English teaching jobs in Shanghai

English teaching jobs in Shanghai

China is enchanting with a blend of Western and Eastern cultures, ancient historical places and martial arts. It's the largest economy in the world. A population of Shanghai reaches 25 million. It has positive influence on labor market. This place provides outpouring of employment opportunities, especially ESL teaching jobs. China is constantly looking for professionals. As long as population is growing, it demands for native and non-natives to teach English. New language centers and private schools show up every year and attract high-qulified tutors to work here. If you consider China to move, don't hesitate. There is abundance of possibilities. You can explore wonderful places, immerse in Chinese culture, get international experience and make a bundle. That's a perfect chance for intrepid travelers. We will tell you everything about teaching in Shanghai before you start packing.

Average salary for ESL teachers

The minimum sum that you can earn here is around $1000 per month. However, the salary for English teachers varies from job to job. There are a lot of programs that offer different perks. All benefits depend on qualification, teaching experience and certification. Shanghai isn't the most affordable place in China. But companies provide airfare reimbursement, flight allowance and free-rent apartment. So, your expenses are getting lower, whereas salary is getting higher. You can put money by getting $2000 for work in private school. Likely, you may spend less than a half of it on your needs, because almost everything is already included in your contract. Some companies also organize excursions around the city for foreign teachers to do the sights. 

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Types of teaching jobs in Shanghai

Let's start with the most lucrative type of work place to teach English in Shanghai. Private or language centers supply tutors with plenty of perks. Also, the salary 2 times more in comparison with public schools. You have a choice in terms of working hours. You may teach at least 20 hours a week, or even take extra classes to make more money if you need. Such institutions don't have strict requirements regarding education. However, you will be given preference with TEFL certificate. So, language academies offer the greatest opportunity for negotiating salary, housing, and benefits.
You may search other ESL jobs in Shanghai at high school or University. It works, if you are fond of teaching adults rather than young learners. Be ready to adapt your ambitions to schools regulations. It's not so easy to ask for promotion. There is no variety of working hours. Mostly, you will have to do office things as a part of your duties. Typical contract duration is about 10 or 12 months with a possibility to extend. Public institutes require more in comparison with privates.

If you want to work at public school, college or University, you have to fit the bill:

  • a bachelor's or master's degree holder;
  • TEFL or CELTA certified;
  • fluent English speaker;
  • 2 years of teaching experience is a bare minimum.

Also, there is another thing that you need to get used to. Classes in China are overcrowded. You will have to teach at least 40-50 people at once. It may take much effort and patience. The culture is different comparing with the West. Chinese students are used to memorizing and constant studying rather than role-plays or dialogs during a lesson. So, prepare some activities and let them know what you are waiting from them.

Another way to work in China is kindergarten. Hiring new staff is all year round. That's great news for inexperienced English teachers. The salary ranges from one place to another, usually between $1000-1600. But there is a chance to get international practice before going further. Bad news is free-rent housing isn't provided.

If you can't sign one year contract, you have two options to work legally in Shanghai either online teaching or winter/summer camps. The second way is a short-term job, where you have a chance to travel around, get practice and make new friends. There is a disadvantage that you will have to work six days a week. And such companies unlikely reimburse your flight tickets.

It's not necessary to look for a job on the spot. China is famous for abundance of recruitment agencies and companies that hire teachers online. Check our article, where we've collected the most reliable websites to find a job abroad.

Primary requirements for teaching

If you are interested in moving to China, you should know some requirement beforehand. You may find a variety of information regarding teaching English there. However, some of them are quite flexible.

The majority of private and state academies require:

  • a college or university diploma;
  • native English speaker;
  • TEFL certification;
  • clean criminal record;
  • a candidate is between 18-35.

A lot of public and private schools are waiting for professionals from English-speaking countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia. However, it doesn't mean that you will be turned down for a job because of your hometown. But the competition will be cut-throat. Be locked and loaded to boast your education or personal achievements in front of potential employers.

A completed TEFL course will help you to make lasting impression. It will become your undoubtful advantage among other candidates. Such international certification is evidence of your teaching experience and language competence to teach children or adults. You may find some schools, which don't require any certificates, but probably the salary and other perks won't be impressive. High-qulified teachers earn about $2300 in Shanghai.

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Can I teach English in Shanghai without a degree?

If you look for different ways to work in China without education, there is no shortcut. Such requirements have nothing to do with work in public or private institutions. Having any diploma is the only option to make money in Shanghai legally. So, that's the government regulation to get Z visa. You won't have any problem working in China as long as you have such document.  The good news that your major doesn't make any difference. It's not necessary to have a linguistics or English degree. Whatever major you have, you will get the right to teach and earn. 

More about teaching English without a degree in China you can read here.

Teaching programs

Thankfully, there are some programs for ESL teachers, that assist to organize hiring process in easy way. We have collected the most famous and reliable companies, which may help you to get teaching jobs in Shanghai regarding your resume.

  • Premier TEFL is a useful resource with plenty of programs for ESL teachers. There are many types such as online teaching, internship, scholarship, summer camps and jobs abroad. Also, it provides top notch support while you are searching a dream job. There is a variety of choice in terms of work places including Shanghai. You can find an appropriate online going through Skype interview. Also, this company promises to help to get work visa. The price is different depending on a job and ranges between €450-2000 for a program.
  • EnglishFirst is known for reliability. It collaborates only with verified schools and academies. There is a way to choose a country, salary, and check whether you fit the bill. However, you must have a degree and be ready to work for 1 year. EF supplies you with 24/7 support in terms of visa regulations, medical insurance other details. It is ready to provide free flights to your destination. EnglishFirst also gives entertainment, free Mandarin lessons, weekly cultural excursions, ten days of paid sick leave, and a competitive salary. Check the price on its website.
  • Teaching Nomad has free services for ESL teachers. Whereas they help during all process. You will feel their support when you start job searching. Also, they won't leave you alone until you get comfortable in China. You should sign up, get familiar with requirements and choose a place that matches your preferences. From arranging interviews and getting visa they continue to provide a permanent support. They are ready to help at no charge.
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