ESL/EFL English teaching in Thailand

ESL/EFL English teaching in Thailand

The land of smiles is a popular attraction not only for tourists but also for educators. Despite the fact, English is in demand worldwide, Thailand has more advantages in comparison with other countries. Such a marvelous destination may boast about its eternal summer, fresh fruits, and white sand beaches. The population has got used to greeting foreigners, so there is friendly and welcoming environment for travelers. It is also a sought after place because there are many spectacular spots nearby. Thanks to the low cost of living, it's possible to enjoy life here rather than make ends meet. The list of reasons to settle down in Thailand is almost endless, so if you are looking for a perfect place to teach people, that's it. Let's figure out what you need to land a job here.

How do you get a job teaching English in Thailand?

The requirements for ESL teachers in Thailand are pretty clear and reasonable. It isn't so hard to meet such expectations. You always have a chance to make a good lasting impression at the interview. But firstly, be sure that you fit the bill.

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The requirements for ESL teachers in Thailand:

  • Tutors must be either from English-speaking countries or fluent speakers with C2 level.
  • Having a bachelor's degree.
  • TEFL/TESOL certification is preffered.
  • Some experience in teaching English.

As soon as you are a degree holder, you may start searching a job. Education is important because employers want to be sure you are qualified enough to teach people of different ages. Frankly speaking, it is a part of immigration law, nobody wants to get in trouble. Whether you have a bachelor's degree or master's, you may expect to get paid well and have other benefits. 

When it comes to citizenship, apparently, native-speakers are reliable canditates, however, you can always prove your competence and fluency with professional or personal achievements.

EFL teaching salaries and other benefits in Thailand

A national minimum wage is $500 a month. There are many factors that can increase this sum drastically. Depending on the institution you may expect to earn from $900-1,500 a month. An average commitment to the employment contract is one year, as soon as you finish an academic year, you may expect to have one-time allowance. Also, some employers offer free rent appartment and provide teacher's trainings. Even if you aren't so lucky to get a paid housing, it's not the end of the world. As we mentioned, Thailand is quite affordable. You can rent accommodation on your own, it may take $300-400 a month, whereas other expenses may eat about $200, you will save some dough by the end of the month. Flight reimbursement also might be included in stipulations. But firstly, you spend your money buying flight tickets.

English teacher in Thailand

Obtaining a work visa

If your motherland isn't a part of the European Union, a non-immigrant B visa is for you. It allows to work legally having education purposes or business meetings and live in Thailand for some time. Before applying for a work permit, don't forget about the letter of acceptance from your workplace. They are only responsible for your imployment and sponsor you. As soon as your background check done, you provide neccessary documents and applying forms to the Department of Education. It may take from one to three months. As we mentioned getting visa has something to do with education, so there is no chance to work here without a degree.

List of the various ways to teach ESL in Thailand

There are different places to work depending on your prefference and qualification. Most of English language learners are kids, so there is a huge demand for tutors in schools and kindergarten. However, if you aren't fond of playing active games and immitating animals in English, probably you should consider working with adolescents and grown-ups. It's important to decide what students you are ready to teach, because your competence must be enough and appropriate for that. For example, willigness to teach Business English may be not enough without having similar background. When it comes to teaching kids, you must have patience to explain the same things many times. Experience isn't all you need to become an English teacher in Thailand, however it's better to understand what to expect.

Public Schools

Thailand school

Academic year in Thailand starts in May and ends in March, and includes a huge variety of teacher's duties. Full-time job suggests making lesson plan, participating in school events, creating materials, assesing children's result. Needless to say that is quite respectful and awarding job. There is a fat chance to get financial bonuses, but the salary is pretty decent $800-1,300. There aren't special requirements. The good new is such institutions willingly hire newcomers and fresh graduates.

Private and International Schools

When it comes to difference between public and private schools, the main one is teaching experience. Take into account that salary in private institutions is higher, the requirements are stricter too. It's a competitive environment, where all candidates try to do their best to stand out from the crowd. Usually, such work places offer decent conditions such as salary from $1,900-2,500 a month and other benefits.

In comparison with Thai schools international ones follow Western education system, so international certificate is required for an ESL teacher. Other professional accomplishments will be your advantage. Two years of teaching experience is a minimum to apply for. Such institutes have personal approach to each student and try to make lessons engaging and thought-provoking. That's why your language knowledge must be impeccable. Teaching procces includes a variety of ways and methods to organize effective learning environment. The salary is about $2,500-4,800 including health insurance, airfaire, and vacation days.


If you consider well-paid challenges, be ready to boast about your education, teaching experience, and level of the language to work at college or university. Teaching adolescents suggest making lesson plans, making monthly reports, checking home task, and assessment. You must have at least a master's degree to work there. If you are thoughtfull and love planning your life, such a workplace fits you. Part-time job, vacation days, sick leave, and retirement are things that may attract some teachers who plan life in advance. Working about 10 hours a week you may earn about $900-1,900 a month. You must be good at group sessions, because an average class consists of 50 students.

Language Schools

Work schedule in language schools depends on students' preferences. Business people opt for morning hours, whereas children and adults are ready to study in the evening.  An average amount of people in a class is 4-10 students. As a teacher, you have to come up with lesson plans, materials, and activities to engage learners. Usually, a repost system requires testing and assessing students, so that they can measure their progress. There is always need for ESL teachers, so you may work part-time or full-time. It is quite convenient, a mothly salary is about $900-1,300, whereas free schedule allows to earn $11-16 per hour. In comparison with public institutes, you will be paid only for working hours, so it excludes extra curriculum activities and paperwork. The stipulations are pretty reasonable, a bachelor's degree and teaching license are required, whereas other things are preffered.

Corporate Training Programs

If you are good at Business English or some certain fields, you have a chance to share your knowledge with employees of an international company. You have to work from their office and adjust to flexible schedule of your students. Public speaking, giving presentations, and role-plays are those activities that will definetely lead your students to the effective result. Most of the learners are people of 30-45 years old, who want to get promoted. There is much work such as making lesson plans, assessment, reporting, and search of materials. Fortunately, it is paid very well $1,500-2,000 a month. Keep in mind that there is a cut-throat competition among ESL teachers to get such a job, so you have to impress a potential employer with international certification and some magnificent professional accomplishments. Two years of teaching experience in Business is a necessity.

Test Preparation

Exam preparation process in Thailand is different in comparison with other countries. There are some popular exams, which are in demand here. So, in order to study and work abroad people usually pass GRE, SAT, IELTS, TOEIC. You have to be not only qualified but also experienced enough. It is well-paid job that requires much effort such as making courses from scratch and searching materials. As long as you teach students of different ages, you may choose convenient working hours to teach. The high score of an exam will be a proof of your competence. Feel free to boast the best results of your students to convince an employer that you are good at it. An average wage is about $20 an hour.

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