A Comprehensive Guide to TEFL Certification: What Is It and What Does It Mean for ESL Teachers?

A Comprehensive Guide to TEFL Certification: What Is It and What Does It Mean for ESL Teachers?

A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is a qualification that’s recognized globally. So, what are TEFL certification and its purpose? With this qualification, you can teach English abroad. It is also a critical component of your application for an international teaching job.

With the TEFL certification, you can teach English abroad or online to learners. This certificate is often required by educational institutes hiring English language teachers. A TEFL certification from a recognized institute can open doors to exciting career opportunities.

You can even teach English in your own community to non-native speakers with this certification. This certificate empowers you to teach in public or private schools or a company language training program. You can also work as an ESL teacher in a preschool in Asia, South America, or Africa. The TEFL certificate offers you endless possibilities.

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Definition and Purpose of TEFL Certification

As a TEFL-certified teacher, your primary responsibility is to teach English to people whose native language is not English. The TEFL certificate lets you acquire skills with which you can teach English to non-native speakers worldwide.

Aspirants should know what is TEFL to optimize their chances of securing teaching jobs abroad. In the earlier days, it was possible to find English teaching jobs simply by being a fluent speaker. Nowadays, the requirements are a bit strict.

A vast majority of employers require teachers to have a 250-hour TEFL certification. The purpose of a TEFL certificate is to equip you with skills to teach English to non-native English speakers. With a TEFL certificate, you can:

Qualify for Teaching Jobs

The minimum requirements to teach English abroad are a Bachelor’s degree in any area along with a TEFL certification. Most universities and other educational institutes recruit ESL teachers based on their TEFL certification only.

Stand Out Among Others

ESL teachers

In most situations, you will find the hiring school listing a TEFL certification as a requirement. A TEFL certificate is always considered a vital asset for any aspiring ESL teacher. You will have a higher possibility of grabbing the job offer with this certification.

Gain the Essential Teaching Skills

A TEFL course allows you to evolve as an expert English instructor. With a TEFL certificate, you get the skills to teach the major elements of language learning. Furthermore, any accredited TEFL course will assist you in comprehending the fundamental ethics of lesson planning and classroom management.

Chance to Earn a Higher Salary

Teacher with a TEFL certificate

Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching positions in renowned schools. It means better benefits and higher salaries. You can also expand your professional networking abilities with the TEFL certification.

Besides all these aspects, TEFL-certified teachers are now choosing to teach English online. It is an excellent option for those who prefer to work remotely. Online teaching can also help you supplement your income while teaching abroad.

Therefore, the present scope of a TEFL certification course is enormous. Aspirants who want to teach English abroad should get TEFL certified to stand out among others.

Requirements and Qualifications for TEFL Certification

If you are interested in making a real difference in the lives of people worldwide, consider pursuing a TEFL certification course. English is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized languages. Numerous organizations rely on English when interacting with customers and partners across the globe.

Furthermore, a majority of students are focusing on learning the nuances of English as a second language. In other words, the overall demand for English teachers is skyrocketing. Besides knowing what does TEFL stand for, you should also know the requirements for this certification.

Teaching and speaking English are entirely different. Even if you are a native speaker, you must get TEFL certified to acquire the skills of classroom teaching. The TEFL certification is your primary way to secure a teaching job abroad.

For the vast majority of TEFL courses, there is no need to have a Bachelor’s degree to pursue the certification. If you are considering pursuing a TEFL certification course online, here are the requirements to know.

  • Proficiency and fluency in English
  • A sound understanding of English grammar
  • Tuition fees

Note that there is no need for a Bachelor’s degree or a teaching license while enrolling for a TEFL course online.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you may be asked to submit the result of an English proficiency test.

While these are the typical requirements, it is not necessary that you have to meet these criteria. Most TEFL institutes ask for your motivation, commitment, and dedication. Pursuing a TEFL course requires a great deal of commitment. Therefore, you should be prepared to work rigorously to achieve your goals. With the right attitude, you can evolve into your role as an ESL teacher.

But it is essential to have sufficient knowledge of the English language to enroll in a TEFL certification course. Non-native English speakers should have a minimum English language level equivalent to B1. While pursuing this certification, you must show serious commitment and dedication.

If the instructor finds that your English language ability is insufficient, they reserve the right to fail you. Before enrolling, you need to know what is TEFL course and the things to expect. Many institutes have also made it mandatory for candidates to have an awareness of language teaching.

