How to Get TEFL Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting TEFL Certification

How to Get TEFL Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting TEFL Certification

Do you want to teach English abroad? Before you start making extensive plans, consider whether you are TEFL-certified or not. Teaching English abroad requires you to have specialized skills. You must know how to take TEFL exam to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) abroad.

Teaching English to non-native speakers can be a culturally enriching experience. With the right skills, you can create better opportunities for your students. By getting TEFL-certified, you can increase the chances of your students becoming successful in the future.

If you want to teach English to non-native speakers, understanding the scope of a TEFL certification is essential. Note that not everyone can earn their TEFL certification in the same timeframe. For instance, it will take some students to get TEFL certified in a month. But if you want to acquire extensive skills, setting aside four to six months will be beneficial.

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Usually, online TEFL courses and in-person TEFL courses are the common types of certifications available nowadays. You must be diligent in selecting the right TEFL course. An all-inclusive TEFL course will provide you with quality training. It will also help you to find high-paying TEFL jobs abroad.

Importance and Benefits of TEFL Certification

How to have TEFL certificate

A TEFL certification is a credential that lets you teach English to English language learners. Note that these learners are non-native English speakers. Different educational institutes have their own requirements for the certificate.

However, you must complete at least 120 hours of coursework to get TEFL-certified. You should know how to have TEFL certificate to qualify as an ESL teacher abroad.

Teaching English is a flexible and versatile career choice. You can even teach English abroad without a Bachelor’s degree. Many educational institutes overseas will hire English teachers who simply have a TEFL certificate from an accredited platform.

The right TEFL course will prepare you to experience a new place and its culture. Therefore, you can know what to expect when moving abroad. But a TEFL certificate isn’t actually needed for every job opportunity.

A TEFL certificate can set you apart from other applicants. It shows that you possess the necessary skills to teach non-native speakers. Besides teaching skills, a TEFL certificate makes you fluent in classroom management and lesson planning.

A TEFL certificate will open a new world of promising employment opportunities mixed with travel. You can earn and explore the new place properly. Aside from an increased pay scale, getting certified can offer you the below-mentioned tangible benefits.

A TEFL Certification Allows you to Get a Higher Pay

While it depends on the educational institute you are appointed by, being TEFL-certified implies you’ll get a higher starting wage. Most TEFL-certified candidates seek employment through an educational institute to negotiate when discussing the salary. In the field of ESL teaching, experience is always given priority. However, relevant training and certification can help you to stand out among your prospective colleagues.

It Prepares you for the Classroom

English classroom

One of the key highlights of a TEFL certificate is that it provides basic teacher training to ESL aspirants. With an accredited TEFL certification, you can acquire effective teaching methodologies, classroom management strategies, and lesson-planning tips.

A TEFL certificate is a great way to enhance your classroom presentation skills. If you are new to the field of teaching, knowing how to get your TEFL certificate can help. The certification offers a nuanced look at what it means to teach non-native English speakers.

Assists you in Mastering the Fundamentals of the English Language

How to become TEFL certified

If you are a native speaker, you’ve likely never considered the basics of the English language. However, teaching and speaking English are entirely different. To teach English to foreign students, you should have a clear understanding of the basic concepts. An accredited TEFL course covers the basics of English  grammar and pronunciation.

Travel the World on a Great Salary

Travel the World

A TEFL certification from a recognized institute is your gateway to travel across the world. You can get to travel the world and immerse yourself in different cultures. A TEFL certificate is the minimum requirement to apply for high-paying jobs abroad.

Being a qualified teacher, you will have the opportunity to work at the best schools. Furthermore, your potential to earn a higher salary will be higher than a TEFL graduate. Besides higher pay, you can access a wide range of benefits. These benefits may include rent-free accommodation, tax-free salary, etc.

A Qualification that Never Expires

Do you know that a TEFL certification never expires? In other words, you can always extend the validity of your teaching contract by getting TEFL certified. It also lets you travel to a new country to teach English. The TEFL certificate is an excellent option for paid travel. The certificate lets you grab prestigious and high-paying job positions.  

Many Companies and Countries Require a TEFL Certification

Numerous countries and online platforms have made it compulsory for applicants to have a TEFL certificate. The top English teaching destinations require a TEFL certificate in addition to a Bachelor’s degree.

