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All training takes place only in English from Native Speaker lecturers and trainers. The British Center trains and issues a certificate to you.

Educational materials are video, audio and text files.
Summative are interactive tests at the end of each module.
There is also an exam - drawing up a lesson plan, which is assessed by your personal native speaker trainer

You study at any convenient time from anywhere in the world, you determine the schedule and pace of training yourself.

This course is suitable for anyone who speaks English from level B1 (Intermediate) and above.
There is no need for an advanced degree, and there are no age restrictions.
No previous experience or qualifications are required.
Comfortable class schedule from anywhere in the world.
Study online whenever and wherever is convenient from any device that has internet access.

Your login and password will be sent to your e-mail, personalized access to the course.
Interactive testing in your account after each module. Module learning materials are video, audio and text files.

Video lessons are examples of live lessons for different age groups of students.

Grammar module is dedicated to the correct teaching of grammatical structures of the English language.

You are provided not only with a personal Native Speaker trainer, whom you can ask questions during the training process, but also with unlimited support in finding a job.

Someone takes a course in a couple of weeks, someone - in a couple of months. It depends on how much time per day you are willing to allocate for training. If you practice 5 hours a day, then you can go in a couple of weeks, if half an hour a day, then in a couple of months.

Access to the course for PROFI and MASTER packages will be open to you for 6 months. For the EXPERT package - for 8 months + there will be an opportunity to prolong access for a fee in the future if desired.

The course consists of modules, after each module an exam to test the acquired knowledge.

All tests are based on the knowledge gained during the course, they are easy to pass with the highest score if you study. Several attempts are given for each test - the best result is counted. To receive a certificate, you need to score at least 60% and write a lesson plan. The course program includes both topics for the TEFL course and for TESOL. It is explained in detail in the course what is the difference and how to teach English as a foreign language and as a second language.

The course contains 3 types of assignments to be completed.

Formative - these are tasks where it is necessary to answer questions in an expanded form in your own words. Points are not assigned for such tasks.

Summative are interactive tests at the end of each module. Test scores affect the final grade that appears on the certificate. You will have 3 attempts for each test and 2 attempts for the final test.

Lesson plan assignment: There is also a lesson plan assignment that is assessed by your personal native speaker trainer. Instructions on how to complete this activity and a lesson plan template are included. You have 2 attempts to complete and pass this assignment.

In order to fail, you need to try very hard and do nothing. A total of 16 tests in a 250 course, 12 tests in a 150 hour course and 10 tests in a 120 hour course. For each test, 3 attempts are given, for the final - 2 attempts.

Lesson plan assignment: You create a very detailed lesson plan and it is reviewed and evaluated by your trainer within 5 working days. The course will include an example lesson plan, a template to use, and lesson topics to choose from. + It is necessary to give detailed answers to the questions in the sections 'Giving instructions', 'Anticipating Problems' and 'Lesson planning. What would you do if...', there is also Self-checked Tasks to help you prepare for a perfect final test.

Test results are displayed instantly automatically. When you send the lesson plan to the coach for review, the coach will review it within 5 working days.

The average score is calculated: the results of all tests + grade for the lesson plan / for the number of tests and assignments.

There are three ratings:

A (highest - Distinction) - 90-100%.
B (medium - Standard) - 80-89%.
Pass (satisfactory - Pass) - 60-79%.
The result is shown in the certificate next to the word 'grade'.

Demo of the learning platform

Overview of the learning platform, Course structure, Certificate features

Lectors of our TEFL/TESOL courses

Ability to download all training materials:

Learning to teach in public or international schools (K-12).
Learning how to teach Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening skills
Learning to teach children.
Learning to teach teenagers.
Learning to teach adults.
Learning teaching private lessons.
Learning to teach business English.
Learning to teach online.
Learning to teach ESP.
Training in teaching English for engineers, lawyers, accountants and other specialties.
CLIL Content-Language Integrated Learning.
Video lessons (Live examples of lessons for different groups).

You can contact technical support for any questions you may have.

Topics for each module are presented here.

The term CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is quite often used to describe a method of teaching a subject with the help of a foreign language, the main goal of which is to study the subject and improve language skills in a foreign language.

The term ESP (English for Specific Purpose - English for a specific purpose) or professionally oriented teaching of English
The range of ESP areas is very wide and includes such specializations as English for business, IT specialists, lawyers, medical professionals, etc.

How to start learning?

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📽 Watch a 5-minute Video review of the service + Demo of the learning platform

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