How Much Can You Make Teaching English Online? Exploring Earning Potential and Opportunities

How Much Can You Make Teaching English Online? Exploring Earning Potential and Opportunities

Curious about how much can you make teaching English online? If you have got TEFL-certified, teaching English online is an excellent way to improve your finances. You can teach and earn remotely without experiencing the hassles of shifting abroad. While some TEFL-certified individuals teach online to supplement their income, there is an array of opportunities to make a full-time living. 

Teaching English online is a rapidly growing field. This is because ESL aspirants typically seek flexible and well-paid work opportunities they can do from home. The salaries for teaching English online depend on your qualifications. With online teaching, there is no need for you to commit to a single location.

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Teaching English online is gaining popularity among TEFL-certified candidates. As an online ESL teacher, you will have great flexibility to strike a balance between personal and professional commitments. If you don’t have prior experience teaching ESL, you can make $10 to $16 per hour. On the other hand, with a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience, you can make $25 per hour. To maximize your earning potential, selecting the right online English tutoring platform is the key. 

With advanced technological platforms, there are a lot of positive impacts that transform human perceptions and approaches. With online English teaching, there is no burden for the ESL teachers to compile and store assignments. With the usage of various eLearning tools, you can keep the projects and assignments of your ESL class on the server.

Besides knowing how much can I make teaching English online, you must also learn the benefits associated with it. Do you know that online teaching is the best way to upgrade your technical skills? Most online learning platforms use various types of eLearning tools. By operating these tools, you can develop your technological literacy. Note that technical literacy will always help you in the longer run. You can transition into high-paying teaching roles with these skills.

Online teaching promotes flexibility among teachers. As an ESL teacher, you can schedule classes for non-native English speakers who need additional guidance. Striking a balance between professional and personal life becomes a breeze when you teach English online. Online courses are no longer monotonous with the introduction of eLearning tools. Nowadays, online classes have become dynamic and interactive.

An online ESL class can cater to the varied learning requirements of your students. More and more educational institutes are adopting eLearning because of the various advantages associated with it. Online English teaching benefits teachers by promoting a smart working culture.

You can conduct classes remotely and organize academic data without the hassles of traveling abroad. With these things in mind, let’s see how much money can you make teaching English online.

Factors Influencing Earnings in Online English Teaching

Online learning

Online teaching companies offer a wide range of hourly pay for teachers. But how can you make the most income out of online teaching? It is crucial that you are aware of the ways to maximize your earning potential. Here are the common factors that influence your earnings in online English teaching.


English lesson

To make the most money as an ESL teacher, you should establish yourself as a professional in the field. The best way to do this is by getting TEFL-certified. Most online teaching platforms want to see that you’re TEFL-certified. Furthermore, they can ask for your prior experience in teaching and managing students.

Therefore, if you are new to teaching, an online TEFL certification might be your best option. Ensure enrolling in a 150-hour TEFL course to derive the maximum benefits. You should hone your skills by teaching English online as a freelancer.

It shows employers that you are serious about your passion for teaching English online. You can also opt for the 250-hour Expert TEFL course. It can prepare you to teach in both the virtual and physical classrooms.

Consider where your Students are From

To earn higher, you should know the nationality of your students. For instance, a student from Vietnam cannot expect to pay the same amount as one from a European country. It is crucial to consider the average salaries in countries and adjust your prices accordingly. Therefore, it is a good idea to advertise your lesson prices in the currency of your students.

Type of Reviews You Have

Qualified English teachers reviews

So, how much do you make teaching English online? The amount of money you can make teaching English online depends on the type of reviews you possess. Most experienced ESL teachers work hard to get positive reviews.

In eLearning platforms, students and their parents have the option to review their teacher. Moreover, if you are a freelance teacher, students will provide reviews on your profile or social platforms. Receiving positive comments on how you teach and manage your classroom can increase your earnings. Irrespective of the class timings, you should teach with a positive attitude.

Be Available During the Peak Hours

Budding ESL teachers typically wonder about teaching English online how much can you earn. The best way to increase your chances of getting good pay is to be available during peak hours. The flexibility of teaching English online comes with the liberty to choose your schedule. You should be available during the peak hours to get a lot of bookings. You must also consider country-specific time zones to get the most out of an English teaching job.

Teaching English Via a Marketplace

Teaching English Via a Marketplace

Conducting ESL classes remotely through an online marketplace will boost your experience. In an online marketplace, there is no limit to the prices you can set. Moreover, there is no need to invest in specific teaching equipment.

One of the key highlights of teaching via a marketplace is the seamless experience. The marketplace addresses your advertising requirements. So, you only have to focus on teaching English to your students. But note that most marketplaces will take a commission from your salary. 

