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๐Ÿ” Our TEFL TESOL certificate

โšก๏ธ Recognized by employers around the world. It is accredited by the UK government.
This is an international certification standard
for English teachers and is licensed to teach English worldwide.

You can check it on official websites like:
โœ… GOV UK UK Government.
โœ… UKRLP UK Register of UK educational institutions.
โœ… ACCRIN UK An international accreditation body based in the UK.

All links to official sources for checking accreditation and information about consular legalization.

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We officially sell TEFL TESOL courses under the contract only from our British centre + we provide gifts worth US$266 It's free for you!


โœ… We only sell TEFL TESOL courses and only from our British Center
โœ… We issue certificates only TEFL TESOL from our British centre.
โœ… Employment Assistance service is provided free of charge only for students who have received a certificate from our company
โœ… Apostille and consular legalization service is provided only for our students who have received a certificate from our company
โœ… We can only advise you about our services.
โœ…ย You can check the certificate number that it is issued in your name only by receiving a TEFL TESOL certificate from our company.

If more, then

โ›” We do not sell courses from other organizations.
โ›” We do not issue any other certificates.
โ›” We don't know what other companies offer.
โ›” We do not provide any services or educational materials for free.
โ›” We do not check other people's certificates for authenticity from other companies.
โ›” We do not have scholarships, sweepstakes, competitions to win our courses.

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