English/ESL teacher CV: samples, templates and advice

English/ESL teacher CV: samples, templates and advice

The profession of English teacher is currently in great demand. This is due to the fact that the number of people speaking and learning English exceeds two billion people. And these numbers are growing. Therefore, competition for prestigious positions among teachers is also growing. To stand out among the mass of teachers and get your dream job, you need to advertise yourself well to the employer. It's worth working hard to create a brilliant resume that shows you your best and most profitable sides. How do you create a resume, you ask? What should it contain? And in this article we will answer these questions in detail and not only.



ESL teacher resume structure

ESL teacher resume must clearly demonstrate the applicant's ability to help students better understand and use English. Your resume must meet the requirements for teachers: solid knowledge of English and teaching skills. You must have the ability to help students understand English through reading, writing, listening and speaking. Note that you are good at implementing lesson plans and earning study programs that include ESL students. Your resume should also show your education and certifications, these are key requirements for ESL teaching position.

The classic CV should consist of the following sections:

  1. Personal data / contact information.
  2. Resume summary.
  3. Skills.
  4. Employment History.
  5. Education/Certificates and Licenses.

Let's consider each section in more detail.

Course for English teachers

Contact Information

  1. Name.
  2. Address.
  3. Phone
  4. Email.
  5. Nationality
  6. Driver’s license.
  7. Links to your social media profiles. This will show that you have your own personal life besides work.

Contact Information in CV

What should be description of resume?

A description should be reflected at a beginning of a document, because this is a section that your potential employer sees in the first place. The description should be written briefly so that аn employer can read it literally in 6-8 seconds and interest you as a specialist.

This section should show the employer how versatile you are. Therefore, your best skills, achievements and experience should be displayed here.

The first section of CV is the designation of the desired position. In this section, you should not use general phrases. An ideal option would be to prescribe this data for each company separately.

Wrong: "A young promising specialist is looking for a job in a dynamically developing company in a management position".

Correct: "I am an English tutor with 1.5 years of experience. I want to take the position of an English teacher at Parsons School of Design".

If you have no work experience or want to change your occupation, it is also worth mentioning: “I am a certified marketing specialist, with 2 years of work experience in the position of Project Manager, I want to change my occupation and get the position of an English teacher in children's Happyland Garden, New York”.

The more clearly you define the position you want to take, the more likely it is to get it.

Brevity and precision are the two main criteria at this stage.

Description in resume

Summary of skills in CV

Here English or ESL teacher needs to register your main skills and the level of proficiency in them. According to recruiting experts, in this chapter you can not be shy and point out even the most seemingly insignificant skills.

For example:

  • I have the skills of oral and written communication in English language,
  • I can quickly find a common language with children of different ages,
  • In a playful way I solve conflicts in children and adolescents,
  • I speak with ease in front of a large number of people,
  • I make beautiful and interesting presentations in the classroom,
  • I come up with activities that captivate students for several hours,
  • I am able to resolve a conflict in a group of students,
  • I follow the latest in the field of computer technology,
  • I can come up with funny rhymes in English,
  • I compose exercises for training English myself,
  • I am fast in gadgets.

Summary of skills in CV

Each of your skills described here can be a trigger for a potential employer, so describe in detail each positive characteristic.

Employment History

One of the most difficult sections, in which the following data must be indicated:

  • Reverse chronology of jobs over the past 10 years (that is, starting from the last job)
  • Your achievements at each job.

It is important to report results in a measurable way. Be sure to use numbers to support your words in this way - "water" does not sound convincing.


  • Increased the average marks by 20%,
  • Taught English to 230 students of various cultural backgrounds in an international class.
  • Developed a set of audiovisual didactic resources to help students develop English language skills.
  • Taught 10 children English up to the Elementary level in a year of teaching in a private kindergarten.


  • Significantly increased classroom attendance,
  • Improved average academic performance,
  • Increased the status of the school,
  • Developed a teaching methodology,
  • Rallied the team,
  • Taught students with high quality.