Get the Right Tools

You can’t expect to teach English online without a laptop and a reliable internet connection. You need a few items to earn properly. A basic setup typically includes a laptop or computer. It is also essential for you to procure an HD webcam. A headset with a microphone will be handier to teach the non-native English speakers.

Online Teaching Platforms and Payment Structures

Aspiring ESL candidates typically wonder how much money do you make teaching English online. One of the key highlights of online teaching is the flexibility you get. In some online teaching platforms, you can even set your own time to teach English.

With an online platform, non-native English speakers will have better access to their teachers. Students and teachers can attend online classes right from their homes which allows for a greater focus. Mentioned are some of the common online teaching platforms, along with their respective payment structures.


Teaching English via Skype

Preply is a great online teaching platform for budding ESL teachers. With this platform, you can teach students of all ages remotely. What makes this platform unique is that it allows you to set your own rates. Preply also allows lessons in several types of languages. At this online teaching platform, you can select your own rates.

The English teachers usually charge between $15 to $30 per hour. If you are a new TEFL teacher, expect to be paid less. However, it will be an excellent opportunity to gain some good experience. So, if you are wondering how much money can you make teaching online, always consider Preply. You don’t have any type of previous experience working for them. This online teaching platform accepts English speakers of all nationalities.



How much money can I make teaching English online? The best way to know the answer to this question is by visiting the Oxinity platform. One of the key highlights of Oxinity is that it makes lesson planning and goal teaching for your students more accessible. The platform comes with a built-in tool that assesses and tracks the performance of each student.

ESL teachers can also access this tool to make classroom management seamless for students. At the Oxinity platform, you can expect to earn from $14 to $35 per hour. Another key highlight of Oxinity is that it allows you to set your own schedule. Moreover, you don’t need any previous teaching experience to get the job of an ESL instructor on this platform. As long as you are TEFL-certified, Oxinity will hire you.


If you want to teach English one-to-one, then Profy is the best platform. To better understand how much it costs to teach English online, you should enroll at Profy. It is an English teaching platform based in Latin America. In this platform, a majority of students are professionals and adults looking to fine-tune their English speaking and writing skills.

On this platform, you can expect to earn at least $10 per hour. This teaching platform doesn’t require you to set minimum hours. In simple words, you can select your schedule and availability. In Profy, there is no need for previous experience to teach ESL. However, a TEFL certification is a must to teach English through this platform. Profy welcomes non-native and native English speakers. Therefore, there is no need to worry much about your nationality.

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Native Camp

Native Camp is a Japanese online teaching platform that has operations worldwide. So, it is a great platform to teach ESL to Asian students. You should know how much do you get paid to teach English online to choose the appropriate online teaching company.

Note that the Native Camp has the largest concentration of Japanese students. Moreover, it offers excellent flexibility to ESL teachers. While teaching English online through Native Camp, you can expect to access a diverse range of training materials.

Unlike other online learning portals, Native Camp pays you monthly. Furthermore, the pay scale ranges between $412 to $1300 per month. You will also have the opportunity to get bonus payments for good performance.

While teaching through Native Camp, you can set your required hours. Getting TEFL-certified is the basic eligibility you need to teach English online to non-native speakers. Native Camp accepts teachers irrespective of their nationality.


Newbie TEFL teachers can enroll in Cambly to acquire real-world experience in teaching. You can chat with students from across the globe and address their learning difficulties. You will typically earn around $10 hourly.

The platform is flexible as it allows you to set your own schedule. Besides being fluent in English and having a TEFL certification, you don’t need any other type of qualification. If you have excellent English language skills, Cambly is the best option. You can learn about how much do you get paid teaching English online with this platform.

Types of Online English Teaching Opportunities and Income Potential

Types of Online English Teaching

Teaching online is an excellent alternative to teaching abroad. Moreover, with the emergence of home-based online teaching jobs, teaching ESL is easier than ever. You just have to get the right qualifications and TEFL certifications to secure an ESL job online.

Evolving as a virtual language instructor is one of the best-paid online jobs from home. So, how much do you earn teaching English online? Your total earnings depend on the English teaching opportunities. If flexibility matters to you, online teaching is one of the best jobs. You can teach when and where you want with an online platform. Following are the types of online English teaching opportunities with their respective income potential.

Teach with a Tutoring Company

Tutoring Company

The most challenging part of becoming an online teacher is finding clients. If you don’t have a network of students to teach, it wouldn’t be easy to market your services. With the best tutoring platforms, you can easily connect with potential students. While working for a tutoring company, you must get TEFL certified to increase your pay.

People typically ask how much do online English tutors make. The amount of money the tutor generally earns depends on their qualifications. Though experience is not much required when working with an online tutoring company, you can expect a better pay with classroom management skills. With a TEFL certificate, you can make $1950 per month.

