Teaching English/ESL online without experience

Teaching English/ESL online without experience

Nowadays English teachers have a variety of options of how to realize potential. There is no necessity to stick to one work place for whole life. Needless to say that demand for online education is growing rapidly. It opens wonderful opportunities to manage our life. There is the way to save time on commuting, chose a country to settle down and have flexible schedule. As you see there are more advantages than disadvantages to work online. If it is your first time of looking for teaching jobs, probably you are confused with abundance of offers. Also, if you are a newcomer, you might hesitate regarding appropriate companies, where to work. Don't worry. This article will help you figure everything out.


What requirements do online teaching companies have?

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Intend resolutely

Don't feel dissappointed if you can't tell so much about your hands-on background. There are a lot of platforms around the world, where you can teach English online without experience.

Let's get familiar with the most common terms and conditions:

  • a TEFL/TESOL or a CELTA certificate;
  • a degree in any subject;
  • relevant work experience;
  • background check;
  • perfect internet connection;
  • a candidate must be passionate about teaching, patient and positive;
  • native English speaker or non-native with Prociency level of English.

Thankfully to high demand for online teaching, almost all of these points are flexible and negotiable. There is one thing that hardly might be changed. Usually college degree is a must-have. It might have nothing to do with a language at all. However, having that is important in order to be hired legally. Also, try to recall everything that may relate to tutoring. As you see, any teaching background is better than nothing. So, if you've been a babysitter for a short time, tell about it. It goes without saying that soft skills play more important role than hard ones. When it comes to teaching, it is a significant point. Whether you teach children or adults, you must love to help people. So, ask your friends or ex-colleagues about your communication skills. Usually, employers look for native English speakers, however, it doesn't mean you will be turned down, if you are not from English speaking country. Just prove your excellent knowledge.

One of the best ways to prove your ability to teach abroad is getting international certification. The most popular ones are TEFL and CELTA. Nowadays, schools don't require having teaching license, and usually most of them provide professional trainings for ESL teachers. But anyway, knowing different teaching approaches is a necessity. CELTA is a Cambridge course that gives you practical and theoretical parts to get you involved in teaching process and possible difficulties. It is possible to enroll in online course, which may last from 2 months to 1 year, or offline, which lasts 4-5 weeks of full time learning. It is quite expensive and depends on a center, where you are going to study. An average price is something between 1000-2500 for a course. In comparison with that TEFL/TESOL course is more flexible. Firstly, there are a lot of accredited centers around the world. Secondly, there are many options in terms of course duration. It varies form 120 hours to 250 hours. And the first option is enough to start work in any company. It gives you an opportunity to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. The price is quite affordable. And now, you can purchase online TEFL course at 50% discount. Go to our webpage to check.

Companies, where you can teach English without experience

There are some teaching platforms for those, who have no experience and want to enhance teaching knowledge. Most of them are waiting for native English speakers. As we have figured it out, it's not a problem even for fluent English speakers to impress potential employers with other merits. Such work places are wonderful because of some reasons:

  • you will be provided with necessary materials;
  • there is no need to create lesson plans;
  • schools take all responsibility for payment and booking;
  • there are some trainings to improve professional skills.

It goes without saying that you must check students' progress on some regular basis and hand in reports. Let's get familiar with the most famous companies in detail.

Table of the best companies for teaching English with no experience
CompanyWageMinimum amount of working hours a weekMaterials and lesson plansCommission fees
Cambly $10 - + -
Skima Talk $8 and more - - 20%
PalFish $10-18 - - 20%
VIPKid $14-22 - + -
Magic Ears $19-26 - + -
Whales English $18-26 8 + -
Landi English $10-18 12 + -
Preply you set it - - 33%-18%
Hallo $10 - - 30%
Italki more than $10 - - 15%


Magic Ears

Magic Ears is service that matches a Chinese child with an appropriate teacher. If you enjoy teaching kids from 4 to12, that is your chance. The company offers trainings and a half-year contract to those, who made interview and trial lesson successfully. It also gives you lesson plans and all materials for classes. A lesson price is about $19-26 for 25 minutes.

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