Countries for teaching english overseas without a degree

Countries for teaching english overseas without a degree

Teaching is not only one of the most decent professions but also is highly required. The time, when people only with a college or bachelor's degree could be tutors, has gone. Nowadays, even non-native speakers show impressive knowledge of English. The world opens up a lot of opportunities to teach English overseas like public schools, kindergartens, online classes. Getting TEFL jobs abroad is such a chance not only to be involved in an international community and expand professional horizons, but also to travel to unexplored territory. However, you should choose a country wisely.

All of these places in a list below have something in common. They don't have strict requirements to work there. But a potential employee must be TEFL certified. This certificate illustrates key knowledge regarding teaching English. Most of Asian, African and Latin countries offer a plenty of ESL jobs. Needless to say, they are charming and exciting in terms of vital options such as climate, nature and sights. So, every adventurous traveler will find a dream destination here.



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Cambodia is one of the most popular spot for non-degree holders to get a job. The longer you are here, the more you fall in love with this heaven place. It is a welcome one with friendly citizens, tropical climate and splendid nature. There is a necessity in native and non-native English speakers, especially in the capital city of Phnom Penh, the touristy town of Siem Reap, the location of the famous Angkor Wat. The cost of living in Cambodia is low enough to save money and have a vacation twice a year. With TEFL courses, it is possible to earn about $500-$2000 a month.

The benefits:

  • Exciting prospects to advance professional skills.
  • Warm and damp climate.
  • Gorgeous nature and historical heritage.

Costa Rica

There will be an opportunity to explore Latin America and learn Spanish if you choose Costa Rica. People here are interested in learning English. So, you are not going to be unemployed. Needless to say, that stunning nature and local marvelous beaches won't let you get bored. It is the best way to learn Spanish and dive in authentic Latin American culture. It is real to earn between $1300 and $3000 for TEFL certification holders.
The benefits:

  • Multicultural community.
  • High demand for ESL teachers.
  • Schools accept applications for teaching positions all year round.


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If you've always dreamed of living in Europe, Spain is the best choice. The population is willing to learn English, in order to run business with international partners or study at worldwide Universities. Also, there is the perfect chance to learn Spanish right from the horse's mouth. It is possible to find a job in such cities as, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia. Expect to earn about $1500.

The benefits:

  • Top tourist center.
  • Developed country.
  • Programs that permit to be a tutor in public schools.
  • Mild climate.
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