ESL conversation and discussion topics for adults

ESL conversation and discussion topics for adults

Teaching ESL to adults is more engaging and thought-provoking process than teaching kids. There are many topics that grown-ups tend to discuss. However, when it comes to speaking a foreign language, people face struggles and difficulties to express their opinion. The first thing that teachers can do is provide a class with vocabulary and conversational phrases according to the topic. Then, try to facilitate discussion and make participants comfortable to speak up.

There are typical and controversial issues that you can use in a class. Conversation statements help to overcome a fear of public speaking and develop critical thinking. We have prepared different speaking tasks for your ESL students. Use them as warm-ups or fillers between main activities. It is always better to have fresh ideas up your sleeve when you have some time left.


Conversation starters for ESL adults

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Doing exercises in a course book can't be effective without free practice. Eventually, the main point of learning topics is fluent use of them in speaking. That's why such role-play games and other verbal activities come in handy. They develop all necessary skills making students express their opinion through all knowledge they accumulated. Also, it is an additional way to get distracted for a few minutes and to take a break during a lesson.

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