If I fail or do not pass a test, exam or want a higher score ?

If I fail or do not pass a test, exam or want a higher score ?

All tests are based on the knowledge gained during the course and are easy to pass with a high score if you study.
You are given several attempts at each test, and the best score counts.
To receive a certificate, you must score at least 60% and write a lesson plan.
There are 16 tests in a 250-hour course, 12 in a 150-hour course and 10 in 120 hours.
You are given three attempts on each test and two on the final.
It takes a lot of hard work and nothing to fail a pass.

About the highest score
This is from the same series as getting a red diploma or an ordinary one with average grades.
The main thing is to have a certificate. Sometimes, the average grade says that the course was not easy and everything is fine with the middle stage.
What matters is the commitment to apply the knowledge.

Optional extras:

✔️ You are given three attempts on each test if you have used them and want a higher score. You can order an additional 3 test attempts for one quiz or two shots for one lesson plan if you wish.

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