List your Services on an Online Marketplace

If you want to enjoy the flexibility that comes with teaching ESL online, listing your services on an online platform would be ideal. A marketplace is a company that connects ESL teachers with students. As a teacher, you can create your profile by mentioning your qualifications and experiences. In an online marketplace, you will be managing your listing.

Based on experience, the online listing portal lets you increase your rate. One of the key highlights of an online marketplace is that you can set your own prices. In this manner, you get the flexibility to make money faster. Typically, online portals let you earn $15 to $40 within an hour. You must know how much can you make teaching online to earn properly from an online marketplace.

When listing your services on a marketplace, you will be competing directly with other teachers. Therefore, the best way to rise above others is to make your profile unique. It is mandatory to complete your profile welcoming and transparent. You can also offer introductory pricing to attract more students.

Offer the first session free or set your prices low to motivate students to sign up for your tutoring services. To get the best idea on pricing, learn how much can you make teaching English.

Start your Tutoring Platform

Tutoring Platform

Nowadays, you will just need a few tools to start your own tutoring platform. Initially, you will find it tough to operate the English tutoring platform. But an online tutoring platform offers you with complete control. When your business is well established, you can expect to earn $70 per hour. When you have your own business, there is no need to pay commissions or gateway fees.

Marketing your profile is the key to becoming successful while starting your own tutoring platform. You can advertise your tutoring platform on social platforms for greater visibility. On the other hand, it is of utmost importance to find a niche to teach English online. To stand out among the other English teachers, you should clearly state your skills.

For instance, market yourself as a teacher offering tuition for business English or conventional English. If you are able to find a niche, the students will be more likely to trust you. It is usually tempting to charge higher initially.

It becomes easier to target the potential audiences if you start out with a low rate. The main objective is to get people interested in your tutoring platform before charging higher. Research on how much can you make teaching ESL online to set the proper fee structure.

Case Studies and Real-life Examples

If you are wondering how much can you make from teaching English online, refer to these real-life examples. These real-life stories will inspire you to teach online after getting TEFL-certified.

The Story of Andres

Previously, Andres worked in the finance industry. However, he has to leave his job because of increasing pressure. After getting TEFL-certified, Andres decided to venture into the world of teaching. Nowadays, he has his own online English tutoring platform.

The online language teaching school has a group of teachers who teach Spanish and English to students worldwide. He opines that the TEFL certification helped him immensely to transition into the role of an ESL teacher.

Teacher Sophia Talks about the Reasons She Started Working Teaching Online

Sophia was in the tourism sector when the pandemic devastated economies across the world. In other words, the pandemic affected her livelihood. Considering the surging demand for ESL teachers online, she decided to pursue a TEFL certification course.

Nowadays, she is earning on a larger scale by enrolling with Cambly. Sophia is enjoying her time as an online English teacher because of the flexibility she gets from the platform. She is even planning to set up her own English tutoring platform in the future.

ESL aspirants must be aware of how much can you earn teaching English online to get the best opportunities.

Strategies to Maximize Income as an Online English Teacher


If you’re wondering how much can you earn from teaching English online, you must be aware of the basic strategies. The online teaching platforms typically offer a range of pay to the teachers. But to get the best compensation from these platforms, you should strategize. Here are a few tips that will help you to maximize your income as an ESL teacher.

Get the Right Qualifications

Most online tutoring companies require you to get TEFL-certified. It is an essential qualification with which you can teach English to non-native speakers. Besides getting a TEFL certification, it is always a great idea to gain some teaching experience. Reputed online ESL platforms look for teachers who have prior experience in managing classes.

Select a Specific Niche

Selecting a niche to teach English online is the best way to augment your earning potential. This strategy is excellent for freelance English teachers. By specifying a particular niche, you are highlighting your core skills. It helps you stand out from the other teachers.

School students could be more interested in studying business English. On the other hand, the test preparation exams like IELTS and TOEFL require instructors who are highly experienced. By setting a specific niche, you can quickly get hired.

Run a YouTube Channel

You must learn how much can you earn by teaching English online to be aware of the current pay structure. The best way to maximize your income as an online English teacher is by running a YouTube channel.

Do you know that teachers and students turn to YouTube for suggestions and quick help? You can build an educational YouTube channel depicting the intricacies of the English language. Note that it is not that easy to promote a YouTube channel. Patience is the key to establishing your YouTube channel. Through the channel, you can try to sort doubts related to how much can I make teaching online.


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Before enrolling in an eLearning platform as a tutor, you should get TEFL-certified. It is also crucial to know how much can I earn teaching English online to get the best pay. Maximizing your earning potential as an online ESL teacher depends significantly on your abilities. A TEFL certification from an accredited platform will help you get good opportunities.

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