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Financial fluency. Mastering money talk, taxes, and essential English vocabulary

Money is a universal interest, yet discussing financial matters isn't second nature to everyone. As an EFL/ESL teacher, you have the unique opportunity to bridge this gap. Equip your students with the necessary English financial vocabulary and create a nurturing classroom environment where they can freely practice their communication skills without the fear of making mistakes.

TED Talks. How to teach students to write and present an impactful speech

Public speaking can be a nightmare or the biggest fear for many. Your students might not be an exception. That's why it's every teacher's mission to help students overcome their fears and succeed as public speakers. TED talk practice is an excellent way to achieve this. Creating and presenting a TED talk can become a project that takes 4 to 5 60-minute lessons to complete. Therefore, prepare in advance a block of such lessons with clear steps and instructions.

Advanced Ideas for an English Class: Exploring the Family Topic

Teaching about the family in an English class is not only a fundamental requirement but also a wonderful opportunity to expand vocabulary and engage students in discussions about the diversity and dynamics of modern families. It's possible that some students might already be familiar with basic family-related vocabulary. Therefore, it is essential to introduce extended knowledge on this topic. Here is a comprehensive lesson plan that explores various aspects of families, including types of modern families, such as nuclear and blended families, along with terms related to marriage, common-law partners, divorce, and adoption. Ensure students understand that this lesson will offer new insights for everyone, even those who already know basic terms like mother, father, sister, and brother.

Mastering the Art of Teaching English as a Second Language

Whether you’re looking for your first job or you want to change careers, becoming an ESL teacher is the best idea. Teaching students English as a second language is an excellent option as it offers you an opportunity to help others. ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors provide English language lessons to non-native English speakers.

Unleash Your Potential with TEFL Certification: Unlocking the Many Benefits of Having a TEFL Certificate

A TEFL certificate is an investment in your future as a teacher. By getting TEFL certified, you can teach English abroad or remotely. It is a professional qualification that trains aspiring teachers with everything they need to succeed.

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