Employment history in CV

Even insignificant achievements, in your opinion, still sound better than lengthy and obscure results.


In the education section, it is imperative to enter all the education you received:

  • University or college (full name, years of study, number and code of the diploma, specialty, academic degree);
  • Additional courses (year of study, city, course name, certificate, digital badges);
  • Webinars, online conferences, master classes;
  • Watched online lectures.

A significant competitive advantage will be the indication of the availability of a special TEFL & TESOL certificate, which confirms your level of language proficiency. When choosing between two candidates, the employer is more likely to give preference to the one whose level of English is documented.

Education in resume

Formatting basics

Your resume should look clean and crisp.

  • If you’ve earned digital badges for your courses, include them toward the top of the document.
  • Use fonts that are easy to read. The most common font used in resumes is Times New Roman, but Arial, Calibri, and Verdana are also clean and sleek.
  • Stick to no more than two font styles.
  • Use black for text and white for the background color. You could also use one other color for accent, but try to use around two colors max.
  • Emphasize headings or subheadings by using bold or italics.
  • Steer clear of all caps, except for section titles like "WORK EXPERIENCE".
  • Divide the sections using white space so that they look neat and can be easily distinguished.

General tips:

  • The highlights of your profile should be easily scannable. For this, keep job titles clear and brief, changing your official job title if necessary.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Jargon and flowery language are best avoided.
  • Make good use of bullet points for breaking down job responsibilities, achievements, and skills.
  • After you proofread your resume, ask someone to check it as you can easily miss your own typos and other mistakes.

Samples of English teacher resume

Below you can find examples of ready-made resumes and brief information about their differences.

Resume/CV for English teacher with experience

In order to issue a resume of an experienced teacher, you must fill in all the items in the "Work experience" section. This item should also include even the work of an English tutor. If you have had experience of working with foreign citizens, then this is also worth mentioning. Do not forget to indicate your place of work and achievements for them in reverse chronological order.

Resume/CV for for English teacher with experienceSample for English teacher with experience
Resume/CV for for ESL teacher with experienceSample for ESL teacher with experience

Resume/CV for English teacher with no experience

What if you are a recent teacher or a university / college graduate and don't have an impressive track record?

Some ESL companies don’t require prior teaching experience. Always include your other work experience, internships, projects, and even volunteer work on your file; any role related to teaching and helping others can be relevant, even if it wasn’t in a formal classroom setting.

You can give some numbers in this section to show the hiring manager the scope of your abilities and skills.

For example, you can determine the number of students you work with per semester, determine the size of the school where you work:

"You evaluate and track the progress of over 100 students throughout the semester, and work closely with other staff to effectively plan and coordinate work. You help students prepare for exams at a school with over 2,000 students".

Below are examples of documents, based on which you can write your resume.

Resume/CV for for English teacher with no experienceSample for English teacher with no experience
Resume/CV for for ESL teacher with no experienceSample for ESL teacher with no experience

Resume/CV for online teacher

To qualify for the position of Online English Teacher or ESL Teacher, you need to show that you have computer skills, you have experience with online platforms, you are an outgoing person who can approach any personality type. It will be great if you list your experience as a tutor or online tutor prior to taking this position. However, this is not necessary, since many online platforms do not require work experience (you can read more about this in the article).

Your technology skills are taken into account, so your knowledge of digital communication platforms like Zoom or Skype will go a long way. This is also true for other programs used for online teaching, including presentation tools like PowerPoint and classroom management tools like ClassDOJO or Google Classroom.

Online English teaching companies often require applicants to provide a link to an introductory video for online teaching on their CV. This is one of the notable differences between applying for an online English teacher job and ESL classroom work.