If you wish to teach English online, note that reputed platforms are listing a TEFL certification under their minimum qualifications. Teaching English online has become a major source of income for TEFL-certified candidates. In the future, there will be more emphasis on fine-tuning the skills of English language teachers.  With a TEFL certificate, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s you Master Phonology

To make ESL classes interactive and engaging, you should master phonology. Accents and phonetics are of utmost importance for the progress of the non-native speakers in your class. An accredited TEFL certification allows you to master phonology, with which you can improve the pronunciation of your students.

A TEFL Certification is Affordable

Getting TEFL certified is more affordable than you think. If you are on a budget, try enrolling for an online TEFL course. You must opt for the 150-hour TEFL course with live teaching practice. Online TEFL courses are self-paced and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Expands your Professional Network

One of the key highlights of a TEFL course is that it expands your professional network. The certificate is an exciting opportunity to connect with others.

With a TEFL course, you can exchange ideas and your viewpoint with a trainer.

Live and Work in a Foreign Country

Work in a Foreign Country

Moving to a foreign country is pretty tough. Moreover, you have to meet immigration and visa criteria successfully. With a TEFL certificate, it becomes easier to apply for a work permit abroad. Getting a work visa becomes easier when you have a TEFL certification.

You Get Flexible Working Hours

With a TEFL certification, you will get flexible working hours by teaching online. How much you can earn as a TEFL-certified teacher depends on various factors. While considering teaching online, you should be aware of the peak hours.

The pay is conditional based on the hourly rate offered by the company. Your main objective should be to improve your skills even if the payment isn’t reasonable. Note that there is always a possibility to have your rate increased over time. After acquiring enough experience, you can move to another company that offers a higher pay scale.

Increases your Employability

As a TEFL teacher, you gain certain benefits that a typical teacher receives. However, a TEFL certification equips you with a range of diverse skills. For instance, international experience will make your CV unique.

Whether you prefer classroom-based teaching or online teaching, a TEFL certification will prepare you for the future. Some foreign governments and companies are willing to pay extra for TEFL teachers. Furthermore, you can settle legally in these countries to earn higher.

Types of TEFL Certifications and Their Advantages

ESL aspirants must know how to get the TEFL certificate to optimize their chances of qualifying for high-paying jobs. A TEFL certificate is a valuable qualification for individuals who are keen to travel and earn. Qualified ESL instructors are in demand worldwide.

Even significant corporations hire ESL teachers for their employees. If you want to unlock the benefits of an English teaching job, getting certified is the best option. But how to get TEFL certification? You can quickly get confused as there are several TEFL certifications. Here are the types of TEFL certifications you must know.

Online TEFL Courses

Online TEFL Courses

The online TEFL courses will see significant growth as people are looking for more flexibility to pursue their certifications. Undoubtedly, online TEFL certifications are suitable for full-time workers. They are one of the most accessible, convenient, and affordable ways to get qualified.

Therefore, with an online TEFL course, your dream of teaching English abroad is within your reach. Nowadays, you can search from a range of online platforms and institutes offering TEFL certificates. Most courses require candidates to work through at least 150 hours of course content.

What sets online TEFL courses apart is their self-paced nature. In other words, you will be fully qualified to teach English abroad. If you’re searching for how to get TEFL qualified, online courses are the best option.

Another key highlight of these online courses is that they are valid and recognized by most universities. Online TEFL courses play a crucial role in boosting your confidence in the classroom. With an online TEFL certification, you can teach English abroad in any capacity.

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Attending an In-Person TEFL Course Abroad

In-Person TEFL Course

The in-person TEFL courses are becoming pretty popular nowadays. These courses are a great way to combine studying, travel, and work experience. Moreover, if you want to make the most of your travel opportunities, an in-person TEFL course is the best option.

The best TEFL certifications let you access a private tutor. Qualifying in one country and teaching in another will boost your confidence as an ESL teacher. Furthermore, the varied experience will make it easier for you to apply for jobs in several countries.

The best reason to pursue TEFL abroad is that it places you in the best position to get a teaching job. You are already in the country and familiar with its culture and people. You can easily transition to the role of an ESL teacher.

Pursuing In-Person Course Through your University

Nowadays, you may be able to pursue accredited TEFL certification programs through your university. In other words, you can get your TEFL certification and degree at the same time. It is also possible to take a comprehensive TEFL course through your university. A university-level TEFL certification is one of the best courses that optimizes your employment prospects.

Pursuing a TEFL Course in-Person in the Home Country

If you are not ready to move abroad, exploring this option is suitable. The in-person TEFL courses come with live teaching practice that adds extra weight to your resume. With this type of TEFL certification in your home country, you can stay within your country.

