How Long Does It Take to Get a TEFL Certificate? Exploring Timeframes and Options

How Long Does It Take to Get a TEFL Certificate? Exploring Timeframes and Options

If you are thinking of becoming an ESL instructor, it is crucial to get TEFL-certified. With a TEFL certification, you can make a real difference in the lives of people worldwide. English is one of the fastest-spreading languages. Moreover, it is evolving as an international language.

A large number of international businesses rely on English when communicating with their clients and stakeholders across borders. More and more students around the globe are focusing on learning English as a second language. So, the demand for English teachers is surging at a rapid pace. But before you embark on your journey of teaching English, you should know about specific aspects.

Teaching English and speaking English are two entirely different skills. To ensure that you get all the perks of teaching English to non-native speakers, you’ll need qualifications and training. Getting TEFL-certified is the first step to getting paid to teach English abroad.

The TEFL certification involves instructing non-native English speakers how to speak, write, and read English. If your main objective is to teach English abroad, you’ll need a TEFL certification. It is common to wonder how long does it take to get a TEFL certificate. Aspirants should remember that there’s no single and standardized path to getting a TEFL certification.

Based on the TEFL course and your circumstances, you will get TEFL-certified in a month. But if you want your TEFL certificate to be recognized worldwide, you must set aside six months to complete the course. The amount of time you will spend studying depends on the type of course you select. Do you know that getting a basic idea of TEFL can take as little as twenty hours? But getting qualified to teach abroad can take much longer based on the depth of learning.

Most employers ask for at least 120 hours of TEFL learning. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to pursue a TEFL course comprising 150 or 250 hours of working through the course content. It is of great significance to research the country you’re thinking of traveling to teach English. By setting aside at least six months for the course, you can complete 150 hours of coursework efficiently.

The units and modules of the TEFL certification course also determine the total timeframe. Here are the essential aspects to know about the timeframe of pursuing a TEFL course.

Factors Affecting the Timeframe for TEFL Certification

If you have never taught abroad before, it can be tough to determine where to start. Getting a TEFL certification is an excellent and necessary first step to teaching in a foreign country. Candidates with a TEFL certificate are preferred by employers. In other words, a TEFL certification will help you get better pay.

Moreover, it can be the deciding factor when the context is about grabbing an ESL job role. Aspirants should know how long it takes to get a TEFL certification for effective career planning. The timeframe for a TEFL certification course depends on various factors. For instance, an online or on-site certificate will influence the timeframe of a TEFL certification.

The structured TEFL courses taught on-site have start and end dates; therefore, you will always know about the timeframe for completing the certification. On the other hand, if you are doing TEFL online, there can be a lot more flexibility. The online TEFL courses are appealing to aspirants who don’t have a lot of free time to work with.

The type of TEFL course you will choose can make a massive difference in the timeframe of getting a TEFL certification. The online TEFL certifications come with great flexibility and are much faster. This is because you can access study materials 24/7.

Moreover, it also offers you the chance to study at your own pace. You are less likely to miss classes and self-study sessions while pursuing your TEFL certification online. The fewer sessions you miss, the quicker you can work through the course content.

On the other hand, the on-site courses are intensive and more hands-on. The on-site courses are completed in a classroom setting. They are taught by a qualified ESL instructor. Compared to an online TEFL certification, the on-site course is more time-consuming.

A significant advantage of on-site TEFL certification is that it offers access to live practice teaching. Nowadays, many educational institutes prefer candidates who have prior experience in teaching. You will also have the chance to land with a support network when pursuing a TEFL certification.

You must understand how long does it take to complete a TEFL course to apply for the correct job positions. Here are some additional factors that influence the timeframe for TEFL certification.

The Intensity of Training

A few TEFL courses comprise intensive modules that will help you acquire in-depth skills to teach ESL. However, pursuing a TEFL course with detailed course content and modules will take more time to complete.

Self-Studying Hours

While pursuing a TEFL certification course, you should always aim to develop a dedicated schedule for self-study. The more time you can allocate, the faster you will progress through the course content. Furthermore, it will also help you get good scores.

Your Willingness to Seek Help

If you are stuck and can’t understand the fundamentals of the course, it will be tough to progress. Therefore, you should always be willing to ask for help if you find something you don’t understand. Usually, the accredited online TEFL programs come with support of the trainers. You can clear your course-related doubts directing your questions to the trainer and getting the response with clarifications.

Your Efficiency in Working Through the Course Material

Aspirants serious about pursuing a TEFL course can quickly work through the course material. This offers them a chance to get certified at a record time. On the other hand, if you like to take your time and study at a slower pace, you will progress slowly.

Besides all these factors, you should consider the total number of hours of a TEFL certification. For instance, most ESL aspirants nowadays prefer pursuing 150-hour courses. The 150-hour TEFL course comprises 169 units along with 19 topics and ten modules. The candidates can access the course for six months. To complete the 150-hour TEFL course, you will need two to three months.

The 250-hour TEFL certification is another popular course among ESL aspirants. It is one of the most comprehensive TEFL certifications, as it has 219 units. The course comes with 22 topics along with 13 modules. Candidates can access this course for eight months. You will need at least three to six months to complete this TEFL certification. The 250-hour TEFL certification can boost your employment prospects as it helps you acquire in-depth skills.

So, how long does it take to get TEFL certified online? The total timeframe usually depends on what you want to include in your program. Moreover, you should also factor in the total amount of classroom hours of the TEFL certification course.

If you can study your TEFL course full-time, you’ll complete it in less than the average candidate. In a TEFL certification program, you will have a host of support teams to help you sort out queries. The more support you have access to, the less likely you will get stuck.

A fully-accredited TEFL course can last anywhere from five weeks to six months. Moreover, the five-week-long courses will usually run full-time. These courses are very demanding and can take a toll on your preparations. So, while selecting an online TEFL course, ensure that you choose a 150-hour TEFL certification course.

The upper-tier online courses like the 250-hour TEFL certification are more structured. These courses follow a set calendar to include interactive components of the course. Always select an online TEFL course that offers you flexibility.

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Benefits of Accelerated TEFL Certification Programs

Besides knowing how long does it take to get TEFL, you must also be aware of the benefits of accelerated TEFL programs. The accelerated TEFL programs will allow you to acquire essential skills with which you can teach non-native English speakers effectively.

TEFL programs also play a crucial role in helping you manage a classroom of students belonging to different cultures. An increasing number of government agencies and schools require foreign English teachers to present proof of their TEFL certification.

An accelerated TEFL certification course will assist you in evolving as a great lesson planner. You can know adequately about the ins and outs of English grammar. Another highlight of a TEFL certification is that you will feel confident before teaching your class.

A TEFL certification also comes in handy when you want to apply for work visas. Listed are some of the primary benefits of enrolling in an accelerated TEFL course.

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