How can English teachers get TEFL certification?

How can English teachers get TEFL certification?

English is the most popular and spoken language around the world. There are many people worldwide who opt for it to have business, study, and move abroad. If you read this article, chances are, you speak the language fluently and want to develop your skills. Having such essential personal traits as kindness and patience, you have an opportunity to become a guide for someone who needs help to speak the language. However, high English level isn't everything you need to feel the best and effective teacher. Even if you are a native English speaker with huge experience, it can't make you a good teacher. But TEFL certification can.

Such international certificate isn't only the ticket to your free life and well-paid job abroad, but also the approval of your teaching knowledge. It doesn't take much time to complete, but gives you confidence in teaching. Certified educators relish amazing opportunities to easily get a cushy job abroad and have a line of potential students. The good news is you don't have to wait for years till it happens. The course provides both, theory and practice, which will help you to apply new methods immideately. If you want to become a professional and get the best positions in marvellous countries, keep reading this article to know how to get the certificate.

What is TEFL certification?

Beyond it's one of the most recognizing and respected certificates to get a job, it's a great way to enhance knowledge in teaching to find an approach to students. TEFL is the famous acronym among ESL tutors and stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It means that having such certificate you may help people speak English in countries where this language isn't the main. Just imagine how amazing might be teaching in Japan or Thailand.

The best thing in the course is that it fits everyone. Whether you are still a student, you may complete it and start working either abroad or online to start you adult life and earn enough. More experienced ESL teachers opt for TEFL course to improve their knowledge in teaching. For example, they have been taugh English to kids, and now, they are ready to take the next step, to teach grown-ups. As the training provides information about learning approaches for students of different ages, everyone will know something new during the course.

Searching ways to move abroad or just to change your life, probably, you have encountered many other terms in teaching. Despite that there are many international certificates, TEFL is considered to be one of the best for teachers with different backgrounds. It is so important that employers will pay attention to it rather than anything else in your CV. The knowledge you get during the course allows you to easily adapt your teaching style depending on students' age and goals. What else will you get?

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What are the benefits of TEFL certificate?

It opens so many opportunities to teachers to develop their professional life. As the course perfectly fits tutors with different skills, experience, and background, it contains much information about teaching. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a way of teaching and a category of students.

There are some options what you can do with TEFL certificate:

  • teach children at school;
  • teach adults;
  • provide face-to-face lessons;
  • conduct online sessions;
  • gather people to have a group session;
  • teach General English;
  • teach Specific English;
  • work with entrepreneur or people from different business realms.

Some people successfully work without such qualification, having the same lesson structure for all students. But you may become special. It will give you information on how to make your lessons engaging and interactive. It doesn't matter, where you work, either at school or on your own, people will notice that you differ from other teachers.

In addition, being certified, you may rely on the best work conditions abroad, especially in Asian countries. There are many cases when people have got well-paid positions having nothing but TEFL. It may replace a bachelor's degree in English, relevant experience, and academic achivements. Just imagine that you get everything you need to teach effectively with the only practicum. Having this, you automatically may consider yourself a part of the League of the best educators.

TEFL program

If you have attentively checked the options that TEFL offers you, you probably wonder, what should the program be. That's true, the course doesn't last eternity and even years. Some options as online training gives you a chance to study at your own pace. If you spend an hour, you can finish the course in a month. If you may learn information only two days a week, you may complete the course in a half of year. Depending on your free time and determination to devote yourself to teaching, there are many options in terms of duration. It ranges from 60 to 300 hours, but 120 hours are considered the enough amount of time to get familiar with the most important methods of teaching.

As you may guess, there are a few options of studying:

  • online;
  • in person.

The last one includes two possible ways, to study in your hometown in an accredited local center or abroad. Despite that the programm is the same in terms of the most important topics, they entail different costs and efforts. Studying abroad means, you should think of not only the trustworthy provider, but also of accommodation, food, and flight. However, such experience is incredible hands down. Not only will you get international experience immediately, but also feel the vibe of studying abroad. It will help you to imagine yourself as a worker in a new country.

As usual, the program includes the following topics:

  • developing students' receptive and productive skills;
  • making well-structured lesson plans;
  • searching relevant materials;
  • adapting course books and exercises according to students' level;
  • rational assessment;
  • providing feedback;
  • ways to motivate students;
  • online teaching;
  • individual and group sessions;
  • teaching kids, teens, and adults.
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Where can you teach with TEFL certificate?

While this qualification doesn't allow you to teach in any country around the globe, it has much to offer. You can choose any place where English isn't the official language. Moreover, such countries as Vietnam and Thailand willigly hire ESL tutors even with no experience. However, TEFL is considered a must-have. Some countries even included such international certificates as TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA in a mandatory list that has something to do with visa regulations. In other words, even being qualified and experienced enough but with no TEFL certification, you won't be able to work legally in most of the Asian countries.

If you aren't ready to pack your stuff and leave your motherland, TEFL qualification still can help you a lot. Wherever you work, it will become your doubtless advantage among other educators. Having it, chances are, you will get a well-paid job easier and faster. Due to the course program, you shouldn't worry that you don't have much practice. All learning approaches will help you to adapt your lessons depending on where you teach, at school, university, or online.

As TEFL is used interchageably with TESOL, some employers don't pay too much attention to the subtle difference. They can hire both applicants to work in an English-speaking country. We know that only TESOL and CELTA allow doing this. However, if employers don't mind, you have a chance not to limit yourself in a choice of location.

In a nutshell, you have a variety of options where to teach:

  • Italy;
  • Greece;
  • Argentina;
  • Costa-Rica;
  • South Korea;
  • Indonesia;
  • Spain;
  • Japan;
  • China;
  • Vietnam;
  • Thailand;
  • Cambodia;
  • Mexico;
  • Germany;
  • Taiwan;
  • Chilie.

In order to know more about places where you can work getting the best offers and perks, read our article.

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