Pursuing an accredited TEFL course is suitable for recent graduates or college students. It offers an excellent opportunity to help you get qualified for a TEFL job.

150-Hour Online TEFL Course

The 150-hour TEFL course helps you acquire the key skills of English language teaching. You will have entree to the course for six months. The course is suitable for candidates who can speak English fluently. The total time needed to complete this course is two to three months.

The 150-hour TEFL course will help you qualify for work visas and online teaching. The certificate will have a unique identification number which makes it easier for universities and companies to identify it. This certification course is perfect for landing a job abroad.

250-Hour Online TEFL Course

The 250-hour TEFL course  is one of the most comprehensive courses, as it comprises 219 units. TEFL aspirants can access this course for eight months. The total time required to complete this course ranges from three to six months.

Besides helping you grab a high-paying job offer, this certification is ideal for work visas and online teaching. Through the online learning platform, you can study anytime based on your preferences. Therefore, it is a self-paced course that allows you to develop your English language teaching capabilities.

You must know how to get my TEFL certificate to boost your chances of being qualified. These are some popular options to help you get started on your TEFL certification journey.

Requirements and Prerequisites for TEFL Certification

How to take TEFL exam

Selecting a TEFL course is one of the most crucial steps to teach in a foreign country. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people, consider enrolling for a TEFL certification. There are a few prerequisites to enrolling in a TEFL course.

However, the TEFL certification requirements vary based on the institute or the online platform. For enrolling in TEFL courses, there is no need for a Bachelor’s degree. However, some employers won’t hire you without a degree.

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or a teaching license to pursue TEFL. However, you should be proficient in English.

The primary requirement to enroll for a TEFL course is your fluency in English.

To enroll in a TEFL course, you should be motivated and enthusiastic. You should be committed to pursuing a TEFL certification successfully.

You must be aware of the issues that can arise without a Bachelor’s degree in some countries. So, before applying for the position of ESL teacher, you should carefully analyze the requirements and prerequisites of the employer.

Key Components and Topics Covered in a TEFL Certification Course

If you are aspiring to teach abroad, chances are you’re also considering getting your TEFL certification. With a suitable TEFL certificate, you can prepare and qualify for high-paying ESL job positions. Different TEFL certification programs have their own syllabus and curricula. However, there are some essential elements you should expect to cover in the course. Listed are some of the key components and topics covered in a TEFL course.

How to Plan a Lesson?

Lesson planning

As an ESL teacher, you must know how to plan and structure lessons for students. Typically, a significant portion of the course covers how to develop lesson plans based on the size of the class, language backgrounds, etc.

After getting TEFL-certified, you can develop flexible lesson plans based on the needs of non-native speakers. A TEFL course also teaches you how to recognize individual needs. You will be better equipped to set learning objectives for your students.

Lesson planning is an integral component of any type of TEFL course. Besides knowing how to get a TEFL degree, you will learn to plan lessons during the course. At the completion of the course, you should be expected to prepare a lesson and teach it.

Classroom Management Strategies

Classroom Management Strategies

Irrespective of your teaching experience, classroom management will be a crucial section of your TEFL certification course. Managing a classroom full of non-native English-speaking students is a challenging task. As an ESL teacher, it is your responsibility to help your students grasp a new language.

To help you hone this skill, TEFL courses have separate classroom management modules. These modules comprise specific strategies for the teachers to implement in classrooms. The main objective of classroom management is to help. You adapt your teaching style to various types of learners. You will also learn the different techniques of instruction via a TEFL course.

The Importance of Language Skills

Language Skills

It is an essential component of TEFL certification. It covers the core aspects of language teaching. This section aims to equip you with skills related to reading, writing, pronunciation, and listening. In an ESL class, you must focus on teaching a combination of these language skills.

However, you shouldn’t expect that a TEFL certification will teach you every single aspect of the English language. For instance, a TEFL course won’t teach you the basics of grammar. You need to have a solid foundation to grasp what is being taught in a TEFL course.

Creating Your Own Resources

To become a successful ESL teacher, you should know how to create resources. The materials and resources will let you develop an extensive collection of teaching materials. The resources should be text-based and digital tools to ensure that the students can quickly grasp the basics of the English language.

The TEFL course will also let you learn games and activities with which you can boost engagement in the class. Nowadays, most ESL teachers use digital tools for English language teaching. By enrolling in a TEFL certification, you can learn to apply software to your English lesson plans.

