British council and accredited TEFL/TESOL courses

British council and accredited TEFL/TESOL courses

If you are looking for TEFL/TESOL courses then this article is for you. In this article we will tell you about an important nuance that determines a passage of courses for the right to teach English.

Everyone knows that a special value of any course lies in a certificate, which confirms hours of study and a level of mastery of the materials. In the case of TEFL/TESOL, a success of future employment depends on a correct document issued.

Those who seriously intend to teach others English should be aware that after passing the exam, they will receive a certificate indicating a number of hours, a composition of modules passed and, most importantly, with the seal of a specialized accredited center.

What is the Brititsh Council?

 The British Council

It is an international organization based in the UK, which is actively involved in a promotion of the English language and a creation of international cultural ties. They create free learning resources and work in over 100 countries to help English teachers work and improve a quality of education around the world.

Despite their huge contribution to the community of ESL teachers and students, they do not accredit TEFL/TESOL courses. Their mandate is to accredit UK institutions providing English courses, so you may have heard that this or that school is accredited by the British Council, but at the moment there is no TEFL/TESOL teacher course that is accredited by this body.

Such statements from organizers of courses for the right to teach are at best — a marketing ploy, and at worst — a deception.

Course for English teachers

Who can to accredit TEFL & TESOL courses?

However, courses after which you can go abroad and teach must be accredited, otherwise the certificate will not be legally valid. Let's see which organizations have the right to do this.

There are several organizations — ODLQC, Pearson and ACCRIN. The certificates that are certified by these centers are quoted all over the world, are highly valued in CVs and are recognized by administrations of foreign educational institutions.

This means that accreditation centers have a list of standards that are evaluated during the examination of certain courses, including TEFL/TESOL. These standards are reviewed and revised every year. That is, it means that you can be sure that the knowledge gained in the courses will be the freshest and most relevant.

What follows from this?

Therefore, accreditation in the British Council cannot be indicated in any TEFL/TESOL course, so be extremely careful when you hear such offers.

Before making your choice — conduct an independent investigation, read student reviews, evaluate their career improvements after courses, request an official confirmation of cooperation with an accreditation center.

Accredited TEFL/TESOL courses from the international center ACCRIN allow you to be confident in the competence of courses, adherence to strict rules of the code, acquiring the latest knowledge through continuous career development programs for employees and students. Through the ACCRIN Accreditation Center, students can receive support and assistance in finding a job even after completing their courses.

We wish you good luck and invite you to our TEFL/TESOL online-courses accredited by the international center ACCRIN!


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