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TEFL Level 5 or 120-hour: what's the difference?

TEFL Level 5 or 120-hour: what's the difference?

Every year educational providers around the world release new TEFL courses. Such an enormous choice makes English teachers not only confused but also baffled. That's why there are so many questions pop up. Is there any distinction between completed hours and levels of TEFL courses? What's the best option to take? Will it influence my salary?

When it comes to the right choice, there are many factors that you should take into account before enrollment into the next training. After reading this article you will be able to distinguish proper courses from false ones. Also, you should know some facts about TEFL framework standards.

ESL Icebreakers for adult students

ESL Icebreakers for adult students

Being after learning objectives or lesson planning we may forget that people need some time to start studying. That is important, especially if it is their first meeting this term. The point is to make students comfortable in your class. When it comes to teaching adolescents or grown-ups, you must be sure, that students are ready to work together, and there is no tension in a classroom. Getting to know each other is the first step to making everyone relaxed. The more common things classmates have, the smoother your ESL lessons will go. Also, it is a way to distract a class from scrutinizing and add some fun to the learning process. Simple games may set the tone of lessons for a long time. It will help to entertain adult learners holding their interest and attention. If you are a newcomer in teaching English, we would like to explain the importance of using icebreakers.

ESL speaking activities and games for adults

Whether you teach English people in a classroom or on Zoom, you should have some engaging and entertaining exercises up your sleeve. Playing games is a necessary part of language lessons to connect previous and current topics, and make the learning process smoother. Language acquisition takes concentration, which might stress some people. We need something to encourage them to use English provoking particular knowledge at the same time.

How to become an ESL teacher with no degree?

How to become an ESL teacher with no degree?

People tend to think that lack of degree can ruin possible career opportunities and spoil a whole life. Probably, such a twist of events was real more than 30 years ago. Thanks to advanced technology and human curiosity, non-degree holders can realize their potential and succeed. There is only one thing that should be taken into account. You must be special. It doesn't mean that you must be good at everything. However, you should find your strengths to offset your weaknesses, especially not having a degree.

Apostille for TEFL/TESOL certificates

TEFL/TESOL certificate is well-known as international evidence of getting teaching approaches and an ability to teach English as a second language. A lot of teachers around the world enroll in such courses to get an opportunity to work abroad and improve teaching skills. Needless to say, such a document is required by almost all institutions worldwide. However, getting the certificate isn’t the only thing that you have to do to teach abroad. Due to the fact, that TEFL or TESOL certificate doesn’t have a certain pattern or standard of how it must look like, there are a lot of scammers. This fact makes employers ask English teachers to prove the authenticity of the such documents. That’s a guarantee that a candidate is honest and provides only original proof. Getting an apostille is that thing. It makes documents legal and acceptable in other countries.

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