly specialized in translation of theological (Christianity) scientific, methodological and educational literature but can deal with Marketing, Management, Quality Management System and General Subject texts as well.

By the way, my profile at - b456362a.  

An essential note concern: two and half years ago, my wife and I moved to Spain for permanent residence (our younger son Evgeny has been living here for 18 years with his family and he works in business aviation industry, I have "A1" proficiency in Spanish and continue to study it at the local state language school for foreigners.

Thank you again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing abundant God's blessings to all your team and your families,

 Alexander Shadov

I enjoyed taking the TEFLE/TESOL course a lot as it seemed to me easy and informative. I completed it in 3 weeks. I got a lot of knowledge about teaching methodology and how to make your own lesson plans. There also were really helpful video materials in the course that gave me opportunity to see how work professional and well experienced teachers. Not only you can see how they teach but also how they solve behavioral-based problems or how they try to involve each student in the studying process. So when you watch it you can note some useful teaching hacks for yourself. After having completed this course I recomended it a few my friends who taught English as well. I believe that this course is needed to be taken not only because of the certificate but also for your professional development and increasing your confidence. It definitely improves quality of your work. Beyond everything above, during the whole course I could talked to my couch in case I have some questions. Moreover there was a chat with other students on the platform where everyone could discuss common questions or share their opinion and feelings. So without any doubt I can say that the game is worth the candle.
I liked the fact that I can organise my time and studies and go at my own pace. Very comfortable course with a lot of visual materials. The fact that you have exams to pass doesn't let you relax and keeps you motivated. I recommend it!

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