TEFL & ESL jobs to teach English online

TEFL & ESL jobs to teach English online

Most English teachers receive a decent salary from the comfort of their own home. Online training allows you to work from anywhere — provided that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. So you can work from home or traveling around the world.

For everyone who wants to start teaching English online, there are requirements that need to be met. The main ones are: to be fluent in English and have a TEFL certificate or its equivalent.

What you should pay attention to before applying to an online school:

  1. Do you need a degree or diploma to teach English online?
  2. Are applicants from your country accepted?
  3. Do you need an ESL or TEFL certificate?
  4. Specify the questions about the class schedule: do you have a minimum number of working hours, what are the peak load hours, can you make changes to the schedule.
  5. Find out who you will be teaching: how old are the students, what country they are from.
  6. Do you need to prepare lesson plans yourself?
  7. Do you need to buy any technologies or props for training online?
  8. What are the requirements for the Internet?
  9. Remuneration: what is the basic salary, hourly or overtime payment, are there any bonuses.
  10. Cancellation: what if a student cancels a lesson a day or within 24 hours, what happens if you get sick.

An important requirement, which is common to any online job, is a high-speed Internet, a confident command of special programs such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Note, Zoom, Skype, and the presence of a webcam and microphone.

Online schools for English teachers

Title Required level of language proficiency Education or certificate Additional requirements Salary
Englex From Upper-Intermediate and higher Higher education Training experience with students and adults from 12 months, availability of 10 or more evening hours per week. $350-700
Englishdom From Upper-Intermediate and higher No data available Experience as an English tutor, conducting a trial lesson. $950 and more
Skyeng From Intermediate and higher Higher education Participation in specialized trainings, ability to work from 12 hours a week. On average $550
White rabbit Advanced Higher linguistic education with TEFL certificate Training experience as a teacher for at least 2 years, computer literacy, experience in communicating with native speakers, living in an English-speaking country. Hourly payment
AlfaSchool C1-C2 Diploma of pedagogical or linguistic education Professional experience. $400-800
Big Ben Fluency in English Higher linguistic or pedagogical education with TESOL certificate. Knowledge of professional authentic aids, experience training online, experience teaching and preparing for international exams. Individually
EnglishDoma Upper-Intermediate +high-quality pronunciation Higher education Participation in international trainings, professional experience from 1 year of adult education, knowledge of educational trends, teaching to foreign students, living abroad-welcome. Stable payments, bonuses and a loyalty program. The amount of salary depends on the number of lessons and the complexity of the course.
iEnglish To get information about jobs and requirements, you need to fill out a Google form. Link at the bottom of the page.
Tetrica Advanced A bachelor's degree The opportunity to devote at least 10 hours a week to work. The website provides a salary calculator with the lowest values.
AllRight Good language skills Pedagogical education or a diploma of a related specialty, English teacher's certificate Experience training children from 4 years old. $5 per hour
Toki B2 and higher No data available Teaching experience, soft skills (the ability to build a dialogue with a student, the desire to develop). Individually
Elite Class B2 Pedagogical and linguistic higher education Teaching experience with children from 4 to 17 years old, the ability to find contact with parents, minimum employment of 10 hours per week. $150-750
You Can Speak C1 No data available Work experience of at least 6 months, sociability, openness, positivity, and also readiness to work from 30 hours a week is expected, an additional selection stage is provided. $400-750
By_english B2-C1 Linguistic, pedagogical higher education Desire to develop, professional experience of at least 1 year. $600-800
InternetUrok Competent verbal and written speech A college degree Training experience of at least 12 months, ownership of a PC, Paint, MS Office, Google documents, Yandex. Disk, load of 20 hours per week. From $270
Uchi.ru Upper-Intermediate No data available Experience of tutoring with primary school students, knowledge of the school curriculum, love for children and the English language, you need to devote 15 hours a week. Not specified
Enline C1-C2 Higher specialized education, international certificates Experience of at least 3 years and a desire to work at least 20 hours a week. $250-700
Wowspeak C1 Diplomas, courses, certificates Experience of tutoring with children from 18 months, you need to send a cover letter. From $400 From $800 for those who have a certificate
AWATERA C1-C2 No data available Business English proficiency, teaching experience of at least 3 years, lessons 2 times a week. The rate depends on the interview and the trial lesson
Small Talks C1 + perfect pronunciation Higher pedagogical education You need to work at least 20 hours per week, experience in tutoring and preparing for exams, as well as readiness to register an individual entrepreneur. $350-550
Preply Fluent speech Higher education, certificates Professional experience. Up to $ 61 per hour, lesson fee from 18% to 33%
Skyford To get data about salary and available jobs, you need to offer your candidacy by sending an application.

