English teaching jobs in Shenzhen

English teaching jobs in Shenzhen

China attracts a huge amount of English teachers each year. There are a lot of cities, which can meet your needs. Shenzhen is one of them. It's incredible to believe that just 30 years ago its history started with a small fishing village. Finally, it has turned out a multicultural and dynamic city. Thankfully to Hong Kong and it's economic development, Shenzhen has got popularity as a hot tourist attraction. The fact that winter here lasts about six weeks is also a bright side. If you search teaching jobs in Shenzhen, there are more than 100 state institutions and 5 the most popular language centers in China, which are permanently in need of professionals. This place doesn't have a bunch of requirements in terms of teaching English. In comparison with some countries, which are waiting for and hiring only native English speakers, Shenzhen is more tolerant and culturally diverse. Teaching experience and excellent knowledge of the language are way more important than your mother country or nationality.

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Teaching English in Shenzhen is a worth decision. This place is as good as home, because of international population and friendly environment. Almost everyone here is a foreigner. There are a lot of different local amenities, which will fit, whether you have arrived alone or with family. People here are used to seeing foreign people with different appearance. Shenzhen seems to be the cleanest in comparison with other Chinese cities, where ecological situation is disquieting. You won't have to worry about your health, lungs or allergy. The variety of entertainment is huge and diverse. Whether you prefer looking around, lying on a beach, or popping up at local bars, Shenzhen has a lot of things to offer. Also, it is a perfect spot for intrepid travelers. There is shortcut to get to South Korea, Vietnam or Japan. So, it is an amazing opportunity to visit new countries while you are working here. As the city located on a coastline such ingredients as shrimps and fish are constant in the local cuisine. For those, who are not fond of exquisite food, there is a variety of ways where to eat out.

Cost of living in Shenzhen

When it comes to teaching English overseas, Shenzhen is a winner in terms of high standards of living and cheap local amenities. A single ESL teacher can live here having only $500 per month. Taking into account that an average salary is three times more, there is an opportunity not only to make ends meet, but also to put money by, eat out at least twice a week and travel around China every three month. Eating out is cheaper than cooking at home. A basic lunch is about $7, whereas a beer or a cocktail is around $6-10. Transport system works well, and fares don't cost so much. An average season ticket is about $30 per month. It is in the cards that you won't have to pay for housing. Mostly, companies offer a lot of benefits such as free accommodation, start-up costs, flight reimbursement and even bonus for a contract completion. Employers try to do their best to help you adjust as quickly as possible. Usually ESL teachers have apartments nearby schools or centers where they work. In order to save time commuting. Also, there is a chance to decide whether you would like to live alone or with a roommate. You may choose a flat before start living there. As you see, there are a lot of ways to enjoy being in Shenzhen.

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Average salary for ESL teachers in Shenzhen

If you are eager to teach in Shenzhen, be ready to earn something between $2800-3600. Everything depends on your teaching experience, having a certificate, education and other professional achievements. Such sum is for 40 hours workweek, but if you need, you can increase it taking extra classes or doing something beyond the main curricular activities. Public schools offer ESL teachers to earn about $1400-2600 per month providing with $450 bonus for a completed contract, rent-free apartment and fight reimbursement after six months of work, which shouldn't exceed $800. That's not bad for those, who are still not ready to boast huge teaching experience. If you feel confident teaching adults and have something to impress potential employers, try to apply for a job in private language centers. They ensure almost the same work conditions, however a salary is higher. It's possible to earn around $2900 a month planning lessons, making interactive performances and checking English level of students on a regular basis.

Types of teaching jobs

There are different options where you may work in Shenzhen. Newcomers should start with kindergartens to expand professional horizons and built confidence. Here you can teach children from 3-7 years old even without two years of teaching experience or particular certification. Usually preschools conduct trainings for English teachers to help them to adjust and get familiar with the main approaches. High schools and language courses will welcome high-qualified tutors, who are ready to work with teenagers and adults. Usually institutions help to manage huge classes, which sometimes are full of 40 people at once, providing a Chinese assistant. Someone, who can speak Chinese in case you need some help during lessons.

There are some duties that you have to take on:

  • making lesson plans;
  • being flexible to changeable schedule;
  • using multimedia technologies in classroom;
  • having good relationship with co-workers;
  • handing in lessons records and revisions on a regular basis;
  • participating in big celebration events in school.

If you are looking forward to start searching a job, there are some websites, which will help you find a teaching job in China according to your preferences.

Use such resources to get an appropriate offer and go through interview remotely:

  • I-to-i;
  • TheTeflAcademy.com;
  • Glassdoor.co.in;
  • Learn4good.com;
  • ReachToTeachreCruiting.com.

Primary requirements for teaching

China will welcome everyone with English fluency and passion to teach. Sometimes, your personal traits tell more than your professional development. So, don't underestimate your positive qualities, which may help you to stand out. There are no such strict requests in comparison with such countries as Thailand or Japan. However, you should know some implications in order to be locked and loaded.

Typical job requirements in Shenzhen:

  • 120 hour TEFL/TESOL certificate or 2 years of teaching experience;
  • a bachelor’s degree;
  • clean criminal record;
  • notarized documents according to the Chinese Government Requirements;
  • willingness to commit to a one-year contract.

As you see, your competence might be proved in two different ways. Certification isn't a must-have, however practice shows that as soon as you are hired, companies suggest you getting a TEFL course. And if you'd already completed it, far before you applied, that's your undoubtful advantage among other candidates. If you are qualified enough, don't hesitate to tell about your professional development and employment record. Also, be sure that you are a law-abiding citizen of your mother country. Usually, recruiting agencies take over hiring process, so don't worry about paperwork. As employers provide a lot of benefits and bonuses to newcomers, they want to be sure, it isn't in vain. In other words, you must work till the expiration of your contract to get a bonus and go home without any problems.

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