Showcase of services

Attention! You can order additional services only if you have paid for the entire course in full, or paid the first part of the payment.

Final course payment in Instalments

Available Instalment payment without interest from our company.


Renewal of access

If necessary, you can extend access to the course for 1 month or more.


Specialized courses and a module at a 25% discount.

Special courses. Advanced Teaching English Online, Advanced Teaching English to Young Learners и Advanced Teaching Business English. Bonus CV" Module: Ticket to the Job Race.


Digital Badge

Digital badges are dynamic 21st century documents that tell the whole story of certification and learning.

Teaching Practice

You can order as many teaching practice as you need during the course.


Reference Letter

Represents a document in which the author evaluates the quality
recommended person in terms of...

Certificate Delivery

Delivery of your original TEFL/TESOL certificate from the UK.


Additional testing attempts

If you do not pass the test successfully after 3 attempts, you can use this service.


Apostille and Consular Legalization

Such a certified copy of the certificate not only has legal force, but also convinces the employer of the authenticity of the document.