Course for English teachers

The best ESL companies for online job

For teachers who are confident in their abilities and have an excellent powerful resume, there is an opportunity to find employment in a number of well-known organizations.

List of the well-known companies

Organization Requirements Salary level
Continuum Education Services Knowledge of the language, TEFL/TESOL certificate or readiness to pass certification within 90 days. The rate is only disclosed to the applicant
Englishunt Online job for Asian students,TESOL certificate and the ability to work from 4 am to 7 am Eastern time. $14,50 per hour
Golden Voice English Teaching Chinese schoolchildren from 1st to 9th grade, TEFL/TESOL/ TESL and six months of experience as an ESL teacher. $20 CAD per hour
Lingoda Online teaching with a free schedule of classes, training experience of at least 2 years. $10-11 per hour
Pearson Methods of teaching business English. $14 for individual lessons and $17 for group lessons
TwoSigmas ESL tutor for Chinese children aged 5 to 12 years. Work experience, higher education in a related field (linguistics) and experience in teaching children are required. Up to $20
Voxy Pedagogical education, completed TESOL courses, work experience from 3 years, work from 15 hours a week. It is disclosed only after the job-offer
Tutlo TESOL/TEFL/TESOL Certificate. From $10 per hour
Flying Cows Bachelor's degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate. $11.40 from $20 per hour
iTalki Native Speaker or having a confirmed Advanced level, professional experience. The applicant sets the bid himself
Paper Airplanes Fluency in the language. Free of charge on a volunteer basis
International TEFL Academy TEFL/TESOL certificate. From $10 to $20 for 1 hour
DadaABC Higher education, employment from 10 hours per month, work with Chinese children from 4 to 16 years. $15-25
English from A to Z Work on the YourAgora platform, Fluency in English, TOEFL, training experience of at least 1 year. $18-72 depending on the number of people in the class
Tutor Supply Teaching Chinese children of all ages, higher education and TEFL/TESOL/ CELTA. $20-32
Panda ABC Higher education, professional experience with children, teacher's certificate. $20-30
USKid Fluent English, higher education. $17-28
SayABC Teaching Chinese up to 9 years old, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, high level of language. $17-28
Landi TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, higher education, experience of training of Chinese children from 5 to 12. $18-25
51Talk Work experience with children, certificate, higher education, confident command of the language. $14-25
Stewart English Higher education and minimum professional experience. $20
SkyLearn Higher education, North American accent, TEFL/TESL. At full-time employment, $35000 per year
AmazingTalker One of the TOEIC/TOEFL/TOEFL/Business English certificates. $20-100 for 50-minutes lesson

Let's look at the best sites for teachers in more detail.


VIPKID is the most popular of the online teaching companies. It appeared on the market in 2013 and has been developing rapidly since then.


Basic requirements: Bachelor's degree, a citizen of the United States or Canada (or having the right to work in these countries), 1 year of teaching experience. After hiring, you will have to sign a six-month contract.

The hiring process involves conducting a demo lesson that determines your base rate (from $7 to $9 for 25-minute class).

VIPKID is a platform focused on providing English lessons to Chinese children aged 4 to 12 years. You do not need to additionally prepare for lessons and make plans, because the curriculum already exists. The duration of the lesson in VIPKID is 30 minutes. Teachers can earn between $15 and $22 an hour, making it one of the highest paid online learning platforms. You can get bonuses, here are some of them: teachers get $1 for each class they come to on time, another $1 per class if you conduct more than 45 lessons per month, up to $100 for a successful teacher referral, holiday and seasonal benefits, a referral bonus of $50-60.


