A Comprehensive Guide to TEFL Certification: What Is It and What Does It Mean for ESL Teachers?

A Comprehensive Guide to TEFL Certification: What Is It and What Does It Mean for ESL Teachers?

A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is a qualification that’s recognized globally. So, what are TEFL certification and its purpose? With this qualification, you can teach English abroad. It is also a critical component of your application for an international teaching job.

With the TEFL certification, you can teach English abroad or online to learners. This certificate is often required by educational institutes hiring English language teachers. A TEFL certification from a recognized institute can open doors to exciting career opportunities.

You can even teach English in your own community to non-native speakers with this certification. This certificate empowers you to teach in public or private schools or a company language training program. You can also work as an ESL teacher in a preschool in Asia, South America, or Africa. The TEFL certificate offers you endless possibilities.

Definition and Purpose of TEFL Certification

As a TEFL-certified teacher, your primary responsibility is to teach English to people whose native language is not English. The TEFL certificate lets you acquire skills with which you can teach English to non-native speakers worldwide.

Aspirants should know what is TEFL to optimize their chances of securing teaching jobs abroad. In the earlier days, it was possible to find English teaching jobs simply by being a fluent speaker. Nowadays, the requirements are a bit strict.

A vast majority of employers require teachers to have a 250-hour TEFL certification. The purpose of a TEFL certificate is to equip you with skills to teach English to non-native English speakers. With a TEFL certificate, you can:

Qualify for Teaching Jobs

The minimum requirements to teach English abroad are a Bachelor’s degree in any area along with a TEFL certification. Most universities and other educational institutes recruit ESL teachers based on their TEFL certification only.

Stand Out Among Others

In most situations, you will find the hiring school listing a TEFL certification as a requirement. A TEFL certificate is always considered a vital asset for any aspiring ESL teacher. You will have a higher possibility of grabbing the job offer with this certification.

Gain the Essential Teaching Skills

A TEFL course allows you to evolve as an expert English instructor. With a TEFL certificate, you get the skills to teach the major elements of language learning. Furthermore, any accredited TEFL course will assist you in comprehending the fundamental ethics of lesson planning and classroom management.

Chance to Earn a Higher Salary

Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching positions in renowned schools. It means better benefits and higher salaries. You can also expand your professional networking abilities with the TEFL certification.

Besides all these aspects, TEFL-certified teachers are now choosing to teach English online. It is an excellent option for those who prefer to work remotely. Online teaching can also help you supplement your income while teaching abroad.

Therefore, the present scope of a TEFL certification course is enormous. Aspirants who want to teach English abroad should get TEFL certified to stand out among others.

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Requirements and Qualifications for TEFL Certification

If you are interested in making a real difference in the lives of people worldwide, consider pursuing a TEFL certification course. English is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized languages. Numerous organizations rely on English when interacting with customers and partners across the globe.

Furthermore, a majority of students are focusing on learning the nuances of English as a second language. In other words, the overall demand for English teachers is skyrocketing. Besides knowing what does TEFL stand for, you should also know the requirements for this certification.

Teaching and speaking English are entirely different. Even if you are a native speaker, you must get TEFL certified to acquire the skills of classroom teaching. The TEFL certification is your primary way to secure a teaching job abroad.

For the vast majority of TEFL courses, there is no need to have a Bachelor’s degree to pursue the certification. If you are considering pursuing a TEFL certification course online, here are the requirements to know.

  • Prociency and fluency in English
  • A sound understanding of English grammar
  • Tuition fees

Note that there is no need for a Bachelor’s degree or a teaching license while enrolling for a TEFL course online.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you may be asked to submit the result of an English Prociency test.

While these are the typical requirements, it is not necessary that you have to meet these criteria. Most TEFL institutes ask for your motivation, commitment, and dedication. Pursuing a TEFL course requires a great deal of commitment. Therefore, you should be prepared to work rigorously to achieve your goals. With the right attitude, you can evolve into your role as an ESL teacher.

But it is essential to have sufficient knowledge of the English language to enroll in a TEFL certification course. Non-native English speakers should have a minimum English language level equivalent to B1. While pursuing this certification, you must show serious commitment and dedication.

If the instructor finds that your English language ability is insufficient, they reserve the right to fail you. Before enrolling, you need to know what is TEFL course and the things to expect. Many institutes have also made it mandatory for candidates to have an awareness of language teaching.

Prior teaching experience will boost your chances of admission to reputed institutes. You must also demonstrate the skills of native English speaking and the ability to read language materials. TEFL aspirants must have the ability to take feedback from tutors.

Getting TEFL certified is your ticket to becoming an ESL teacher. Even if you have Bachelor’s, the TEFL certification is required in all countries. Therefore, you should enroll in a TEFL certification course.

Another highlighting aspect of a TEFL course is the absence of an age limit. In simple words, you are never too old to be TEFL certified. You can commence your teaching journey at any age. The classroom TEFL courses require the aspirants to attend classes over a weekend, or three consecutive days.

Selecting an online TEFL certification course is suitable as they tend to be self-paced. You can study in your own time and at a pace that suits your routine. The online TEFL course providers aim to make the certification accessible to the candidates.

The online courses are flexible, which allows you to study and work properly. Individuals having other commitments in life should choose an online TEFL certification platform. You will have the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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