Prior teaching experience will boost your chances of admission to reputed institutes. You must also demonstrate the skills of native English speaking and the ability to read language materials. TEFL aspirants must have the ability to take feedback from tutors.

Getting TEFL certified is your ticket to becoming an ESL teacher. Even if you have Bachelor’s, the TEFL certification is required in all countries. Therefore, you should enroll in a TEFL certification course.

Another highlighting aspect of a TEFL course is the absence of an age limit. In simple words, you are never too old to be TEFL certified. You can commence your teaching journey at any age. The classroom TEFL courses require the aspirants to attend classes over a weekend, or three consecutive days.

Selecting an online TEFL certification course is suitable as they tend to be self-paced. You can study in your own time and at a pace that suits your routine. The online TEFL course providers aim to make the certification accessible to the candidates.

The online courses are flexible, which allows you to study and work properly. Individuals having other commitments in life should choose an online TEFL certification platform. You will have the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Types of TEFL Certification Programs

TEFL Certification Programs

The decision to select an online or onsite certification comes down to your personal preferences. Whether you choose an online course or an in-person TEFL certification program, you must be aware of its types. When you are just starting out, the world of teaching English abroad can be confusing.

One must learn what does TEFL mean to obtain the certification. Before you start looking for work, it is imperative to get TEFL certified. But there are many TEFL certification types that can be downright confusing. So, which type of TEFL certification do you need? Usually, it all depends on what you want to do with your TEFL certification. Listed are the common types of TEFL certifications that you can choose.

The 150-Hour Master Course

Teaching English to students

Typically, the 150-hour Master Course for TEFL certification is the most popular one. Being a 150-hour course, it has 169 units along with 19 topics that cover the basics of the English language. Aspirants will have access to ten modules. Note that the 150-hour Master Course is accessible only for six months.

It is suitable for individuals who have fluency in English. Your level of comprehension should be B1 intermediate or higher. You don’t need any additional qualifications to enroll in this course. Moreover, there are no age restrictions.

After the completion of the course, you will receive the TEFL certificate, which will be recognized worldwide. The 150-Hour Master Course is also suitable for applying for work visas and has a unique number for easy authentication. It also has productive and receptive competencies. By completing this course, you can learn:

  • How to teach the grammatical structures of English
  • How to teach students the pronunciation of English
  • How to teach English online
  • How to create lesson plan
  • How to teach English to students of different age groups

The 150-hour Master Course for TEFL certification is perfect for landing a high-paying job as an ESL teacher. You will acquire the necessary skills required to become a successful TEFL teacher. Moreover, this course will provide you with a recognized qualification respected worldwide.

250-Hour Expert TEFL Course

Teaching English to Preschoolers

If you want to know TEFL certification what is, enrolling in the 250-hour Expert course will be suitable. The 250-hour course is the most comprehensive among other types of TEFL certifications. One of the key highlights of this course is that it makes you employable.

Being a comprehensive TEFL course, it has 219 units and 22 topics. The course has 13 modules, and candidates can access it for eight months. It is suitable for anyone who can speak English. But your level of English comprehension should be B1 or higher.

To enroll in the 250-hour course, you don’t need any degree. The average time required to complete this course is three to six months. With a pass rate of 99%, both beginners and expert-level candidates can opt for the 250-hour course.

This TEFL certification course has no statute of limitations and comes with a unique number for authentication. It is a self-paced course, and you can study at your own convenience to accomplish your dream of teaching abroad.

As an expert-level TEFL course, it is integrated with CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). By completing this 250-hour TEFL course, you will be eligible to apply for high-paying TEFL online and offline job roles. This course aims to increase your demand among present-day employers.

Advantages and Career Opportunities with TEFL Certification

TEFL course

Undoubtedly, teachers are the unsung heroes of our society. They manage the classroom and prepare students for the challenges of life. As a teacher, you may have a vacation period to unwind. However, there is a better way to see the world while progressing your career simultaneously. Irrespective of your qualifications, you can traverse the world and teach to make a living. By getting TEFL certified, you can accomplish your objectives of settling in a foreign country. With an accredited certification, you can adequately understand what is the TEFL course and its scope. Here are the life-changing benefits of getting TEFL certified.

Access to Better Job Opportunities

Career ladder

Any international teaching job abroad requires a TEFL certificate. When you have a TEFL certificate, you’ll be in a better position to apply for high-paying jobs. TEFL is an excellent opportunity for teachers to see the world without their careers on hold.