DaDa is one of the highest paid online teaching companies based in Shanghai.

Teachers from all over the world can apply for a position in this company if they are fluent in English. There are also several other requirements: a bachelor's degree, a TEFL certificate, a clean criminal background check, previous teaching experience of 1-2 years.

Depending on their TPR (Total Physical Response) scores at the interview, DaDa teachers earn between $15 and $25 per hour. The salary amount is reviewed only after 12 months.

You will need to devote at least 2 hours to training for 2 days a week. You can make your own schedule, this must be done six months in advance. In order to make changes to the schedule, you need to notify the company 30 days in advance.

If the student is absent from the lesson and your waiting time exceeds 30 minutes, you will still receive half of the payment for this period.


Requirements for iTutorGroup teachers: Bachelor's degree, TESOL certificate or equivalent.

iTutorGroup logo

iTutorGroup teachers are paid $18-24 per hour for teaching Taiwanese children and adults, and are also given the opportunity to earn bonuses depending on the number of students in their class and the grades assigned by students in their reviews in the online class.

Teachers must teach at least 10 hours of peak workload per week, four hours of them must be on weekends.


At Italki, you set a payment rate that depends on your professional experience, education, student reviews and how much others charge for teaching online. Professional teachers charge about $25 an hour, while local mentors charge about $12 an hour. Italki charge 15% commission for completed lessons.

italki logo

You will be responsible for the lesson and the English language platform (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts).

Basic requirements: you must be a native speaker to be considered a professional teacher; in order to earn more, you need to provide certificates.

The difference from other companies is that you need to make a lesson plan yourself.

Online English teaching sites

Title Required level of language proficiency Additional requirements Salary
Education First TEFL certificate and higher education Work on weekdays from 4 am to 8:30 am ET and/or in the evenings/mornings on weekends from 8 pm Friday to 8 am Saturday and from 8 pm Saturday to 8 am Sunday. from $12 + bonuses
Mango Languages TEFL/TESOL certificate, higher education or teaching experience. From 10 to 20 hours a week. No data available
eBerlitz All information is disclosed in an e-mail dialogue with a consultant-teacher. From $14 per hour
goFLUENT All requirements are sent after sending the job application to the company's email. Four hours a day every weekday. No data available
Rosetta Stone From C1 Teaching experience of more than 2 years. No data available
Rype All data is disclosed during the Basic Qualification Application. A video presentation. From $2000 per month
Teachaholic All data is disclosed to those who send an application for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Up to $50,000
Instructional Connections Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Higher education, preparation of a cover letter, Resume / Resume and an informal transcript for all degrees obtained in the process. No data available
K12 To get information, you need to fill out the form on the website. No data available
Kaplan From B1 Bachelor’s degree, TEFL Status, CELTA or equivalent. No data available
American Public University System Fluency in English. Master's degree or at least 18 semester hours. No data available

Online platforms for teaching English

An online platform is a form of distance learning that includes your schedule, communication with the teacher, homework, tests, and so on.

Platforms Requirements Salary level
Cambly Teaching language to students from all over the world in an informal setting. $ 0.17 per minute or $10.20 per hour
Magic Ears Bachelor's degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate. $22 from $26 per hour
ZebraEnglish Higher education +TEFL/TESOL, online training for Asian students. $16-24 per hour
Palfish Native English speaker, degree, TEFL certificate, passport of the USA / Canada / Great Britain / Ireland / Australia $14-22 per 25-minute lesson
Duolingo C1-C2, teaching experience. No data available
Skyeng From Intermediate, higher education in linguistics, philology, international relations, TOEFL/TOEFL certificate. From $550 per month
NiceTalk C1-C2, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate or TOEFL/TOEFL teaching experience, updated Android/IOS OS, stable Internet access. $10 per hour
Ginseng English C1, master's degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate. No data available
SkimaTalk To be a native English speaker. Teachers set their own rates.
StarKid US or UK native speakers with TEFL certification. $10 per 30 minutes
Protostar Native English speakers, a college degree, TEFL certificate, at least 1 year of teaching experience $15 per 40-minute lesson
LatinHire A2 level in Spanish or Portuguese, having a bachelor's degree or TEFL certification. $7-13 an hour


