What is the highest salary for ESL teachers?

What is the highest salary for ESL teachers?

Obviously, money isn't the only thing that English teachers are after when it comes to choosing a profession. It is a highly rewarding and respectful occupation, which allows to be in demand everywhere. Needless to say that professional development and practice play the most important role in setting price. That is why average salaries foe ESL teachers vary from country to country.

There are many factors that impact tutors' income:

  • type of institution or a workplace;
  • teaching experience;
  • level of English;
  • learning approaches;
  • education.

When it comes to teaching abroad, even these options aren't enough to predict an average salary. Cosmopolitan metropolises such as New York or California provide impressive amount of money. However, taking into account their costs of living, it doesn't seem huge anymore.

So, whether you want to settle down and put money by, or travel a lot and discover new places, we have something to reflect on. There are some countries you can consider. We will explain what skills you should have and what salary per hour you may expect.


Which countries pay the highest salary for English teaching?

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Being a perfect candidate for an English teaching position doesn't equal to being a millionaire. Definitely your qualification and years of practice put you on the top. However, it is highly unlikely to earn much money in a country with a low minimum wage. Some top-paying countries not only pay well but also provide other significant benefits. Some employers can offer you such valuable things as accommodation, medical insurance, and even food reimbursement. It is hard to deny that saving money on essentials like that will help you a lot.

Working abroad let an ESL teacher make $2,000-$6,000 a month. But as we mentioned, there are many things to consider before making a choice.

Table "Average salary for ESL teachers"
CountryAverage salary, $Wage an hour, $Cost of living, $ESL teacher requirements
UAE 3,500-5,500 20-35 1,200-2,000 Qualification to teach people and several years of teaching experience
Japan 2,000-5,000 20-30 1,000 International certification.
Germany 2,400-4,700 24-32 1,500 Higher education and certification such as TEFL/TESOL.
Qatar 2,400-4,400 19-29 1,000 Valid teaching license, TEFL certificate, bachelor's degree.
USA 3,000-4,000 30-35 1,800 Several years of experience and international qualification.
Kuwait 2,500-4,000 19-30 1,500 Experience and TEFL certification.
Oman 2,000-3,500 18-26 800 There are no strict requirements. Certification is an advantage.
Taiwan 2,000-3,000 19-25 900 Higher education.
South Korea 1,600-2,600 16-19 900 TEFL certificate and bachelor's degree.
China 1,500-2,300 14-20 1,000 Bachelor's degree, TEFL certification.
Vietnam 1,200-2,200 12-18 700 TEFL certification, bachelor's degree.
France 800-2,000 8-18 1,500 Experience, international certification.
Thailand 1,000-1,200 10-14 700 Degree and TEFL.
Spain 800-1,900 8-18 900 Education, certificates, previous experience.
Italy 900-1,600 9-16 800 Qualification and relevant experience.

You can read more information about each country in our article.

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