We are getting better!

  • Our new brand reflects the potential.

  • Our mission is to lead our customers into the future, empowering them.

  • From limitless learning to limitless growth, our global reach gives you opportunities, compliance with requirements, and confidence in your potential realization. Always and everywhere.

Our logo before

Old logo

Our logo now

New logo

How our certificates have been changing:

September 2019

July 2020

November 2021

November 2022

Questions & Answers

Why are we changing our brand?

Serving more customers around the world and expanding our educational offerings, we felt it was time to renew the brand to reflect who we are today, relationships, what we have with you - our clients and partners - and where we are moving.

Can I still use my certificate if it still has the old logo?

Of course! Your previous certificate continues to work as normal.

When will the full transition to the new brand be completed?

The next few months we will be transitioning all of our content to the new branding. You can still see some old branding trappings in some places while we work on its complete replacement.

I have your old e-cert. How can I update it?

The view of electronic certificates already received will be updated automatically.
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