Resume/CV for online English teacher with experienceSample for online English teacher with experience
Resume/CV for online English teacher with no experienceSample for online English teacher without experience
Resume/CV for online ESL teacher with experienceSample for online ESL teacher with experience
Resume/CV for online ESL teacher without experienceSample for online ESL teacher without experience

How to write CV forpost of English teacher?

You can use the templates in .doc format and draft your own resume/CV for the post of English teacher, or use the links below to generate the resume online.

CV templates in word format (doc)

Please note that in this document you can mark your scientific works, methodological recommendations or teaching methods that you have developed. This will be a "knight's move" and will give you the opportunity to outflank your competitors.

Here you can download the templates of the above resume/CV examples in Word format (.doc file extension) for:

We provide to you the opportunity to download the template in .docx format, whereby you can correct it as you need. Feel free to change the template design and text to your data.

Take a look at the suggested templates in the text editor Microsoft Word.

Online resume/CV builders

With the help of these sites, you can quickly and easily write the resume/CV, because there you do not need to think about which points you could forget about your professional activity. Filling out the template is more like a questionnaire, which, moreover, can tell you what to write.


This free of pay site invites you to use a resume builder. The site differs from the rest in that after registering on it, you can freely download your document in pdf format absolutely free. At the same time, the site is not limited in the number of template design options and gives a complete list of items that you need in order to unleash your full potential.


The editor suggests making a resume and a cover letter. In order to do this, you need to pre-register on the site and pay for a trial period of 14 days for $2.95 with this following features:

  • Resume Templates,
  • Unlimited Variations,
  • Cover Letter Builder,
  • Job Search and Tracking Tools,
  • Professional Resume Reviews.

Or buy a monthly subscription for $7.95 with this additional options:

  • Unlimited Downloads,
  • Multiple Formats like MS Word & PDF,
  • Unlimited resumes and cover letters.


On this site, you can create a resume, cover letter and CV. You need to register for this.

Subscription plans of Novoresume
Subscription Free 1 month 3 months 12 months
Price 15€ 29.99€ 89.99€
Predefined Layouts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of resumes Only 1 Up to 10 Up to 10 Up to 10
Cover Letter No Yes Yes Yes
9 extra fonts No Yes Yes Yes
Professional video tutorials No Yes Yes Yes
Specialized Sections No Yes Yes Yes
Icons for Interests & Causes, Custom Layout No Yes Yes Yes
Create multiple versions No Yes Yes Yes
Up to 44 more color themes No Yes Yes Yes
Creative rating styles No Yes Yes Yes
Creative Backgrounds No Yes Yes Yes


This site allows you to create a resume or cover letter. In order to download these documents, you will need to register on the site and pay for any of the packages. The subscribtion plans of this service:

Subscription plans of resume.io
Subscription Free 7 days 6 months 12 months
Price $0 $2.95  $44.95 $74.95
Number of resumes and cover letters Only one Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Download restrictions Limited resume sharing and analytics All premium templates and colors All premium templates and colors All premium templates and colors
File format for download Downloads only in TXT format Unlimited PDF download Unlimited PDF download Unlimited PDF download
Renewal No After 7 days, auto-renews to $ 24.95 billed every 4 weeks One-time payment, no need to cancel One-time payment, no need to cancel


This resume builder helps you make your own resume, CV, and cover letter. Like most of the sites we have described, this site requires registration and payment for one of the packages in order to download the document. 

Subscription plans of zety
Subscription 14-days Monthly
Price $2.70 $5.95
Number of resumes/CV and cover letters Unlimited Unlimited
Instant Job Matches Yes Yes
File format for download docx, pdf, txt docx, pdf, txt
Renewal After 14 days, automatically renewed at $23.70 every 4 weeks. Cancel anytime. Billed annually at $71.40. Cancel anytime.


As you can see, everything is not as complicated as it might seem. Use our resume-building tips to quickly land your dream job.

And if you want to supplement your portfolio with a professional certificate, then we suggest you follow the link and sign up for the TEFL/TESOL course. By doing it right now, you will receive a 50% discount!

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