Besides earning money while traveling, you will also be gaining professional experience. Becoming an ESL teacher with a TEFL certification course will allow you to gain insights into foreign cultures. You can meet and interact with interesting people while working as a teacher abroad.

As a fully-qualified teacher, you will be gathering valuable experience. This experience can come in handy during your future endeavors in workplaces. So, to access better job opportunities, you must understand what is the TEFL certification.

Lets you Evolve as a Better Teacher

English teacher

For the betterment of your students and to enrich your skills, you must know how to teach effectively. The main objective of a TEFL certification is to prepare you to manage a class of non-native English speakers effectively.

You will learn how to teach students to read, speak, and write English. It is pretty standard for every student to have varying learning needs and styles. Furthermore, they may belong to a different culture and age. These parameters can affect the way they learn in your class.

By understanding what is the TEFL through a certification course, you’ll gain practical techniques to work effectively with students from various backgrounds.

It is More Affordable than you Think

Getting TEFL certified is a lot more affordable than you think. Although some TEFL certifications can cost you a lot of money, there are affordable options you can explore. It is imperative to comprehend what is TEFL training to explore your options. If you are on a budget, always consider enrolling in an online TEFL course. Most online TEFL courses are self-directed, and you can learn at your own pace.

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A TEFL Certification is a Great Resume Booster

Popular and desirable teaching jobs abroad are competitive. Moreover, if you want a job with high pay, regular qualifications won’t help much. So, the best way to add weightage to your CV is by opting for a TEFL certification course.

A TEFL certification renders you with a competitive edge. The aspirant should adequately understand what is TEFL stand for and its present scope to get the right job opportunities.

Even after you have finished teaching abroad as an ESL teacher, the certificate will continue to add immense value. The TEFL certificate depicts the future employers that you have the skills and competence levels suitable for modern-day workplaces.

The Certification Helps You Perfect Phonology Skills

You must better your phonology skills to teach the English language to non-native speakers. English language learners should know about phonology and proper accents. In other words, you should look to improve their pronunciation when they’re communicating.

If you are unable to teach phonology to your students, they won’t be successful in the future. You should inquire about what TEFL mean to know about its relevance. A TEFL certificate equips you with phonology skills. Therefore, besides correcting the speaking skills of your students, you can also fine-tune your communication abilities.

Now that we know the benefits of a TEFL certification, let’s explore the career opportunities you can opt for.

ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher

As an ESL teacher, you can understand more about what is TEFL in teaching. Be it a private or public school, you’re always eligible to be an ESL teacher. A TEFL certificate lets you teach English in numerous countries worldwide. To evolve as a successful ESL teacher, you must know what is TEFL exam.



With knowledge derived from what is TEFL course in English, you can hone your skills and become a trainer for teachers. Moreover, with a TEFL certificate, you will get the opportunity to train professional TEFL aspirants.

Teaching Students Online

Teaching Students Online

So, what is a TEFL qualification? A TEFL qualification is one that lets you access diverse career opportunities. Besides being an ESL teacher, you can also teach English to non-native speakers online. The online platform will connect you with aspiring learners from across the globe.

Operating a Language School

Operating a Language School

If you are enterprising, running a language school might sound appealing. As you will be working on your own, you won’t need a lot of qualifications. However, you must be well-equipped to answer what is a TEFL degree to open a language school.

Common Questions and Misconceptions about TEFL Certification

English lesson

Getting TEFL certified can help advance your career. Here are some questions related to a TEFL certification that aspirants typically ask:

  1. What Does TEFL Course Involve?
  2. Is it Essential to Get TEFL Certified to Teach English Abroad?
  3. What is the Difference Between TEFL and TESOL?
  4. What does TEFL Certification Mean in the International Teaching Domain?
  5. How Beneficial is it to Opt for a TEFL Course?
  6. What does TEFL Require for Successful Enrolment?
  7. Is it Essential to be a Native Speaker to become TEFL Certified?
  8. What does a TEFL Course Involve Nowadays?

Besides these questions, you must also know about the common myths surrounding the TEFL certification, as mentioned.

  • A TEFL certificate can expire after a specific duration
  • A native speaker doesn’t need a TEFL certificate
  • TEFL what is it and Undervaluing its Importance
  • It is a better option to get TEFL certified in the home country

By understanding the TEFL course what is it, you will be in an excellent position to debunk these myths.


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A TEFL certification is one of the most effective ways to secure the job position of a teacher abroad. It equips you with skills that are suitable for teaching non-native English speakers. You can consider the aspects stated above to have a good idea of the TEFL certificate what is it.

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