How and where can I teach English overseas?

How and where can I teach English overseas?

Advanced technology and growing demand for English around the world provides lucrative market for ESL teachers. Over 2 billion people learn this language as a second and try to become fluent speakers in order to achieve their goals. Due to that, teaching opportunities are enormous. There are so many options, where to go. Being English teacher in a foreign country is a new chance for those, who have been dreaming of travel all the time. Not only you will discover the most famous places, but also dive in another culture. Many tutors teach English abroad because of some obvious reasons.

There are some points of why people choose to work in other countries:

  • unique international experience;
  • well-paid jobs;
  • making new friends;
  • immersing in other cultures;
  • traveling.

However, if you read this article, probably, you've already determed the crucial cause of moving. Whether it's salary or other things, you must figure out what type of students you are ready to teach. Also, it's important to understand your strengths and weaknesses among others. But whatever you choose, the market is off the scale, so you will find an appropriate offer according to your abilities.


Requirements for English teachers in foreign countries

Even if you last year plans were destroyed by the coronovirus, it's not the point to give up. Truth be told, some countries are still not ready to meet you personally, but they need professionals more than before, due to the recent popularity of online courses. Moreover, the current pandemic restrictions are constantly changing. Anyway, we've prepared the list of the best countries of the world, where you can work as an English teacher eather on the spot or online.

Before you start packing you should know what language schools in foreign countries request:

  • Having a bachelor's degree in any subject.
  • A clear background check.
  • An ability to work abroad for at least one year.
  • TEFL certification.
  • Being from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Let's get familiar with some of these points. Usually, the minimum duration of any contract is one year. On the one hand, it's not so much time to adjust to a new invironment. On the other hand, it might be a problem, because you have no idea what to expect, especially if you've never traveled so far before. Anyway, employers establish it to be sure you won't let them down.

Most countries want to hire only native English speakers, so they put forward such ideas as having a passport or being a citizen of places, which are confirmed as English speaking ones. However, some Asian countries as Thailand, Vietnam, Combodia, Taiwan and China will welcome you even if you are a non-native. 

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Qualifications and certifications for teaching English abroad

When it comes to teaching jobs, being certified seems to be an advantage rather than a mandatory thing. There are some language centers and public academies abroad, which can hire you even without a TEFL certification. Here are two options that show up, the first is getting it willingly even before to apply for a job, which as we discussed will make you a perfect candidate. The second one isn't worse, because in this case, a potential employer may offer you to sponsor your course, which is good too. As you see, that's inevatable. It goes without saying, that the such certificate will give you useful knowledge in terms of language teaching. So, if you are an inexperienced graduate or still don't know your strengths in tutoring, this course will clear up your doubts.

Having a degree considered important request to potential employees. Fortunately, it doesn't matter what major you have. The more significant is the fact of graduating college or university. So, you can be calm in terms of your education, even if you've got a biology degree. It won't prevent to consider your application. If you have a masters' diploma, you can apply for teaching at prestigious universities. However, the competition will be cut-throat. 

If you have not graduated college, it doesn't mean you can't try. There are some countries, which hire non-native speakers. Check out our article to know more about places for non-degree holders.

The best countries to teach English overseas

There are a lot of ESL jobs worlwide to expand your horizons. Despite the fact, that some countires require certain skills and qualifications, don't forget that you always can impress a potential employer otherwise. If you have different professional acheivements, it will become your merit among other candidates. Teaching experience also plays important role even in another area. As soon as you understand, you fits the bill, you should know more about the country, where you are going to. Checking a huge list of appropriate places. We've pinpointed some of them with decent conditions and high salary.

We hope that such information will help to make the right decision regarding living and working overseas. You can check the key information in a nutshell below.

Table of the best countries for teaching English abroad with up-to-date data
  Average salary, $Cost of living, $Getting VisaDegree RequirementsStudents
Japan 1600-4800 1300-2200 Some programs help to obtain it. Completed TEFL course and a diploma. Children, teenagers, adults.
The USA 3000-4000 800-2000 There are some difficulties. A bachelor's education and TESOL certification, teaching experience. Kids, adults.
China 1200-3500 380-1000 It doesn't take so much time. Any major. Mostly pupils.
United Arab Emirates 3300-5500 1350-1900 A hiring company will help. A degree, a certificate proving competence, 2 years teaching experience. Adults.
Vietnam 1200-2200 900-1400 There are no strict regulations. You can teach without a degree. People from 6 to 20.
South Korea 1350-2700 600-900 Government-sponsored programs. 120 hours of TEFL course. Teenagers.
Thailand 1000-1800 600-800 It's a daunting task. A diploma or proved qualification. Children from 3-11.
Taiwan 2500-2800 900- 2000 Trust recruiting agencies. Certified native speakers with a diploma. Pupils, students.
Spain 835-1900 800- 1200 Special programs to get it. Certification and a degree. People of defferent age.
France 800-2000 1600-2100 State programs. Mostly EU citizens. Fluent French. People from 7 to 21.
Italy 900-1600 500-1000 It's difficult for non-EU citizens. TESOL is a must. Children.
Germany 2500-4800 1500-2000 That's a problem for foreigners to obtain visa. Certificate and a degree. Kids and adults.
Mexico 500-1000 200-600 Obtaining visa won't take much efforts. TEFL or CELTA. All people.
Colombia 700-1000 350-600 Many programs will provide teachers with a work visa. A bachelor's degree as well as completed TEFL course and one year of teaching experience. Children.
Chile 500-800 100-250 Recruiting agencies will help you. A CELTA or TEFL certified candidate. People from 6 to 25.
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