English teaching jobs in Asia

English teaching jobs in Asia

If you have been working as an English teacher at least 1 or 2 years or just think of start, probably you've already thought to change your life drastically. Teaching is considered to be challenging and requires patience and desire to help others. Asian market seems to be the most lucrative for ESL teachers because of huge population, economic prosperity and stability. Also, there are a lot of agefncies that can help to find a job remotely far before you make a decision to move out. All Asian countries have a stable necessity in English, lack of high-qualified tutors and consider this language a passport or a ticket to a better life. Moreover, there is a huge variety of options to improve your professional skills. Kids, teenagers, students, who are cramming for exams and even entrepreneurs are ready to study. So, you will find a list of workplaces, where English teaching jobs are seemed to be not only decent ones, but also rewarding.

Teaching requirements in Asia

Before making any decisions, weight all pros and cons up in terms of your goals and expectations. All of these countries are wonderful to live regarding warm climate, exquisite cuisine and ancient places. However, you should understand your needs firstly. Whether you want to save finances, or have enough money to live and explore a new spot.

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Table of requirements for English and ESL teachers in Asia
Country Salary, $ Education degree TEFL Certification Place of work Other requirements Hours a week to work Students
South Korea 1600-2600

A bachelor's,
or Master's

It is necessary. Private lessons, schools, or universities E-2 visa 22-40 Children, teenagers
Japan 1500-2700 A bachelor’s CELTA is appropriate too, Schools, companies, language centers Previous teaching experience 35-40 Children, teenagers, adults, entrepreneurs
Taiwan 2000-2400 A bachelor’s It is not necessary. Preschools, public schools

Native English speakers.

Be able to sign a one year contract.

Be at least 20 years of age or older.

40 Children, teenagers
China 1200-2800 A bachelor’s It isn't required. Preschools, public schools, private lessons

A valid passport from a native English speaking country, or two years of teaching experience and are a certified teacher.

15-40 Children, teenagers
Vietnam 900-1800 A bachelor’s It isn't mandatory. International schools, private lessons You need to be a native English speaker 30-40 Children, teenagers, adults
Combodia 1000-1200 A high school graduate level You can work without it. Private schools, business tutoring - 25-40 Children, teenagers, adults
Indonesia 650-1050 A bachelor’s or university It is essential. Private schools, language schools Native English speakers. 30-40 Children, teenagers, adults
Thailand 800-1200 A bachelor’s It is significant to have it. International schools, private lessons, public schools - 40 Children, teenagers, adults
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