Selecting a Reputable TEFL Certification Provider

Selecting a TEFL Certification Provider

To get the most out of your English teaching career, you must consider getting TEFL certified. However, with the myriad of courses on the market nowadays, it is easy to get confused while selecting the best certification program.

Note that not all TEFL course providers are equal. It is essential to enroll in a course that will be recognized worldwide. A TEFL certification will offer you the confidence to stand up in front of a class. It will also teach you how to plan lessons.

In preparation for a TEFL career, it is crucial to conduct some comprehensive research and talk to numerous people. Here are some factors to consider while selecting a reputable TEFL certification provider.


When selecting a TEFL course, you should always look for its accreditation. It is one of the most critical areas to look for when choosing the TEFL certification. For TEFL courses, there is no single accrediting body. In other words, anyone can develop a TEFL course and promote it to enroll students.

Therefore, you should be extra cautious while selecting a TEFL certification. Good accreditation comes from widely-recognized bodies with high standards. It is also essential to know when the course provider received its accreditation.

The Type of Support Offered

A reputable TEFL course platform will provide extensive support to candidates before and after the course. For instance, it is common for TEFL course providers to assign dedicated personal tutors to students. Most platforms also provide a single point of contact to ensure that you get all relevant details.

Support doesn’t imply that you will get a job at the end of the course. It means you can access essential resources to optimize your chances of getting a high-paying job.

Is Live Teaching Practice Necessary?

TEFL providers who offer courses with live teaching will often tell you that teaching practice is necessary. As per their claims, without live teaching practice, employers won’t consider your application. However, this is not true.

It is not necessary for you to opt for teaching practice to get TEFL certified. If you want to acquire proper experience, a teaching practice can be beneficial. Enrolling in an online TEFL course of at least 150 hours of coursework from a reputable provider is the best option. 

Before selecting a TEFL course, ensure it meets the following standards.

  • The TEFL course should be recognized by authorities or an external body.
  • The TEFL course should have a comprehensive grammar program. With an intensive grammar program, you can feel confident when interacting with non-native English speakers.
  • They should have a comprehensive job support program to help you get a job after the certification course.
  • Before selecting a specific TEFL course, consult the former graduates. Each TEFL course provider is different. Therefore, conducting extensive research is the best way to choose an all-inclusive TEFL course.

The best TEFL certifications include a personal tutor. The personal tutor is responsible for analyzing your assignments. They should also offer proper guidance as you progress through the TEFL certification course. Having a private tutor also ensures that you can grasp the basics of TEFL course content.

Frequently Asked Questions about TEFL Certification

It is common to have questions while thinking of how to become TEFL certified. English has evolved tremendously as a language in the last few years. Numerous international businesses rely on English when communicating with customers. If you are thinking of getting TEFL certified, then considering these questions will be beneficial. Here are some of the common frequently asked questions associated with a TEFL course.

What is TEFL Certification?

TEFL involves instructing non-native English speakers to read, write, and speak English. To secure an ESL job abroad, you need to get TEFL certified. The TEFL certification demonstrates that you have professional-level training that meets the set standards.

Is it Necessary to Get TEFL Certified?

Initially, a TEFL certification may sound like a hassle. You need to invest time and money to get TEFL certified. Moreover, the TEFL coursework can seem challenging for aspirants. Note that candidates with a TEFL certification are preferred by employers worldwide. Therefore, with a TEFL certification, you can increase the probability of getting a high-paying job.

How to Get TEFL Certified Online?

Getting a TEFL certificate online is an ideal option because of its self-paced nature. To get TEFL certification online, you should conduct thorough research. For instance, identify the TEFL course options and develop a plan for teaching English abroad.

You can enroll in a part-time or full-time TEFL course based on your convenience. The reputable course providers will offer employment guidance after you become TEFL certified.

What is the Total Time Required to Get TEFL-Certified?

How to get TEFL certification is a common question asked by TEFL aspirants. You should know that there is no standardized path to obtaining a TEFL certification. Based on the coursework and your preferences, you can get TEFL certified in a month. However, to get maximum recognition, you should set aside about six months to complete your TEFL course.

What are the Aspects to Consider when Choosing a TEFL Program?

Nowadays, there are a lot of TEFL course providers to choose from. So, you can easily get confused when selecting the right TEFL course provider. When researching your options, always look for accreditation. Note that the non-accredited TEFL programs don’t meet the minimum quality standards.

If you don’t have a TEFL certificate from a recognized institution, employers will reject your job application. Besides accreditation, you should ensure that the program offers proper coursework. If a program promises TEFL training without mentioning the hours, you should look elsewhere.

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