Frequently Asked Questions

What is TEFL?

How does TEFL stand for?

The abbreviation TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The TEFL certificate confirms the sufficient qualifications for teaching English to students for whom it is not native and who do not live in an English-speaking country. For example, international students in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Portugal, Italy, etc.

How does TESOL stand for?

The abbreviation TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The transcript of TESOL indicates that this certificate gives the right to teach English to students living in any country - both in English and not. With this certificate, you can teach students not only in Asia and Europe but also in the USA, England, Canada.

What is TESOL?
What does the TEFL / TESOL certificate give?

What does the TEFL & TESOL certificate give?

TEFL & TESOL is a license that gives you the right to teach English around the world and confirms your level of knowledge and proficiency in this language. Our certificates are accredited by the UK ACCRIN Center and are recognized by employers around the world

Can TEFL and TESOL be mentioned in one certificate?

Of course, it can! The course includes topics for teaching English as a foreign language, as well as modules about teaching students using English outside the classroom.

The simultaneous indication of TEFL and TESOL in the certificate extends the teacher's chances of gaining a job. TEFL is for those targeting Asia. It is an advantage for the recognition of teachers to Asian kindergartens and schools.

TESOL is quoted in English-speaking countries, where there are many teacher vacancies for immigrants for English courses.

A certificate TEFL and TESOL is your competitive advantage and the ability to get a job anywhere you want.

TEFL / TESOL certificate
CELTA certificate

How does CELTA stand for?

The abbreviation CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. CELTA is suitable for those who are already an English teacher and want to increase their level.

What is the difference between TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA?

The TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is suitable for those who want to educate English in non-English speaking countries, such as Asia or Europe. With this certificate, you will be able to teach English to students for whom it is not native.

The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate allows a tutor to teach English to students anywhere in the world. TESOL frees up more opportunities: you can educate English to students for whom it is not native, not only in Asia and Europe but also in England, the USA, or Canada.

The CELTA certificate (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) provides you to teach English to adults. The CELTA certificate is developed to improve the teacher's qualifications.

TEFL & TESOL are suitable for those who have an intermediate level of English and do not have education practice. To obtain the CELTA certificate - you need to be a current English teacher.

Which certificate is more friendly to get?

TEFL and TESOL certifications are easier to obtain than CELTA, and now we will explain why.

Passing the course online

You can pass TEFL and TESOL remotely. To get CELTA you must attend the face-to-face classes. Therefore, if there are no accredited CELTA centers in your city, you will have to travel to another city or country for a month, which will significantly grow the cost of certification.

Cost of education

For CELTA, you will have to pay about $1200, excluding the cost of travel and accommodation in the city where the course takes place. You can get a certificate that includes both TEFL and TESOL in our company for only $ 129, considering the current promotion.

English language proficiency

To obtain a CELTA certificate, you must pass an entrance exam to confirm the level of English, which must be at least C1. Training and consultation are also conducted only in English because the purpose of certification is to improve teaching skills.

Anyone who speaks English at a level of B1 (Intermediate) and higher can get a TEFL & TESOL certificate in our center.

An advantage of our courses is the possibility of retaking the exam in the case of failure.

Besides, the TEFL & TESOL course will train you on how to teach English on Skype. You will also receive guidance and advice from your trainer on how to improve the lesson plan and comments on your lesson.

Experience in teaching

TEFL and TESOL are not only for teachers but also for those with no teaching experience. The programs include modules devoted to methods of teaching English to children, adults, adolescents. The modules involve materials on how to teach students Business English, how to educate engineers, lawyers, accountants, and people in other professions.

CELTA certification is suitable for experienced teachers looking to improve their level. For these courses, a person must know grammar perfectly not only in theory but also in practice. The teaching uses grammatical terms, descriptions of teaching methods, and technologies. If you do not have practical teaching experience, then the CELTA will be difficult for you.

How to get TEFL & TESOL certificate?

You contact with our managers.
You choose a suitable package, consisting of 120, 150, or 250 hours of training and pay for it.
Take your course online at your speed, where we help, coordinate, and guide you. We can also provide an additional service to ensure you receive the highest A-score certification.
You pass the exam with a minimum of 60% correct answers and receive a TEFL & TESOL certificate. You can retake the exam if you cannot get the required number of points the first time.
We help you to create an effective resume and find a vacancy that suits all the parameters.
You work for pleasure in the selected country or online and get a good salary!
TESOL Sertificate

How much does a TEFL / TESOL course cost?

You can buy a TESOL certificate with a preliminary completion of the online course for only $199 to $365. The price includes:


Online course with training materials.


A transcript of the course with a description of the program that you completed.


Assistance in preparing your high-quality resume.


Unlimited supervision of employment issues.


Lifetime access to a database of 36 000 vacancies in 52 countries and online vacancies.


Book «100 Ideas for Teaching English» - a great assistant to the enthusiastic English teacher.

How to buy a TEFL / TESOL certificate without an exam?

We heartily recommend taking the course responsibly and passing the exam yourself. All tests are based on the information gained during the course. If you are a responsible student, you can easily pass them with the highest score.

We provide the service "Assistance for guaranteed passing exams with the highest score." This help will be useful to those who are working or have already found a job and now busy with moving and preparing documents. If during the learning process you understand that you need help, you can purchase this service at any time. In other cases, it is quite possible to cope with the exam and get a TEFL & TESOL certificate on your own.

In addition, for each student, we have a personal Native Speaker, so you can ask any questions during the learning process.

TESOL certificate without an exam

How the course is organized?

Our course is online, but the certificate does not reveal that. The training time is from 120 to 250 academic hours, depending on the package you choose.

The training includes several stages:

  1. You pay for the course in full or by making an advance payment of 50%.
  2. You get access to the selected materials and start learning.
  3. You pass an exam to obtain a TEFL & TESOL certificate.

You freely choose the speed of studying, based on your employment or perception of information. Some students choose intensive training and complete the course in a few weeks. While others need several months to master the material.

Access to the course will be open for you for 6 months. For the Expert program, intended for 250 hours, materials will be available for 8 months.

The course consists of modules, after each you need to pass a mini exam to test your knowledge. You have several tries, and we will count the best result. All tests and exams are based on the data that you learn during the course.

The training materials are text files and video lessons. Videos are examples of live lessons for different age groups.

During training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the material to your trainer, download data to your computer, and enter your personal account at any suitable time. You can choose the speed, schedule, and place of your classes at your preference.

At the end of the course, you need to pass an exam to obtain a certificate and get at least 60% of the correct answers. In addition, you need to plan your lesson.

Do not worry - the course includes an example of a plan, a template that you can use, and a choice of lesson topics.

If you compare the course responsibly, then you will not have any problems with completing the training, and you will be able to pass the TESOL & TEFL exam for the required score.

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