Lesson plan

One of the obligatory tasks for obtaining a certificate is the lesson plan assignment.

Section 01

In unit 1.1.3 About the Course, you will find a list of all required tests and assignments. To obtain a certificate, you need to score at least 60% for all the tests and 100% for a lesson plan assignment.

One of the obligatory tasks for obtaining a certificate is the lesson plan assignment.

120-hour course students must create the grammar lesson plan for a group of 17 adult students and fill out the form in the ‘Lesson plan quiz’ unit in module 6.

150-hour course students do the grammar lesson plan and submit it in module 9.

250-hour course students prepare 3 lesson plans: the grammar lesson plan in module 9, a vocabulary lesson plan for children in module 11, and a plan for a business English lesson in module 12.

Section 02

Your lesson plan is evaluated by your trainer. The trainer has 5 working days to check your plan (Saturday and Sunday are days off).

You can find trainer contact information on the ‘My trainer’ page in your account at the learning platform.

You can contact your trainer at any time from Monday to Friday. The trainer will respond within 3 working days regarding any academic questions and 5 working days are for assignments evaluation (Saturday and Sunday are non-working days).

You should wait for the trainer's feedback regarding your lesson plan. After confirmation, the condition of the assignment is 'Pending assessment'. That means that the task is waiting for the trainer to evaluate. At the top right, you'll find the notice 'No attempts left' and '0%.' That means that your second attempt will appear only after the trainer's review. If the plan is drawn up according to the rules and instructions, you will receive a score of 100%. If you receive feedback from your trainer with recommendations on how to improve your lesson plan and a score of 50%, then you will need to apply those improvements and resubmit the assignment for review.

Section 1.1

You have 2 attempts for the lesson plan assignment. The second attempt appears in the system after receiving feedback from the trainer when you need to improve or correct your lesson plan. If you fail to with the second attempt, the trainer asks you to send your improved lesson plan for the third time via e-mail. The trainer's goal is to teach you to make competent lesson plans.

Section 1.2

Please, keep an eye on the course access period. Keep in mind the deadlines. It would be best to submit the 'Lesson plan quiz' no later than 14 days before the end of access to the course. The trainer needs 5 working days to evaluate it. Students do not always succeed with the first attempt, so you may need time for the second attempt. Our recommendation is not to try passing all the tests at the last hour of access. If you do not have time to complete the course on time, use the service of extending the course.

You will only be able to input corrections if you have access to the course.

You can read the trainer's response and see your grade for the lesson plan on the learning platform. If your access to the course has ended, and you haven't completed the course, but you want to do that and to get your certificate, then you need to extend the course.

You can use worksheets, videos, and images from different resources (e.g., books, web pages) and share links to them in the 'Materials' section of the Lesson plan quiz form. However, it is strictly forbidden to pass off someone else's lesson plan from the Internet as your own.

If you would like to attach additional materials to your lesson plan, you can upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link by pasting it into the "Materials" section of the Lesson plan quiz form.

Below you can find instructions.

How to create and share read-only Dropbox links


How to Share Files and Folders in Google Drive


Section 03

If in the Lesson plan quiz unit, you accidentally submit a non-filled form, you can email your lesson plan as a Word document to your trainer.

If for some technical reason you are unable to fill out the form, submit the Lesson plan quiz without filling out the form, and send the lesson plan as a Word document to the trainer by email.

To obtain a certificate, you need to score at least 60% for all the tests and 100% for a lesson plan assignment.

All tests are based on the learning materials of the course. They are easy to pass with the highest score if you go through all the units. Three attempts are given for each test, and two attempts for a final test. The best result is counted. The final test is a mix of the questions from all the tests in the course.

Interactive test results are displayed automatically. Feedback of the trainer comes within 5 working days.

How is the average score calculated? (The results of all tests + grade for the lesson plan) / the number of tests and assignments.

There are three grades, A (Distinction), B (Standard), and Pass (Pass).

60-79% is Pass, 80-89% is Standard, 90-100% is Distinction

The result is shown in the certificate next to the word 'Grade.'

All your test attempts and grades are displayed in your account under My quizzes/Final exams. The ‘Attempt’ column indicates the number of the attempt, the ‘Passing score’ column shows the minimum score that must be scored for the test to be counted as passed. In the column ‘My score’- your result for a particular attempt. That is, this table will display all attempts for each test. If, for example, you passed test No.4 three times, then the first attempt and its result, and the second and third will be shown. The best result will be counted towards the final score, which will be displayed on the certificate.

If your access to the course has ended, and you have not received the certificate, it makes sense to extend it. You can do this at any time. To do this, click on the 'Extend your main course' menu button in your account.


International Certification LTD is not responsible if a student for any reason did not have an opportunity to study and complete the course.


To start or continue the course, you must enter your username and password at the login page.

 Please, make sure you are logged in to avoid annoying situations when your responses to open questions are not recorded due to lack of authorization or expired sessions.

We also advise you to initially type answers in a Word document and paste them into the blanks.

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