TEFL & ESL jobs to teach English online

TEFL & ESL jobs to teach English online

Most English teachers receive a decent salary from the comfort of their own home. Online training allows you to work from anywhere — provided that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. So you can work from home or traveling around the world.

For everyone who wants to start teaching English online, there are requirements that need to be met. The main ones are: to be fluent in English and have a TEFL certificate or its equivalent.

What you should pay attention to before applying to an online school:

  1. Do you need a degree or diploma to teach English online?
  2. Are applicants from your country accepted?
  3. Do you need an ESL or TEFL certificate?
  4. Specify the questions about the class schedule: do you have a minimum number of working hours, what are the peak load hours, can you make changes to the schedule.
  5. Find out who you will be teaching: how old are the students, what country they are from.
  6. Do you need to prepare lesson plans yourself?
  7. Do you need to buy any technologies or props for training online?
  8. What are the requirements for the Internet?
  9. Remuneration: what is the basic salary, hourly or overtime payment, are there any bonuses.
  10. Cancellation: what if a student cancels a lesson a day or within 24 hours, what happens if you get sick.

An important requirement, which is common to any online job, is a high-speed Internet, a confident command of special programs such as Google Drive, Microsoft One Note, Zoom, Skype, and the presence of a webcam and microphone.

Online schools for English teachers

TitleRequired level of language ProciencyEducation or certificateAdditional requirementsSalary
Englex From Upper-Intermediate and higher Higher education Training experience with students and adults from 12 months, availability of 10 or more evening hours per week. $350-700
Englishdom From Upper-Intermediate and higher No data available Experience as an English tutor, conducting a trial lesson. $950 and more
Skyeng From Intermediate and higher Higher education Participation in specialized trainings, ability to work from 12 hours a week. On average $550
White rabbit Advanced Higher linguistic education with TEFL certificate Training experience as a teacher for at least 2 years, computer literacy, experience in communicating with native speakers, living in an English-speaking country. Hourly payment
AlfaSchool C1-C2 Diploma of pedagogical or linguistic education Professional experience. US$600-800
Big Ben Fluency in English Higher linguistic or pedagogical education with TESOL certificate. Knowledge of professional authentic aids, experience training online, experience teaching and preparing for international exams. Individually
EnglishDoma Upper-Intermediate +high-quality pronunciation Higher education Participation in international trainings, professional experience from 1 year of adult education, knowledge of educational trends, teaching to foreign students, living abroad-welcome. Stable payments, bonuses and a loyalty program. The amount of salary depends on the number of lessons and the complexity of the course.
iEnglish To get information about jobs and requirements, you need to fill out a Google form. Link at the bottom of the page.
Tetrica Advanced A bachelor's degree The opportunity to devote at least 10 hours a week to work. The website provides a salary calculator with the lowest values.
AllRight Good language skills Pedagogical education or a diploma of a related specialty, English teacher's certificate Experience training children from 4 years old. $5 per hour
Toki B2 and higher No data available Teaching experience, soft skills (the ability to build a dialogue with a student, the desire to develop). Individually
Elite Class B2 Pedagogical and linguistic higher education Teaching experience with children from 4 to 17 years old, the ability to find contact with parents, minimum employment of 10 hours per week. $150-750
You Can Speak C1 No data available Work experience of at least 6 months, sociability, openness, positivity, and also readiness to work from 30 hours a week is expected, an additional selection stage is provided. US$600-750
By_english B2-C1 Linguistic, pedagogical higher education Desire to develop, professional experience of at least 1 year. $600-800
InternetUrok Competent verbal and written speech A college degree Training experience of at least 12 months, ownership of a PC, Paint, MS Office, Google documents, Yandex. Disk, load of 20 hours per week. From $270
Uchi.ru Upper-Intermediate No data available Experience of tutoring with primary school students, knowledge of the school curriculum, love for children and the English language, you need to devote 15 hours a week. Not specified
Enline C1-C2 Higher specialized education, international certificates Experience of at least 3 years and a desire to work at least 20 hours a week. $250-700
Wowspeak C1 Diplomas, courses, certificates Experience of tutoring with children from 18 months, you need to send a cover letter. From US$600 From $800 for those who have a certificate
AWATERA C1-C2 No data available Business English Prociency, teaching experience of at least 3 years, lessons 2 times a week. The rate depends on the interview and the trial lesson
Small Talks C1 + perfect pronunciation Higher pedagogical education You need to work at least 20 hours per week, experience in tutoring and preparing for exams, as well as readiness to register an individual entrepreneur. $350-550
Preply Fluent speech Higher education, certificates Professional experience. Up to $ 61 per hour, lesson fee from 18% to 33%
Skyford To get data about salary and available jobs, you need to offer your candidacy by sending an application.
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