Cambly logo

Cambly is a platform that is mainly focused on the practice of spoken English. Unlike many of the platforms on this list, teachers using Cambly regularly work with students from all over the world, not just from China.

Basic requirements of Cambly: teachers who speak English fluently, no teaching experience is needed.

Earnings are calculated on a per-minute basis: $0.17 per minute ($10.20 per hour) on Cambly and $0.20 per minute ($12 per hour) on Cambly Kids.

You don't need to prepare and plan lessons, and you don't need to check homework.

You can start classes at any time of the day, depending on your schedule.


ZebraEnglish logo

ZebraEnglish is a popular platform for teaching English in China.

Basic requirements: teachers who are fluent in English, who are legally allowed to work in the United States or Canada.

You will teach English to Chinese students aged 3 to 8 years. The salary at the same time is from 16 to 26 dollars per hour.

You can attend a free seminar and take part in a referral program that offers $100 for all recommended teachers who will be hired.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears logo

Magic Ears is based in China and is a state-of-the-art training program and a convenient platform that makes learning fun.

Basic requirements: teachers who are fluent in English with a bachelor's degree or university students, no prior teaching experience is required. Candidates for the position are accepted from the countries of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia.

After hiring, you must conclude a six-month contract (probationary period) with the possibility of extension after consideration by the company.

You will teach language to students from 4 to 12 years old online and earn up to $26 per hour. The lessons last 25 minutes.

The lesson plans are made for you by Magic Ears.

You have the right to cancel classes up to four times a month for free.


Palfish is a phone app that helps young Chinese students learn English.

Palfish logo

Basic requirements for teachers: native English speaker, degree, TEFL certificate, passport of the USA / Canada / Great Britain / Ireland / Australia. You must have a Payoneer account or a bank account in China.

The training materials are prepared in advance, and teachers can set their own rates.

Teachers conduct individual classes through the app lasting 25 minutes. First, you will teach potential students trial lessons. If they like your lesson, they will continue to study with you and buy a package of classes. How much you earn on Palfish directly depends on the effort you put into your trial lessons, and on how well you promote yourself on the Palfish application platform. The salary is from $14 to $22 per hour. You are not paid for planning lessons, checking homework and evaluating students.

You can create your own schedule. There are peak teaching hours that correlate with the time zone of your Chinese students – this is the best time to attract students to yourself.


This online platform lets ESL teachers work with different types of students from Japan. Such factors as your profile, specialization, and preferences will influence students' choice.

SkimaTalk logo

There is the only requirement for ESL teachers: to be a native English speaker. The more active you are on the platform, the more students you may attract. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you may teach kids, teenagers, and adults. Furthermore, having a sufficient qualification in Business English you will draw attention of professionals from international companies. There is a shortcut to advertise yourself successfully on the platfom: collecting students' reviews.

Despite the fact that SkimaTalk requires neither international certificates nor even a major, it's better to have something of them under your belt. The company hires tutors from such countries as: the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, have an ace up your sleeve.


One of the famous companies in Hong Kong provides teaching Chinese young learners. Online individual classes with students from 4 to 12 years old last 30 minutes.

starkid logo

Basic requirements: to be a native English speaker from the US or the UK having TEFL certification.

Hiring process is quite selective, but it's worth it. The good news is there is no minimum of working hours. Also, in comparison with similar companies in Asia, there are decent work conditions. Teachers are provided with all necessary materials and carriculum, which is based on Cambridge English system. However, even having a flexible schedule you should stick to some peak slots; that's a wish of school.


