How Much Can You Make Teaching English Online? Exploring Earning Potential and Opportunities

How Much Can You Make Teaching English Online? Exploring Earning Potential and Opportunities

Curious about how much can you make teaching English online? If you have got TEFL-certified, teaching English online is an excellent way to improve your finances. You can teach and earn remotely without experiencing the hassles of shifting abroad. While some TEFL-certified individuals teach online to supplement their income, there is an array of opportunities to make a full-time living. 

Teaching English online is a rapidly growing field. This is because ESL aspirants typically seek flexible and well-paid work opportunities they can do from home. The salaries for teaching English online depend on your qualifications. With online teaching, there is no need for you to commit to a single location.

Teaching English online is gaining popularity among TEFL-certified candidates. As an online ESL teacher, you will have great flexibility to strike a balance between personal and professional commitments. If you don’t have prior experience teaching ESL, you can make $10 to $16 per hour. On the other hand, with a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience, you can make $25 per hour. To maximize your earning potential, selecting the right online English tutoring platform is the key. 

With advanced technological platforms, there are a lot of positive impacts that transform human perceptions and approaches. With online English teaching, there is no burden for the ESL teachers to compile and store assignments. With the usage of various eLearning tools, you can keep the projects and assignments of your ESL class on the server.

Besides knowing how much can I make teaching English online, you must also learn the benefits associated with it. Do you know that online teaching is the best way to upgrade your technical skills? Most online learning platforms use various types of eLearning tools. By operating these tools, you can develop your technological literacy. Note that technical literacy will always help you in the longer run. You can transition into high-paying teaching roles with these skills.

Online teaching promotes flexibility among teachers. As an ESL teacher, you can schedule classes for non-native English speakers who need additional guidance. Striking a balance between professional and personal life becomes a breeze when you teach English online. Online courses are no longer monotonous with the introduction of eLearning tools. Nowadays, online classes have become dynamic and interactive.

An online ESL class can cater to the varied learning requirements of your students. More and more educational institutes are adopting eLearning because of the various advantages associated with it. Online English teaching benefits teachers by promoting a smart working culture.

You can conduct classes remotely and organize academic data without the hassles of traveling abroad. With these things in mind, let’s see how much money can you make teaching English online.

Factors Influencing Earnings in Online English Teaching

Online teaching companies offer a wide range of hourly pay for teachers. But how can you make the most income out of online teaching? It is crucial that you are aware of the ways to maximize your earning potential. Here are the common factors that influence your earnings in online English teaching.


To make the most money as an ESL teacher, you should establish yourself as a professional in the field. The best way to do this is by getting TEFL-certified. Most online teaching platforms want to see that you’re TEFL-certified. Furthermore, they can ask for your prior experience in teaching and managing students.

Therefore, if you are new to teaching, an online TEFL certification might be your best option. Ensure enrolling in a 150-hour TEFL course to derive the maximum benefits. You should hone your skills by teaching English online as a freelancer.

It shows employers that you are serious about your passion for teaching English online. You can also opt for the 250-hour Expert TEFL course. It can prepare you to teach in both the virtual and physical classrooms.

Consider where your Students are From

To earn higher, you should know the nationality of your students. For instance, a student from Vietnam cannot expect to pay the same amount as one from a European country. It is crucial to consider the average salaries in countries and adjust your prices accordingly. Therefore, it is a good idea to advertise your lesson prices in the currency of your students.

Type of Reviews You Have

So, how much do you make teaching English online? The amount of money you can make teaching English online depends on the type of reviews you possess. Most experienced ESL teachers work hard to get positive reviews.

In eLearning platforms, students and their parents have the option to review their teacher. Moreover, if you are a freelance teacher, students will provide reviews on your Prole or social platforms. Receiving positive comments on how you teach and manage your classroom can increase your earnings. Irrespective of the class timings, you should teach with a positive attitude.

Be Available During the Peak Hours

Budding ESL teachers typically wonder about teaching English online how much can you earn. The best way to increase your chances of getting good pay is to be available during peak hours. The flexibility of teaching English online comes with the liberty to choose your schedule. You should be available during the peak hours to get a lot of bookings. You must also consider country-specific time zones to get the most out of an English teaching job.

Teaching English Via a Marketplace

Conducting ESL classes remotely through an online marketplace will boost your experience. In an online marketplace, there is no limit to the prices you can set. Moreover, there is no need to invest in specific teaching equipment.

One of the key highlights of teaching via a marketplace is the seamless experience. The marketplace addresses your advertising requirements. So, you only have to focus on teaching English to your students. But note that most marketplaces will take a commission from your salary. 

Get the Right Tools

You can’t expect to teach English online without a laptop and a reliable internet connection. You need a few items to earn properly. A basic setup typically includes a laptop or computer. It is also essential for you to procure an HD webcam. A headset with a microphone will be handier to teach the non-native English speakers.

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