Apostille and consular legalization

What is an apostille and consular legalization of a certificate? This is the process of certification of the certificate by a notary and consul of the country where you plan to work. Legalization of the certificate is carried out at the embassy of the country of the employer in the territory of the country where the certificate was received, in our case - in the UK.

Apostille is placed on a copy of the certificate,
not on the original document, as is the case with all documents.
For example, you want to certify a birth certificate,
marks are not put on the original document, they are put only on copies.
A copy is certified by a notary, then transferred to the embassy for certification.
Consular legalization of a copy of the certificate and delivery of the paper version of the certificate are two different services and are paid separately.
Your certificate has been received from a British company. The copy is always certified in the UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

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As a rule, employers need a certificate in PDF format,
the main thing is its unique number for verifying the authenticity of the certificate that it was issued in your name.
You can only apply for a work visa directly from your employer.
Apostille and consular legalization of the certificate may be required by your employer when applying for a work visa. A certified copy of the certificate is legally valid and proves to the employer and the migration service of the country where you plan to work, the authenticity of the document.

These services can be ordered at any time, as your certificate has no statute of limitations. Your birth certificate or diploma of higher education for all countries (except the country of receipt of documents) is not an official document until they are Apostilled and consular legalization is not carried out. The same principle of confirming the legitimacy of a document is valid for our certificate.

If you need an apostille, you need to provide information for which country you are preparing documents for, a copy is certified and sent to you with all the necessary marks.
They make an apostille of a certificate for a specific employer in a specific country. That is, if the consul of the Vietnamese Embassy puts verification on the certificate, then it is suitable for work in Vietnam, and not in another country.
Different countries have different legalization requirements. If the document is to be used in a country that is part of an apostille convention, then only a notary certificate and an apostille will be required. If the document is used in a country that is not a member of this convention, for example, in China, Vietnam or Thailand, additional legalization at the embassy will be required.

We provide this service.
US$469 - for all countries except Vietnam and Thailand.
US$675 - for Vietnam and Thailand

The price includes delivery and all notary services, administrative costs, government fees.
The term for registration and delivery is approximately 2 months, but, of course, we are making every effort to make everything faster.
This service is provided only for our students who have received a certificate in electronic form (PDF format).
To order this service, before paying, write to us, indicating the number of your certificate, for which country you want to order it, using these contacts



This service is optional.
This is not an additional course fee.
We do not offer this service to other TEFL/TESOL providers.
This service is only available to our graduates.

Our certificate should only be certified through our company and our trusted lawyers and notaries. 

We do not advise and are not legally or financially liable  
if you decide to pursue these matters independently or with other companies.

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Consular legalization of a copy of the certificate and delivery of the paper version of the certificate are two different services and are paid separately. Read more about the cost of delivery of the certificate here


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