Copying, downloading, and storing course materials

Section 01

Access to the course is retained after receiving the certificate for a period until the end of access.
The number of days before the expiration of access to courses can be found in your account in the My courses section.
The course for the Pro and MASTER packages will be open to you for 6 months.
For the EXPERT package - for 8 months.
You will be able to renew paid access in the future, if desired. To do this, click on the Extend your main course menu button in your personal account.

Section 02

All course materials are copyrighted.

Copying, downloading, storing course materials is not possible for students,

according to the Offer Agreement and the Open Agreement

3.4 The Customer respects the Contractor's copyrights, the Customer is aware that copyright protection in England is carried out on the basis of international acts (Bern and Geneva Conventions), as well as the national act CDPA (Copring, Designs and Patents Ast). The customer knows that copyrights are fully valid for digital media, electronic copies
works, including distribution via the Internet.
The customer is aware of the legal and criminal consequences in case of unauthorized use of the course content or any content on the sites and

Section 03

If during the course you have difficulty understanding any terms or words, we advise you to translate them, for example, through google translator, manually entering the necessary word, which will help enrich your vocabulary according to the CLIL methodology.

CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning is quite often used to describe a method of teaching a subject with the help of a foreign language, the main purpose of which is to study the subject and improve language skills in a foreign language.

Terms used:


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