This American company is quite popular not only in Europe, bur also in China. A typical contract lasts 12 months and allows to have the same schedule each week. So, the company excludes any unexpectable events while you are working.

protostar education logo

Basic requirements:

  • a native English speaker;
  • TEFL certificate;
  • a bachelor's degree;
  • 1 year of expereince in teaching.

Education system in Protostar is based on Western standards. So, you will be in charge of conducting engaging and effective online lessons. In addition, there is a chance to increase a payment from $15 to $22 per 40 minutes.


It is a recruiting company, which hires ESL tutors around the world and matches them with suitable online schools. That is why such factors as salary and types of students depend on your workplace.

LatinHire logo

Basic requirements are special: you should have either TEFL certification or a major, and speak Spanish or Portuguese — at least to have a basic level.

Despite that payment isn't high ($7-13/hour), there are many applicants to work, especially non-degree holders. It is a fast and reliable way to land a job and get international practice.

Pros and cons of online English teaching


  1. Flexible working hours. Online job allows you to fully control your schedule and adjust it to yourself. In addition, you do not need to spend time on a long journey to your place of work, which helps to use this time for personal needs.
  2. Good earning potential If you work hard, you can earn good money if you teach English on the Internet. This applies not only to experienced teachers, but also to novice teachers. Also, if you constantly develop, specialize and constantly improve your skills and qualifications, then you will increase your value in the online teacher market.
  3. This is a great way to get started in TEFL. If you dream of teaching language abroad, but are not yet sure of your teaching abilities, then online learning is a great alternative option to start. It is also a valuable experience that will be positively evaluated when applying for a job abroad.
  4. No costs. You don't need expensive equipment to get started. Usually all these things are already available at home: a computer, a webcam, a headset. You will also save on travel to work and buying lunches in a cafe during a break.
  5. You decide when you will go on vacation. If you want, you can teach English right on the trip, taking only a laptop with you and having Internet access.


  1. Variable income. In one month you can earn a lot of money, in another: a living wage. It's not terrible, the main thing is to learn how to save money in good times, so as not to live from paycheck to paycheck.
  2. Loneliness. You need to leave the house regularly so as not to feel locked up and not see people who are not on the screen in front of you.
  3. Stay healthy. Working from home automatically reduces your physical activity than if you spent energy on the way to and from work every day. Therefore, make it a habit to do exercises in the morning and include warm-ups during breaks in work. And in the evenings, go for a walk outside to get some fresh air.
  4. The danger is always to work. Do not forget about the balance between work and personal life. You do not need to work constantly, because you should have free time. Make a daily routine to avoid this.
  5. Start up slowly. It takes time to accumulate a database of students. Do not give up at the very beginning, hoping that all the students will come running to you. Exhale and work calmly, your student will find you in any case.
  6. Technical problems. Failures in the operation of the Internet, headset, computer are inevitable. Therefore, to avoid the costs of fines for missed lessons, take care of high-speed Internet, a high-quality headset. This way you minimize the risk.
  7. Unreliable students.There are students who cancel classes at the last minute, and you may not get a penny for your wasted time. There are some platforms that adhere to this policy, and there are those who can compensate you partially or pay the full cost.
  8. We work late/early. Given that most of the students are from China, you will have to work either very early or very late, depending on where you are.


Online English language training is a good way to earn a basic income or get additional earnings for your main job. Working online you will get many advantages: your schedule will be flexible, you will be able to work wherever there is Wi-Fi, and you will be able to meet students from all over the world.

It is known that by 2025, the online language learning market will grow to impressive figures - $10.5 billion. This is due to the fact that the total number of speakers and learners of English is more than two billion today. And these figures are growing every year. And it is also important that the number of active Internet users is 4.66 billion people.

As more and more people learn English and more and more people connect to the Internet, the online language learning market is booming. There are so many opportunities for growth and innovation in the industry that now is the most interesting time to get started!

If you decide to engage in online teaching and there are not enough courses and a TEFL/TESOL certificate in your resume, then we suggest following the link and purchasing online courses at a favorable price. The discount at the time of the promotion is 50%!

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