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We will give you access to a 250-hour course.

The price is $325, but for bloggers we give it out for free.

This is a course for teachers of English. At the end of the course, you will receive a TEFL TESOL certificate, which is now a requirement for employment abroad or on online teaching platforms.

Examples of what other bloggers are saying about our courses

We are interested in a video dedicated just to us or if it's integration details and terms below.

You can pass the course and get a certificate if you wish. You will have the opportunity to do so.

Time frame: Video release - 30 to 60 days

Length: The video should be at least 5 minutes long.

Budget: Depends on the number of active subscribers and views of your previous videos.

Script: You can create your topic, title, description, and tags for the video. We encourage you to look at other bloggers' videos that have many views on similar topics. Your creativity is welcome.

Creative: you need to insert a bar like this throughout the video 
It is desirable to take a course with something to record a video about and show your received certificate on camera.
In your video, you can show the pages of our website and personal account of the training platform.
Also, you can specify your promo code (for example, the name of your channel) for $5 cashback after payment for your subscribers.

Example of a contract with a UK company

Prerequisite: 50% prepayment
once the video is released on your YouTube channel; send the remaining 50%.
The video should not be deleted and should stay permanently on your YouTube channel.
Before recording the video, please send the video script; before posting, please send the video file for review.

If you have Instagram or TikTok, and we have agreed to post on your Instagram or TikTok channel, you must upload a minimum of 5 videos of 30 to 60 seconds each. For example, post a video once a week and answer frequently asked questions from your subscribers in the comments of the last video. Once all five videos are out, send out the remaining 50%.

If it is an Integration, the total length of the video should be at least 10 minutes, of which 5 minutes should be dedicated to our service. The topic of the integration video should be suitable for our service.
For example (How to earn money from English language skills).

Subject: Give details such as why you decided to do the course, how you did the training, how you took the tests, how you passed the exam, interesting situations or moments in your work as an English teacher, maybe give some recommendations on how to do the training or how to work as an English teacher and show on camera the certificate in Electronic downloadable PDF format, or we can send it to you free of charge by post as you receive it electronically.

We send the main points that would be good to cover in the video.

About the company

✅ Why choose us
✅ Official address and legal documents
✅ What guarantees do we offer?
✅ Customer testimonials with their contacts

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⚡️ We have the best conditions

🤑 50% off any package
✅ Cost from $199 instead of $400. For access to the course for six months.
🛒 Payment in instalments without interest from our company is available. Payment is made in two instalments, 30 days apart.
🎁 Gifts worth $209 It's free for you!

📋 Choose a package, compare prices and get acquainted with the course programme.

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🔍 How are the training, tests, exam, assessment, and timetables?

⚡️ Learning materials are video, audio, and text files. Summative assessments are interactive tests at the end of each module. There is also an exam - creating a lesson plan which your personal native speaker trainer assesses.

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🔍 Our TEFL TESOL Certificate

⚡️ Recognised by employers worldwide. Accredited by the British government.
This international certification standard
for English language teachers is recognised worldwide.

You can check it on official websites such as
✅ GOV UK, The UK government.
✅ UKRLP UK register of UK language teaching institutions.
✅ ACCRIN UK is an international accreditation body based in the UK.

All links to official sources for checking accreditation and information on consular legalisation and what the certificate looks like.

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